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I knew I couldn’t let him escape, so I used 6th class area magic [Thunder Rain], but this would normally kill a human being unless his magic defense was high, right


If he died within five minutes, he could be revived, but searching for him in such a dense forest would be too difficult.


I wanted to know their background, but there was no point in dwelling on what had already been done.

–I suppose Camille-sama and the others might ask me why I didn’t catch him


I had no choice.

I returned to Chibi Carol, and then left.


When I returned from the forest, Nicholas, who seemed to be looking for me, found me.


“Oh, miss, I’m so glad you’re all right.

I was worried when you suddenly disappeared.


“The Minotaurs”


“We managed to defeat him along with our enemies.

Oh, by the way, that adventurer Witch, Camille-sama, told me that the young lady hired her as a kindred spirit.”


I see.

So, that’s how Camille-sama, the only one who saw my transformation, explained it.

Then I should go along with that.


“It was too troublesome, so she left.”


“…Is, is that so”


Then I returned to the carriage, and while I was applying High Heal to the knights who had been beaten by Mino-tan, the escorting knights awkwardly bowed to me.


Oh, by the way, [Witch] was supposed to be the escort I hired.

I won’t retaliate against them for being rude to me, it’s not even a concern compared to Alice.


That being said, …I noticed that Camille-sama was snuggled up to my side since I returned.




“Can you please call me Cam”


Cam, aka Camille-sama, knelt so that we were eye-to-eye, and as he took my hand in his and said in a sweet voice, Nicholas, who was drinking from his canteen, spewed out the water.


Eh, what was with this sudden change…


“You don’t like it”




Close, close.

The moment I agreed, a face with a big smile on it appeared 10 centimeters in front of me.


Oh my, this guy had a terrible sense of distance.

I ended up spending the entire trip being treated like a princess.


The servants were all left with their mouths hanging open because of the sudden and unexpected doting attitude of this man.

I could only walk around the inn without being pulled by the hand.


Why did this happen all of a sudden Compared to the other nobles in this country, he was much more decent, but… well, he just made me feel tired.


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