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Magic Academy [Part 2]


The other day, Pochi proudly placed a giant scorpion that it had apparently hunted by itself in front of me, reminding me of the cat at my friend’s house in my previous life that proudly showed off the G it had caught, and it made me smile.

My friend was screaming, not with joy, though.


The Daemons’ village had grown quite a bit.


Demons with some intelligence wouldn’t approach Pochi out of fear, and even the weaker monsters were blocked by the barrier magical tools that I got from Daemons before and were fixed by the Mages’ Guild, so they could raise more children with peace of mind.


…Every time something happened, they [Requested] me to do something, and I did my best.


The elders were old but in good health.

They claimed to be around 120 years old, but Daemons have a life expectancy of about 150 years, so they would still request a lot of things from me.


But the Daemons made a home for me.

Everyone there (except the elders) were good people.


It looked like a shrine or a temple, but what was the meaning of it


As for me personally, I was having a mock battle with Pochi, so I was able to strengthen my skills a little.


The skills that I raised above 90 were tough, but [Sword Dance], which I had only raised to 70, seemed to have improved.

I think that it was Pochi’s dedication that helped me.


Also, Pochi, who unexpectedly was an intellectual, or rather, a dragon who has a habit of collecting things like a crow, owned some old books from the Daemons’ library, including an ancient grimoire.


The contents were not that great, but it was a big help to have access to a large number of unknown words that had not been recorded in the human community.


I unlocked many spells, not all of them, but a significant number of them, and I could now use many high-ranking spells.


Also, I, a little nobleman, turned ten and finally entered the magic academy, which I had been dreading for years…


Somehow, without my knowledge, I had become engaged to the king’s younger brother.


How did this happen The world was a terrible place where you could not just say, “Oh, I’m glad that the story of being sold to a perverted aristocrat is over”.


I didn’t know how I became the fiancée of Camille-san, the king’s brother, but since he agreed to marry me, a half-elf who was nine years older than him, there must be some kind of sinister motive behind it.


Even if he wasn’t, he was a nobleman and royalty in this country full of perverts, you know He must be a pervert of the highest order.

You could see it in Flare and Cashmere, who have royal blood.


It had been more than four years since my engagement and I still hadn’t met him.


Even in such a state, because I was engaged to the king’s younger brother, it was impossible for me not to attend the Academy of Magic, which is only open to nobles.


Haaah…this is such a hassle.


So on the day of the entrance ceremony.


There was no way those parents would come to my entrance ceremony, and even if they did, it would be a problem, but Dirk, who had become more restrictive since I got engaged, was going to be there with me.


“Look, don’t get carried away, okay It’s just a formal engagement to tie Camille-sama’s chain of command, and you’ll never have to leave home.

You can wear a collar and stay in my room for the rest of your life.”




Dirk remained a pervert.


Dirk, who was in his final year at the academy and would turn 16 this year, was nearly 180 tall and looked quite handsome on the outside, but on the inside he was worse than before.


As my body grew, he began scheming to bathe with me.

It was very difficult for me to shift the time of bathing every day because of this.


Why was this the target of Otome Game’s strategy


Which one was it The heroine who could have a pure love affair with this guy must have a strong heart or a terrible love brain.

Oh, Alice was the heroine, wasn’t she If that’s the case, I believe the target of her attack would be considered beautiful regardless.


“Are you listening to me And don’t talk to me so casually in the school, okay You, a subhuman, are a disgrace to our Arceides frontier family!”


If that was the case, would you please stop trying to force me onto your lap or sneakily stroke my thighs


At 10 years old, I had grown physically, but more importantly, my status had finally increased.

Perhaps the current Carol was starting to merge with my Player Character as I grew up.


Thanks to this, I am now able to avoid Dirk’s sexual harassment.


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