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[Setting and Characters – Part 2]


-Dirk Toll Arceides




Race: Human [Capture Target]


He was Carol’s older brother and the eldest son of the Count of Arceides.


He was five years older than Carol and the others, but in the Otome Game, he first appears as a senior and later as a teacher.


He was a nobleman devoted to Human supremacy, but due to a traumatic childhood experience, he developed a fetish for half-elves and plans to imprison Carol, his own sister, and keep her as a pet.


In the game, the normal ending was for him to confine the heroine and live with her.


-Maron Magi Arella




Race: Human [Capture Target]


He was the son of the first court mage.


He was the same age as Carol.

Despite being sickly, slow-growing, and timid, he had an insatiable interest in his favorite things and the temperament of a stalker who took voyeuristic photographs of his favorite things on a regular basis.


Although he may appear harmless to the outside world, he was also an underwear thief who used his power and financial resources to his advantage.


-Abel Ramma Bash




Race: Human [Capture Target]


Son of the current Knight Commander “Sword Saint”, and a Capture Target.


He was 10 years older than Carol.

At the beginning of the game, he returned to the Order and appeared in the academy as a knight guarding the royal family.


He admired his father, the Sword Saint, and occasionally worked as an adventurer in order to strengthen himself.


He developed feelings for Alice, who was tormented by Carol for her dislike of sub-humans.


He was a bit of a pedophile.

He never listened to what others had to say, and instead acted on his own initiative.


-Bert Ram Bash




Race: Human


Current Knight Commander and [Sword Saint].


He was originally an adventurer, but was only interested in getting stronger, and in game terms, he was someone who only strengthened his combat skills.


After defeating a dragon with his party, he gained the power equivalent to level 40 and became a knight commander in his twenties.


He had no prejudice against subhumans, but his only interest was strength, so he had a troublesome personality and had a habit of messing around with Carol in her witch form.


-Cashmere Flute Prata




Race: Human


Duke of Prata’s son.

He was Flare’s older brother and Dirk’s friend.


Although he didn’t appear much in the game, he appeared as a nobleman in the game and was not interested in Alice, a commoner, but wanted Carroll as a slave.


-Camille Aschuk Coenicasta




Race: Human[Capture Target]


Younger brother of the current King.

He was nine years older than Carol.


Caught up in the struggle for succession to the throne, he was sent to study in another country by the current king’s faction.


However, as a result of this experience, he became aware of the distorted nature of the Caenista kingdom and began to doubt human supremacy.


To prevent him from succeeding to the throne on behalf of his brother’s son, the crown prince, he was betrothed to Carol, an abomination within the human supremacy system.


Compared to most nobles of the Caenista kingdom who were all perverts, his proclivities were relatively normal.

Perhaps even decent.


[Other People]


-Carol’s servant.

A person who was very understanding.


Maia, the resident maid.


She was a bit of a dreamer, loves pretty things, and was fascinated by Carol.


Maia’s mother, Meiya, was a maid, and her father, Danny, was a cook.


-The demons who live in the Demon Forest.


The elder.



They are indebted to Carol.


-Pochi, the Dark Dragon.


The name was an abbreviation of Pomeranian Chow Chow, a great and brave beast.


It was a subspecies of an ancient dragon that had lived for thousands of years, but it had little combat experience, only used production skills, and had the same level of combat power as an ordinary dragon in the VRMMO, so it easily succumbed to Carol and became her pet.


Its form was that of a winged wolf, with fluffy hair growing on its body instead of scales.


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