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4 Magic Gun – Break Revolver


Zanbatou Ridil.



It has a blade length of 120 centimeters.

Including the hilt, the total length of this huge weapon is over 180 centimeters, but it is classified as a Bastard Sword.


It is about the size of a two-handed sword, but lighter, and can be used with either two or one hand.


The shape of the sword is a slightly curved, broad sword, with a long handle and no tsuba, not designed for fierce and furious close quarter engagement, but rather a weapon similar to a spear or naginata that can kill a rider from horseback with their horse.


Well, it was a game equipment, not designed to kill a player with a single blow, and it was not as sharp as a one-handed sword and less powerful than a two-handed sword, so it was treated as a weapon of passion.




It was very difficult to obtain this one.

It took 12 high level players and 10 real days of persistence to finally loot it out of the belly of a giant dragon.


The material was worth good money, so I negotiated for it at the cost of my share, but I’m really glad that I was able to get my hands on this weapon.


This weapon was unpopular because it was honestly too weak to be used by a serious vanguard, but it works well for me.

I still have other favorite clearing weapons, however.


Well, that’s about it.


The VRMMORPG weapon – the thing that used to be data – appeared out in front of me.


God, or to be more precise, the “Son of God,” told me that he would turn my time and passion for the game into the power of my soul.


But he said that the power was to strengthen my reincarnated body, right


If I were to put it in layman terms, should I express that I became Carol and that Carol’s physical resemblance to my player character had changed the law of cause and effect


As a result, the game data that should have been converted to the power of my soul was integrated directly into me, as Carol


It’s a potentially ‘game-breaking’ bug.

This really is different from what you said, Grandpa.




The zanbatou that fell to the floor disappeared like a haze.

It only took about ten seconds.

But it didn’t really disappear, I could feel it returning inside me.


It was a double rare attribute that couldn’t be transferred to another person, so it probably came back to me after a certain amount of time when it was out of my hands.


Single rares are transferable, but can only be owned by one person.


Double rares are non-transferable and can only be owned by one person.


Triple rares are non-transferable and can only be acquired once per character.


Even with this, I was a broken character.

Most of my equipment is double rare or better.

I can’t even sell them, even if I need to.

Not like I would sell them.


Back to the topic at hand, the ability to use game items means that my character’s other abilities can be used as is, right


But I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

I really only have the strength of a three-year-old.

Although I seem to have enough strength not to fall asleep without a nap, I couldn’t even hold the Zanbatou Ridil in my hand and dropped it on the floor.

If I had had the strength to keep my grip on it, my fingers might have been crushed on the floor.


Could it be that my character has to be of a certain age to be able to use my abilities It’s quite possible….

It could also be a limiter to prevent stress from being placed on my young body.


…If it wasn’t for the bug, I would have been physically strengthened even in my current state.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the “race settings”.


In that VRMMORPG’s character creation, you could choose from multiple options for [race] and [age].


There are five races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Beastman, and Dwarf.


There are three age categories: Teen, Young Adult, and Adult.


The half-elf I chose had lower strength and durability than the human race, and lower MP than the elf race, so it was good for support jobs, but not a very popular choice amongst players in the VRMMO world.


Moreover, the game developers set the HP and durability lower to avoid bias amongst teenagers, which made the game quite thorny, but I couldn’t help it because I liked the way they looked.


Thanks to this, teen half-elves were quite a rare breed in the game.


In the VRMMORPG, there was no concept of [Profession], all players were [adventurers] and could use weapons and magic as they liked.


There was no upper limit to the level, but the most they could reach would be around 100 even for the most hard core players.


There are benefits to leveling, but in this VRMMORPG, you don’t gain experience by defeating enemies, you gain [Experience] by improving your combat skills and production skills.


Skills can be raised up to 100, and if you boost your most frequently used weapon skills, your attack power will reach almost the upper hardcap limit.


If you raise more than one skill to 100, you can get above level 100, but if you want to raise a weapon skill from 99 to 100, you must beat enemies stronger than you for dozens of hours.


It was more efficient to use the [Body Enhancement] that comes from combat skills, rather than physical status that increases along with level increases.


The reason I wanted that zanbatou was because I wanted to use it with the [Sword Dance] skill.


The best match for a sword dance is a double-edged [one-handed sword], but isn’t it more appealing to see a slender half-elf girl dancing with a big sword


As for me, I also loved adult male dwarves who had a lot of muscle and danced with swords, but I didn’t get much support from them (players and community).


I got really serious with the character design.


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