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These folks are no good.

They were rotten to a level that is impossible to correct anymore.




I secretly chanted [Confusion], which expanded the range of magical power consumption by five times, and dark-colored magical power overflowed from me, making the servants with weak magical resistance “confused”.


In the midst of the ensuing chaos, some of them started taking off their clothes on the spot, others got down on their knees to facing the clock tower to ask for forgiveness, and others started confessing about their embezzlement.


“Haha, what’s this, Bunny-chan, are you haunted by the Spirit of Darkness”


“Damn, Spirit of Darkness again.

This person is really no good.

I’m not letting her out for the rest of her life.”


As expected , Cashmere and Dirk managed to resist the spell.


Since the two most important people in the room didn’t care at all, my outburst was considered an outburst of [Spirit of Darkness] and I was not to be blamed for it.


I was too short-tempered for my own good.

Though I behaved in a slightly calculative motive that if I caused a problem here, I might be able to leave the capital, you know


But I feel like I have raised yet another death flag in vain again.


One boy knight in his mid-teens with short-cropped brunette hair, who resisted dark magic in addition to Dirk and Cashmere, stared at me with a contemptuous expression.


What now Are you going to do something Would you try to even fight with a five-year-old




As I stared at the boy knight without looking away, Cashmere noticed and called out to him curiously.


“What’s the matter, Abel, are you really so bothered by this little bunny”


“No, I mean…”


Abel, the boy knight, stammered at the words of his master, Cashmere.


“Recently, I heard that a half-elf adventurer called The Witch has been causing all kinds of trouble in the capital and that a subhuman is showing off her face magnificently in the capital….”


I wonder who he was talking about.


“What That subhuman woman!”


“Dirk, do you know her”


“She’s an incredibly destructive woman.

She’s strong and a show-off, so watch out for her.”



I am not a show-off.


“Haha, such a cute Bunny-chan is glaring at you, probably because they’re both half-elves Hey, Bunny-chan, this Abel is the son of a knight captain called [Master Swordsman] here in the Kingdom of Caenista, and he’s not a bad guy.”


“…Master Swordsman”


Abel’s father, the Knight Commander, was somehow the best swordsman in the country.


Was there anyone like that in Otome Game In the Otome Game, there were no exact strength parameters, so I wouldn’t be so sure if he had nothing to do with the game.


…I am concerned about the level of the best knight in this country.

He might become my enemy in the future, you know.


“Oh, Bunny-chan is interested in knights too They are popular with the girls, after all.

If you like, I’ll let you observe the training of knights with my grace.”


“Hey, Cashmere! I’m not letting her out of the house!”


“Come on, Dirk, even Bunny-Chan is stressed out from being at home all the time, and the dark spirits are playing tricks on her.”




No, I didn’t ask.

Is my will going to be ignored again


It seemed certain to me that the nobles of this country, like Dirk and Cashmere, do not regard subhumans as human beings.

After all, Cashmere thinks nothing of me but a [pet].

He still refused to call me by my name.


In that respect alone, Flare, who called me by name and treated me as an equal as a business partner, was still better.

But at the core, Flare was really the same as the Flare from the game in her every word and action.


What should I do with all this resentment Come to think of it, I didn’t visit the Adventurer’s Guild yet after arriving in the capital, so I might as well go there.


I wonder if such pent-up resentment was showing on my face.

Seeing my face, Cashmere frowned on Abel.


“Abel, you have frightened little Bunny-chan.

To make up for it, you should serve that thing you bought.”


“Eh…that, that is.”


“What is it, Cashmere”


“They’re pretzels, Dirk, have you heard of them There’s a stall in front of the Mage Guild, and Abel loves their honey butter pretzels.”




Is that thing from the “Heroine” after all I preferred not to take it from Abel either, so don’t prepare anything else, was what I tried to project with my gaze.


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