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Archer’s Cloak – Arjuna Cloche [Part 1]


“Listen, just make sure I’m safe…”


“What happened”


Dirk doesn’t say much anyway, so I speak to the servant.


“Well, um…”


I see that some of them helped me move in on closer inspection.

All three of them are young women.

One of them looks at my outfit, and after a short hesitation, she speaks up.


I guess they don’t recognize me as “Carol,” even though I’m a half-elf with black hair and blonde eyes.




“Hey, don’t ignore me.

That’s disrespectful!”


“Yes, yes.”




I cover his mouth as I grab the bothersome Dirk in a back hug.


He may be a silly brother brainwashed by half aristocrats, but I am not a demon either, so I would not hit a child, unlike my parents.


The servants told me about the wyverns they heard about in the Commercial Guild.

Was it a flag after all…


But why in the forest I wondered.


“Actually, it seems that those adventurer-like people in their flashy silver armor escaped after meddling with the wyvern…”




I see.

So this group led the enemies they couldn’t defeat here, forming the so-called [monster train] Therefore, they were slightly wary of me, who appeared to be a bit of an oddball.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


“No, no.”


What is that fancy Jimmy doing anyway It’s one thing to mess with the wyverns, but to flee from combat with those monsters trailing behind them Maybe their levels were not high enough


As I recalled, there was no concept of leveling in this world, but one should grow reasonably with magic power by improving their skills.

That was the equipment worn by a mid-level person in the level 40s, right If this were a game, they would be called MPKs who intentionally dump their monster aggro to other players.




I remembered that Dirk, who I held in my arms, was very quiet.

He was still struggling and flailing around the moment I picked him up, but he gave up halfway through because I was holding him tightly over my shoulder with my over 200 strength.


I released Dirk because I had heard most of what was going on, but he was probably suffocating because I was holding his mouth, and he hurriedly moved away from me, his face, even his ears, turning bright red.


“Oh, you’re subhuman.

You can’t try to seduce me by making me sniff your good scent.

That’s not going to happen!”




Scent I use soap in my bath every day, so I shouldn’t smell anything, but did the smell transfer from the medicinal herbs and plants I was gathering


(editor’s note: what he’s saying is that as a human male, the female half-elf body odor attracts him, do not say these kinds of things to the opposite sex, it’s considered sexual harassment, kids). 


For some reason, the servants stared at me.

I tilted my head sideways with a lukewarm smile, and I saw Dirk’s face turning red.


“Oh, um, Adventurer-san, could you escort our little lord to the house of our lord I don’t have any money with me right now, but when we get to the mansion, my lord will thank you for your services rendered.”


“Hmph, I don’t know how good is a sub-human woman as delicate as you are, but you can be my escort!”




I doubt that that father would reward any adventurer who was a half-elf like the abomination.

On the contrary, he would probably drive a hard bargain and even enslave them if not working for peanuts.


Dirk may be a child, but all he did was complain, and it was not very cute.

But the servants are innocent, and it wouldn’t feel good to abandon that child.


“I don’t want any reward.

I don’t need a reward, just an escort to town.”


“Are you sure”


“However, you must listen to me.”


“Of course, Master Dirk, this half-elf adventurer has accepted the offer.” 


“You should be honored to be my escort, subhuman.” 






The servants apologized.

They may be insignificant, but they are still nobles, right Should I abandon them this instant


Anyway, we set out.

Even if we walked from our current position in the forest, we could reach the town before evening.


On the way to Dirk’s group earlier, I met a few wounded knights.

I believed they had more people with them initially.

Then I remembered (how I met the previous group) and asked.


“Where are the other guards” (Carol)


“That’s…” (The servants)


“Not those guys.

They ran away without me.” (Dirk)


I heard that at first, the lower-ranking knights and soldiers ran towards the wyvern.

But when they were blown away by a tail swipe, the remaining senior knights and senior servants said they should make a strategic retreat, and eventually, they fled for their lives, leaving only Dirk behind.


However, the wyvern instead chased after the knights, and the commoner servants took advantage of the opportunity and fled with Dirk.


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