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If a battle broke out here, Flare would not care if thousands of people died because she would eventually burn it down, but she would have to take steps to exterminate this country and the surrounding countries afterwards, or it would be too much trouble.


Above all, she thought it would be unfortunate if the Abominable Child who came into her view got involved and died.


Therefore, she was left alone with only a little help, but the commoner girl got carried away and began to ally herself with a number of nobles.


Among them was Julio, the crown prince, who was also Flare’s fiancée, and Flare smiled ferociously at the girl – Alice, who was the one she would eventually kill but who was wrecking her hunting ground.


“Ho-ho-ho-ho, you’re quite funny, aren’t you”


While Julio, Alice, and her cronies, the male students, were having a tea party, Flare interrupted with her own cronies.


“Flare! What’s going on You just barged in.”


“Oh, I heard that Julio found a girlfriend, so I just came to see her.”


“Oh, no, Julio-sama and I are just friends!”


While those who knew Flare were turning blue, they almost lost their souls when Alice suddenly called out to her, transcending her status.


“I don’t care about that.

Get the tea ready.”


Flare, ordering Julio’s entourage as a matter of course, sat down gracefully on top of a boy on all fours, not paying attention to the empty seat after someone ran out.


“You’re awful! What are you doing”


“It’s tea.

You should drink it too.”


The entourage re-distributed tea to everyone.

Flare waved her hand lightly, and a girl in Flare’s entourage poured something from a bottle into Alice’s tea, causing Julio to sit up.


“Flare, what did you put in Alice’s cup”


“It’s just poison.

What’s so strange about it”




“A commoner speaks to me without permission, so she deserves the maximum punishment.”


Flare tilted her head curiously, as if wondering why he didn’t understand the obvious, and when everyone stepped back, Alice took the cup and stood up.


“It’s okay, Julio-sama, Flare-sama is just testing me.

You see, just like this, guh!”




Alice, who had put her mouth on the cup, suddenly vomited blood and collapsed, and her body began to glow in front of Julio and the others who tried to rush over.


“…ugh! See, it’s nothing!”


Alice smiled and said she was fine while her mouth was covered in blood.


Perhaps the spirit of light had healed Alice.

Flare’s smile deepens at Alice’s ability to move normally after taking the poison that would have killed Julio, even though those protected by spirits can resist any harm.


“You’re dirty.

You should at least wipe your mouth.”


“I don’t mind this!”


Above them, the Great Spirit of Fire and many spirits were glaring at each other.

Clouds formed due to the rising air currents that were closing in on the clear sky, and thunder rumbled as a result of the magical power of the two clashing people.


“Phew, that’s enough for today.

Hurry up and die.”


“I won’t let this kind of torment get the better of me!”


Thus ended Flare and Alice’s second encounter, and several of the entourage and maids were hospitalized with stomach ulcers and submitted their resignations.




…Carol desu.


I just finished listening to both of them, but I didn’t know that was happening….


When I was playing the game, Alice had an event in school that was treated as a mini-game for earning money for school fees, but I was wondering how she could get money just for listening to the boys, but I didn’t think she was going around collecting [friend fees].

Is it really okay for Alice to be the heroine


I thought the dark background of Flare and Alice’s event was a psychological portrayal, but it really was dark.


Again, objectively listening to them, they are two people who encounter nothing but misfortune when they get involved with each other.


More than that, I am worried about the mind of the creator of the Otome game, who saw such two people in the future and said [God has come down].


There are now regular Alice and Flare events in the academy, so some students have been hospitalized, and a very few sensible people have switched to home study.


As for me….I have no lingering feelings or interest in the academy in the first place, but as Cam’s fiancée, I guess I need to graduate.


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