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Chapter 7: Unlasting revenge complete, now, work hard

The merchant Rudy considered himself to be blessed.

As the third-born son of Viscount Maggios noble merchant family, he couldnt inherit the household, but he had been raised without suffering discrimination at the hands of his parents and two older brothers. He had received the same high-level education as the first and second sons and had been prepared to become independent from an early age, as he couldnt inherit the household.

And so once he became an adult, Rudy began to gather experience as a merchant. He had received a one-off support fund from his family to become independent and had experienced various hardships to get to where he was today.

This was now his third year as a merchant. His business had succeeded to a point where he was deciding whether he should use the money he had saved to buy a carriage and invite other merchants to form a caravan, or settle down somewhere and open his own store.

However, Rudy had been captured several days ago and thought his luck had run out.

He had hired E-class adventurers as escorts, but they had been killed by the sheer numbers of a bandit group with twenty members. He regretted not hiring more escorts, but it was too late now.

He had his goods and money taken, and when his life was next, the words he had shouted were「My family will pay a ransom for me!」It was the worst way to beg for his life.

But dying proudly was not a merchants job. He would cause trouble for his family, but he had to do whatever he could to survive and rebuild his business. He could repay the ransom his family had paid for him by earning more money through that business.

It would be best if a group of adventurers or knights appeared gallantly to exterminate the bandits, rescue him and return his stolen goods and money. But the world was apparently not such a nice place.

As he thought that, a sound reached the ears of Rudy, who had been living a simple lifestyle in a dark, damp dungeon.

『Has someone come underground』

Rudy, becoming aware of the soft sounds of someone coming down the ladder, lifted his body from the crude, slightly smelly blanket to peer through the wooden bars, but it was pitch-black and he couldnt see anything.

If it were one of the bandits coming down, there should be a candle and signs of living magic. He had thought it was just his imagination, but he could hear the footsteps of someone steadily approaching.

Those footsteps stopped in front of his prison. However, in the darkness, he still couldnt see anything.

「Who is it」

In response to his high-pitched, fearful question, a voice came from towards the ground.

「Ah, I apologize. I had not realized that it is dark down here.【Demon Fire.】」

Whoosh. A blue, fist-sized flame lit the dungeon.

「! A Ghost!」

Standing in front of Rudys eyes was a small infant with disheveled white hair and candle-wax-like skin, wearing rag-like clothes.

Rudy had assumed that this lifeless-looking figure must be an Undead child that had been killed by the bandits and come back to haunt this place. He clutched his blanket tightly and began to tremble.

「… No, I am alive.」

When Rudy screamed, Vandalieu had wondered『Can this person see spirits too』But when Vandalieu realized that it was he himself that had scared Rudy, he lowered his shoulders. He thought that Rudy shouldnt be so afraid of him when he had come down here to help, and sullenly put his own appearance out of his mind. He gathered his thoughts again and continued.

「I have taken care of all the bandits that captured you. And as you can see, I am not an adventurer, but a Dhampir.」

As Vandalieu spoke with a disinterested tone, Rudy began to gradually calm down. But he realized that his position hadnt changed for the better and his face turned pale.

「A Dhampir… so does that mean youre going to kill me」

Dhampirs. In the country that Rudy was born and raised in, they were treated as monsters and targets of extermination. The priests of Alda in particular did not hesitate to label them as special kinds of Undead.

Therefore, it was not just a matter of Vandalieu not feeling any obligation to rescue him like an adventurer or knight would. It was highly likely that he would be silenced now that he had seen the Dhampirs face.

However, the Dhampir child before him shook his head.

「No. If you are willing to stay quiet about me, I have no intention of killing you.」


「Yes. You were captured once by bandits, but you succeeded in escaping during the conflict with another bandit group. Please spread that story. Please do not say a word about me to anyone.」

Rudy was only half-convinced. Though it was understandable, as from his point of view it was as if he had met a virtuous devil.

Vandalieu himself actually knew that it would be better to silence the merchant. But he had a reason for not killing Rudy if he could help it.

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『I want to make my normal activity as good as possible. For the future.』

That was his simple reason.

It was fine to kill bandits for his own protection, as nobody would consider it a crime even if he were to kill every last one in all of Lambda. However, killing a pitiful victim like Rudy for his own protection would be the act of a fiend.

Vandalieu thought that this kind of behavior, even if nobody found out about it, would have a terrible influence on his own personality.

His uncles family who had mistreated him on Earth, the terrorists who had used a bomb to blow up both themselves and the ferry, the researchers in Origin who had performed human experiments on countless humans including himself - all of these people were simply evil lunatics in Vandalieus eyes.

He couldnt become an evil lunatic like them.

Because he hated them, he felt that he didnt want to be like them. But even more importantly, Vandalieu wished to live the happy life that he had never had a taste of on Earth or in Origin. This was to make that wish come true.

A prosperous, comfortable lifestyle and warm relations with the family and friends around him. Could an evil lunatic build and maintain such a lifestyle

And though it was still about half a century away, one day Amemiya Hiroto and the others with cheat-like abilities would be reincarnated here. If he turned to evil, it was likely that they would purge him in the name of justice.

Because of their cheat-like abilities, Vandalieu had the feeling that even if he left no witnesses, they would somehow dig up and expose the crimes of his past. There would probably be some of them who could read a persons mind or see into the past or otherwise expose his crimes directly, and they would be very skilled with magic.

Therefore, Vandalieu wanted to avoid having to kill victims like Rudy.

「If that is all, then I understand. Since I am not an adventurer or anything.」

And fortunately, Rudy wasnt a fanatical worshipper of Alda, so he accepted Vandalieus conditions and chose to live.

The other wise decision that Rudy made was not to look down on Vandalieu because of his age. He was fearful and careful of this child whose height did not even reach his own waist.

With that said, it was the natural response for Rudy.

Vandalieus mature tone that didnt match his appearance and the ominous aura that he was giving off. It was clear that he was not just an infant.

With a clank, the padlock was removed with the key that the bandit leader had been holding. Now that Rudy was free, he gave a sigh of relief, but -

「Ah, if you tell anyone about me, I will send evil spirits after you. So please do not change your mind.」

With a pale face and chattering teeth, Rudy nodded in response to the threat that Vandalieu made just in case.

Rudy climbed the rope ladder to the surface and shuddered violently as he saw the bandits corpses on the ground, the blood-covered Undead and Bone Bird who was now covered in pale, bluish-white light after increasing in rank, letting out ominous cries of joy.

And then he swore that he would definitely keep this a secret, even if he was offered a mountain of platinum coins.

Rudy drank the alcohol that the bandits had been drinking to mask his fear as he retrieved his belongings that the bandits had stolen. In addition, he had been told「I cant use living horses」so he had been given the bandits horses. And then he tied the wagon taken from other bandits to the horses and left.

He was traveling alone with no escorts, but Vandalieu had exterminated all of the bandits that had made this area their territory, so as long as he wasnt unfortunate enough to encounter a group of Goblins, he would be able to reach his destination.

He had unexpectedly received horses, so now he would be buying a carriage, forming a caravan of merchants and expand his business, but this was irrelevant to Vandalieu.

Vandalieu spent the remaining time until daybreak to replace the chipped bones of the Undead with spare parts: the animal and human bones that he had been collecting up until now. He also played with Bone Bird, who had increased in rank and gained the ability to fly with its new spirit wings and buried the dead bandits. And then he slept soundly until noon.

He left Bone Man and the others to see Rudy off.

No matter how much of a stranger Rudy was to Vandalieu, he thought he should at least do that.

And then Vandalieu woke up and ate the bandits leftovers for lunch.

On his menu was salted meat, bread and cheese. There were dried vegetables in place of a salad, and a soup with salted fish. For dessert, he ate fruit that he had obtained from the forest.

「Even bandits eat better than I do…」

As he ate, Vandalieu realized this and became a little depressed.

After having attacking bandits and taking their food, his dietary situation had improved significantly; he no longer had to eat the hard, smelly meat of raccoons and foxes. However, when he had tried to use the Cursed Tools and Undead cookware to cook the food, it hadnt gone well.

The Cursed Tools had been made by evil spirits possessing them and were monsters that moved on their own, but they had no strength or dexterity. Because of that, they werent suited for cooking.

In that case, it was possible to have Bone Man do it, but the spirits inhabiting him were not that of humans, but of small animals such as insects and mice, so he didnt understand the concept of cooking. When ordered to「cut the vegetables」, he had swung his sword at the vegetables with full force, cutting straight through the chopping board.

The fact that he had learned to use a sword and bow was more than enough development for him.

As for Vandalieu himself -

『No! To be cooking when youre only one year old! What will you do if you burn yourself!』

「But Mom, I think directly eating dried meat and burnt bread is bad for a one-year-old childs digestive system. Though I have several times the jaw strength of a regular one-year-old.」

『No means no! What will you do if you burn yourself!』

「… Ill use water and【Heat Leech】to cool it down.」

Since the Death Attribute was the opposite of the Life Attribute, he was bad with things like healing. He did have an ability that could heal, but it was a strange one that only worked for「healing fatal wounds and serious illnesses, but not injuries that do not endanger ones life.」

If he burned his whole body, he could heal it, but if he was burned just enough to form a scar on his hand, it would be hard for Vandalieu to heal it with his current abilities.

『Then you cant!』


This was probably because Darcia had thought「I have to be careful not to let him get burned while hes still a small child」while she was alive. This notion had possibly gone a little wild after her death.

But Vandalieu had only just turned one year old and his arms and legs were short. There was definitely the risk of an unexpected injury if he tried to use a pot, so Darcia wasnt wrong to warn him.

As a result, Vandalieu was now heating water using embers created by having pieces of firewood rubbing against each other, and having the Undead add broken bread and torn pieces of dried meat into it. This had become his daily meal.

The taste was… well, better than raccoon and fox meatballs.

「Its fine. Once I grow up, Ill earn a lot and hire a skilled chef to make me delicious meals every day. Err, more importantly, todays harvest is…」

First of all, there were the bandits weapons. All of the other bandit groups that he had defeated earlier had been using handmade spears made by attaching knives to the ends of wooden sticks, and their clubs, bows and arrows were all of low quality. But this group wasnt called the biggest bandit group just for show. Every one of them had been using good weapons.

They were made with normal iron, but they werent the inferior quality made by just pouring molten metal into a cast, no. These had been properly forged by a craftsman. And although some of of them had become chipped over time or broken by Bone Man and others in the fight, some of the bandits had been killed swiftly without the time to retaliate, so their weapons were still spotless.

The same applied to the leather armor the bandits had been wearing. Compared to the leather armor of other bandit groups, which had been repaired over and over, this was still in very good condition.

They had surely attacked the wagon of a weapons merchant previously.

There was also the treasure in the carriages. He had returned all of Rudys belongings, but there was still a considerable amount left in the three-horse carriage.

There was about 50,000 Amid in money and a small amount of accessories, though it was hard to discern their exact value. There was also a small pile of a high-quality cloth with a pretty color and two barrels of seemingly high-quality wine. In addition, there was the sugar, which was a valuable ingredient as it was not produced in the country of Mirg.

Finally, there were the bandits spare weapons and food.

Including the carriage, all of this was likely worth more than 200,000 Amid. It would be about 20,000,000 Japanese yen if converted, and although it was a lot of money, it was not quite enough to be called a fortune. However, looting that much money in this area where the only town around was Evbejia was quite a feat.

Though in this case, instead of praising the bandits for their skills, it might be more appropriate to blame the ineptitude of the guards.

『With that said, everything other than the food is useless for me.』

Vandalieu would still have no opportunity to spend the money, and trying his best to make clothes out of the cloth had ended in the rags he was wearing right now. As he was unable to fully utilize the treasure the bandits had gathered, his situation hadn't changed.

But Bone Man could use the weapons and armor and the leather armor could be taken apart to make defensive gear for Bone Monkey and Bone Bear.

However, with this amount of treasure, the problem was how to transport it. He had given all of the horses to Rudy and only the carriage itself remained. Even if he wanted to have his Undead to pull it, the carriage would have to be altered.

Vandalieu had an idea.

「Now then, who should I get to do it」

As Vandalieu murmured and looked around at the spirits around him, there were not only the spirits of the bandits who had just died. To his surprise, the spirit of a thin middle-aged man whose appearance from when he was alive was preserved stepped forward.

『Please allow me, Sam! In my lifetime I held the posts of caretaker of horses and coachman for a nobleman. My skills in handling a carriage are second to none!』

It was fortunate for Vandalieu that the spirit of Sam, who had apparently handled carriages during his lifetime, had not moved on yet. The fact that his spirit had maintained his appearance from while he was alive without needing Mana supplied to him meant that he had considerable emotional strength as well.

In a way, Sams spirit was the greatest find out of all the treasure here.

『Vandalieu-sama, you have avenged myself and my daughters! My daughters, who were treated as playthings and then killed! In our gratitude, my daughters and I will serve you for the rest of your life!』

The two spirits standing behind Sam with their heads bowed were likely those of Sams daughters. Their burnt, black bodies were barely recognizable as those of women, so Vandalieu couldnt be certain.

The bandits had probably gone too far using them as playthings and they had become unsellable, or perhaps the bandits had no connections with any slave traders. They were likely killed for one of these two reasons.

From the fact that the spirits of the bandits were trembling as Vandalieu looked at them, this was probably correct.

「Well then, Ill leave it to you, Sam.」

Firmly deciding that he would use the bandits spirits until they were no more, he sent Sams spirit to the carriage.

「Get up.」

As Vandalieu gave this command and poured Mana into the carriage, it began to creak.

「… Go forth.」

And with those words, the carriages wheels began to turn, even without the horse that was normally essential in its function. Seeing this, Vandalieu gave a satisfied nod.

「Making a Cursed Carriage with Sam, success. With this, Ive gained a method of transport as well. Well then, Ill have it run Goblins over to level up on the way back to the forest.」

Two days later, the highway patrol stepped into the bandits base after receiving the information from Rudy, but all they saw were the piles of dirt where the bandits had been buried and the beasts and Goblins that had dug them back up greedily.

Tracks made by the wheels of a carriage continued off outside, but they assumed that these were those of the bandits that had been victorious in this conflict and didnt bother investigating any further.

The commanding officer of the patrol tilted his head when he realized that there were no hoofprints accompanying the carriages tracks, but it wasnt something worth mentioning in his report.

Baronet Bestero had been in a good mood for the past year.

After that witch had been caught and executed, only good things had been happening. Yes, the High Priest and his men had occupied the forest for the next two months and three hunters had gone missing, but those were trivial things.

Though the Dhampirs corpse had not been discovered, its death had been accepted and Bestero had received a medal from the king of Mirg. WIth that, the scorn from the feudal lords of the surrounding areas that he was merely 『the feudal lord of a countryside with no redeeming features but its wine』had been drowned out.

Even this years wine and the grapes that were used as ingredients for it had turned out well, and the bandits that had caused headaches and threatened the public order had been dealt with near the beginning of summer.

He was a little dissatisfied that it wasnt resolved by the highway patrol, protege knights or even adventurers. But the bandit problem had been a serious one, so he was happy that it was dealt with, even though it had been done through disputes amongst the bandits themselves.

The best thing was that he had been promoted.

Though it had not been formally decided, he had received private word that he would soon be summoned to the the Amid Empires imperial capital.

The position of Baron that his great-grandfather, the first-generation Baronet Bestero, had longed for. That would be his soon.

Knowing this, even if the liquid in his glass was not wine but vinegar, he would surely drink it happily. That was how joyful he was now.

On a humid summer night, there was a shadow prowling around outside Evbejias outer walls.

「Go in, go in, go in.」

Vandalieu was followed by countless spirits, and he began to have them possess the outer wall one by one.

Even if someone were to see Vandalieu now, they would have no idea what he was doing. Unless one had an aptitude for death-attribute magic or was a Necromancer, they wouldnt be able to see spirits that had not turned into monsters and Undead.

The guards might have shot arrows at him if they saw him, but their job was to prevent monsters and criminals trying to enter the town over the outer walls. It was not their job to deal with monsters and criminals that appeared outside the walls at night. Their attention was focused on the gates and the areas surrounding them.

The chances of them spotting an infant moving around some distance away from the outer walls without even holding any source of light were incredibly low.

It would be possible for adventurers or experienced knights with a Mana Detection skill to notice him. However, though Vandalieu himself was not aware of this, his Mana was difficult for others to sense due to his aptitude for the death-attribute magic.

Therefore, a person with a level 1 or 2 Mana Detection skill wouldnt be able to sense his magic, even if he were to cast a magic right in front of their eyes.

Even with a level 3 or higher skill, it would be impossible without great concentration, but because there were no Devils Nests with strong monsters around Evbejia, its Adventurers Guilds members were D-class at best, so there were none with a level 3 Mana Detection skill.

After making a half-circle around Evbejias outer wall, Vandalieu exhaled heavily.

「With this, Im done… Its taken me two days, but the preparations are finished. Now I can achieve my revenge with one word. But lets leave it until tomorrow morning.」

The next day, the morning sun shone upon the people of Evbejia just as it had yesterday and they were completely oblivious.

Oblivious to the fact that today was the day that Evbejias name would be known not only in all of Mirg, but across the entire Amid Empire.

Known as the『town of the mysterious incident.』


A sound came from the five-meter-high walls that had protected the town from monsters such as Goblins, dangerous wild animals and bandits.

As the guards showed puzzled expressions, the outer wall crumbled with a loud noise.


It seemed that the outer wall had collapsed, but one by one, large, human-shaped creatures began to form and let out evil-sounding roars of malice that echoed out into the blue sky.

And then, with thundering footsteps, they began to walk away.

「What! What just happened!」

「Commanding officer! The outer wall has turned into a Golem!」

「I can see that!」

Even as the commanding officer of the guards was shouting, the gate that the guards had been watching became part of another Golem and began to walk off.

「Dont just stand there, stop those Golems!」

「But commanding officer, theyre rampaging around, just walking away. It would be a different story if they were walking towards the town, but at this rate, even if we dont do anything…」

The bewildered commanding officers subordinates did not seem eager to obey his command. But that was to be expected; who would want to stand before Golems made from five-meter-high stone walls

And how would the guards even fight the Stone Golems with their iron spears Looking at it from the guards point of view, it wasnt surprising that they were questioning the sanity of their commanding officer.

「You fool! Thats the towns outer wall! Without that, how do you plan to protect the town from now on!」

However, the guards were taken aback as the commanding officer pointed out this big problem.

Without those outer walls, the wild boar, wolves and bears that came out at night would enter the city, eat the crops and livestock and attack people. Goblins and bandits would be able to enter the town as they pleased.

Though there were enough guards to watch over the few gates of the town, they definitely lacked the manpower to guard the entire circumference of the town.

They had now become aware of this problem, but there was nothing that they could do about it.


The guards showed their uneasiness, but no matter how grave the situation was, they couldnt simply increase their manpower.

They couldnt do anything but watch the backs of the Stone Golems that had once been their towns outer wall as they left.

The outer walls suddenly turned into Golems and walked off. Everyone in Evbejia noticed this, but they couldnt immediately do anything about it.

Baronet Bestero froze in terror, the knights and soldiers were in a panic, the Adventurers Guilds personnel were running around in a hurry and shouting to send out an emergency request and the townspeople were simply dumbfounded.

However, that wasnt the end of it.

「The dirt, the dirt has turned into a Golem!」

「Thats my vineyard! Thats the dirt from my grape vineyard!」

「Wait, my wheat field! Wait!」

The earth of the fields, along with the crops and trees that were growing in them, turned into Golems and followed in the footsteps of the Stone Golems that had left the town just a little earlier.

The farmers saw this and desperately chased after them.

Even though the Golems were just made of dirt, the farmers were quite brave to try to stop the Golems that were larger than themselves. But because they were farmers, they couldnt simply allow the Golems to leave.

Not to try to recover the crops and trees sprouting from the Golems backs, but because the dirt itself that made up the Golems bodies was most important to them.

The earth was important in agriculture. They had spread fertilizer and ploughed the fields to ripen their produce for many years; it was essential to them.

If they lost it, they would have to rebuild that earth from scratch. On Earth and Origin, one could get their hands on fertilizer immediately, but in Lambda it would take time.

For the farmers who owned vineyards, it was even more serious, as they would have to raise their trees from scratch as well.

And not only the fields, but -

「Uwah! The feudal-lord-samas house! The house is collapsing from the second floor and becoming a Golem!」

「The Adventurers Guild as well! My friends are in there!」

The feudal lords house and the Adventurers Guild building became Golems and began walking outside the town as well.

The Golems movements were slow, but their their bodies were large so their strides were long. The townspeople, knights and adventurers who wanted to stop the Golems were now on a chase to recover the rubble of their buildings.

Vandalieu watched all of this, feeling satisfied.

The outer walls, the fields, the Adventurers Guild and the feudal lords house. Having all of the various spirits possess these and wait for his signal had been difficult. The outer walls alone had taken two days and the fields and the Adventurers Guild had taken a day each.

But once it came to starting it, he only needed to say one word. Like dominoes that had been painstakingly arranged finally falling down, it was a very satisfying revenge.

「Look, Mom. The guys who laughed at you are all crying with pathetic looks on their faces now.」

With its outer walls and structures turning into Golems, Evbejia was now in a situation from which it couldnt recover. Even if they defeated the Golems and retrieved the rubble that had once been the buildings, they would still need to do repairs.

Much of the rubble would be unusable; the only thing that could somewhat be gathered up and returned to normal would be the earth of the fields.

Evbejia would have to rebuild those tall, thick walls. Unless this was done, the town would not function, not in the world of Lambda in which dangerous monsters roamed.

Of course, the guards would have to be prepared while the repairs were ongoing. Hiring more guards, putting out more requests for adventurers, ordering materials from stonemasons and arranging for the workers would take a great amount of time and, most importantly, money.

So much that the reconstruction of Baronet Besteros house would have to wait, no matter how much he tried to use for bribery.

Of course, he would beg for help from Mirgs government, and then his position of Baron would disappear.

In addition, Vandalieu had even extended his reach into the wine warehouse.

He had applied【Decomposition】magic to the barrels of wine in the warehouse and caused it all to spoil. And then he had used【Sterilization】to kill every single particle of yeast that was preserving it.

Nobody had noticed it yet, but Evbejias entire industry had been obliterated. It would take literally decades to rebuild it.

『Mhmm, thank you for what youve done for me, Vandalieu. It was hard, wasnt it To do this kind of gentle revenge.』

Darcia's spirit looked lovingly at her son who possessed a vast amount of Mana. There would be many who would demand what was gentle about this revenge. But considering Vandalieus magic and Mana pool, it could be called gentle, just as Darcia had said.

If he had the Golems that he had made from the outer walls go into the town rather than outside, he could have caused large amounts of damage to the town and many would have died. Including the Golems made from the feudal lords house and the Adventurers Guild building, catastrophic harm could have been caused.

Because High Priest Gordan and the Five-colored Blades, led by Heinz, had left this town long ago.

He could have used【Deadly Poison】to contaminate the well water or simply used【Disease】magic to start an epidemic.

If he had wanted to, he could have killed every single person in Evbejia.

Darcia had thought it kind of him to not do this, and he had even waited until morning before causing the outer walls to crumble.

「I just did to them what they did to me.」

Vandalieu didnt confirm or deny Darcias words. But he hadnt intended to show compassion for the townspeople. In his mind, there was not a single guiltless person in Evbejia. Every single one of them were criminals who had watched Darcias execution and laughed as if it were some kind of show.

That was why he had done the same to them.

「From now on Im going to spend years, decades to get you back, Mom. Im going to make a new body that will match your spirit. Ive made it so that these people have to work for decades to return to their original lifestyle, thats all.」

There wouldnt be a single casualty directly caused by this event. He had even thought about the order in which the Golems began to move, with the walls first and then the buildings, so that they wouldnt collapse partway through.

He had only destroyed things that could be repaired.

『Youre right, you gave them a chance. Vandalieu is a gentle child, after all.』

If one thought of it one way, he had inflicted damage that would take decades to repair, but… Darcia, who had been charmed by the Death-Attribute Charm skill, had no intention of pointing that out.

As Darcia patted his head with her hand that he could not feel, his eyes narrowed a little.

「Well then, lets get going. Bone Bird, Im counting on you.」


Letting out a cry that sounded like a person being strangled, Bone Bird, who had become a Phantom Bird, spread its bone wings.

Putting away the fragment of Darcias bone near his chest, he took hold of both of Bone Birds legs.

The bone wings, covered in shining, blue-white spirit feathers, began to flap and Vandalieu flew through the air to return to the Cursed Carriage where Bone Man and the others were waiting.

Name: Vandalieu.

Race: Dhampir (Dark Elf).

Age: 1 year old.

Title: None.

Job: None.

Level: 100.

Job history: None.


Vitality: 34.

Mana: 100,001,247.

Strength: 32.

Agility: 7.

Stamina: 33.

Intelligence: 45

Passive skills:

Superhuman Strength: Level 1.

Rapid Healing: Level 2.

Death-Attribute Magic: Level 3.

Status Effect Resistance: Level 3.

Magic Resistance: Level 1.

Dark Vision.

Mental Corruption: Level 10.

Death-Attribute Charm: Level 2.

Chant Revocation.

Active skills:

Bloodsucking: Level 3.

Surpass Limits: Level 2.

Golem Transmutation: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)


Experience gained in previous life not carried over

Cannot learn existing Jobs

Unable to gain Experience Points independently

Name: Bone Bird.

Rank: 3.

Race: Phantom Bird.

Level: 17.

Passive skills:

Dark Vision.

Spirit Feathers: Level 1 (NEW!).

Superhuman Strength: Level 1 (NEW!).

Active Skills:

Silent Steps: Level 1 (NEW!).

Swift Flight: Level 1 (NEW!)


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