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“Yuwen Jing Why does this name sound familiar to me” Xu Lele said while stroking her chin.

“I think Ive heard of such a name before.

However, I cant recall his face…” Qiu Jing said while stroking her chin.

Xu Lele suddenly patted her thigh and jumped up.

“Oh, I remember now.”

Xu Leles action scared Chen Menger and Qiu Jing a little.

“Lele, is there a need to be so excited Fortunately, Qiu Jing and I have no problems with our hearts.

Otherwise, we would really have been scared out of our wits by you,” Chen Menger said to Xu Lele.

Xu Lele stuck out her tongue and said to Chen Menger, “Ah, Im sorry, Menger.

I didnt do it on purpose.

I was just too excited.”

Qiu Jing, was focused on something else.

“Lele, do you know Yuwen Jing Tell me quickly.

Maybe Ill remember him when you remind me.”

“Yes, youve seen him,” Xu Lele said with certainty.

“Really Where Where” Qiu Jing suddenly lost her composure and jumped around happily.

Chen Menger looked at Xu Lele and Qiu Jings gossipy looks.

She was deeply suspicious.

No matter how Chen Menger looked at it, she felt that these two people were not very reliable.

“Ahem, can the two of you calm down a little At least, you should be more concerned about my feelings as the person involved,” Chen Menger reminded them.

The two of them looked at each other with excited faces.

Chen Menger seemed to be able to see the burning flames of gossip in their eyes.

Chen Menger could not help but hold her forehead and let out a long sigh.

If she had a choice, she would have rather kept her mouth shut.

“It was that time.

When we first met, we were at the Sun family.

He was the handsome, mixed-race man who was with Menger.

However, he looked cold,” Xu Lele described dutifully.

Meanwhile, Qiu Jing was desperately trying to recall his face.

Chen Menger had never seen Qiu Jing so serious before.

She was sure that their class teacher would be extremely happy if she saw Qiu Jing using her current seriousness in gossiping to study.

Qiu Jings grades wouldnt be wandering in the middle all the time.

“Oh! I remember now.

Its the one who didnt come to the Sun family with us and only appeared later.

I remember now.

Hes pretty good-looking.

It seems that no boy I know is more handsome than him.

At that time, I felt that Menger was very compatible with him.

However, he was just a little too cold.”

“Ahem, speaking of which, my eldest brother, Chen Haoguo, doesnt seem to be a warm man.” Chen Menger couldnt bear to see her new boyfriend being criticized.

Xu Lele was usually quite carefree and her skin wasnt thin.

However, when it came to Chen Haoguo, her skin suddenly became thin and she became shy all of a sudden.

“Menger, why are you talking about your brother” Xu Lele looked like a shy little girl.

If Xu Leles appearance was seen by Grandpa Xu, who always complained that his granddaughter didnt look like a girl, he would probably be extremely happy.

“Why cant I talk about my brother You two are talking about Yuwen Jing very happily.

Oh right, theres also my second brother, Chen Haoxuan.” Chen Menger touched her chin.

With malicious intentions, she said, “Speaking of my second brother, it seems that my second brother is coming today to learn martial arts.

Qiu Jing, stay for dinner later.

My second brother will stay for dinner later.

“I can help you set up a connection so that you can cultivate a relationship with my second brother.

Who knows, you might really become my second sister-in-law.

Hehe, it seems like this is pretty good.

I wont have to face problems with my sisters-in-law in the future.” Chen Mengers interest was piqued, the more she thought of this suggestion, the better.

“Hey, Lele, how far have you progressed with my brother Why dont I help you too If you guys really become my sisters-in-law in the future, then my life wont be too bad.” Most importantly, Chen Menger felt that Xu Lele and Qiu Jing were very good people.

Their faces instantly turned red.

The two of them fanned themselves with their hands from time to time.

“Ah, Menger, what are you talking about”

“Exactly, how old are we” Xu Lele whispered.

What she didnt say was that Chen Haoguo might not even remember her.

She was completely in love with him now.


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