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Qiu Jing was just asking casually.

She didnt expect to get an answer from Chen Menger.

Or rather, she subconsciously thought that Chen Menger, this goddess-like figure, should have given no answer.

So, when Chen Menger gave her a positive answer, Xu Lele thought that she had misheard, while Qiu Jing didnt react at all.

She continued Chen Mengers words and said, “Haha! If you already have someone you like, then how sad would the boys in our school be”

Xu Lele bumped into Qiu Jing, who was happily talking.

“Jingjing, I think I heard Mengers answer just now was that she has someone she likes.”

“What” Qiu Jing suddenly stopped talking.

Her eyes were wide open.

“Lele, did you hear wrong How is that possible” Qiu Jing said and turned to look at Chen Menger, who seemed to have nothing to do with this topic.

“Menger, do you really have someone you like”


I have someone I like.

Why is it so surprising and hard to accept” Chen Menger was also puzzled.

She was only a couple of years younger than them.

It was normal for Qiu Jing, Xu Lele, and the others to have a boy they liked.

How did it become an unbelievable thing for her

“No,” Qiu Jing and Xu Lele answered in unison.

The two of them did not dare dilly-dally.

They saw Chen Mengers face scrunched up in grievance.

Her eyes were misty, making Qiu Jing and Xu Lele feel reluctant to part with her.

“Its just that we didnt expect you to have someone you like.”

“Right, right.

We felt that there wasnt a single man around us who was worthy of you,” Qiu Jing and Xu Lele hurriedly explained.

“Actually, in the end, what the two of you mean is that I have high standards,” Chen Menger curled her lips and said with an aggrieved expression.

“Thats right.

Theres nothing wrong about it!” Qiu Jing and Xu Lele could not help but wipe the cold sweat on their foreheads and smile bitterly.

They clearly knew that the two of them were no match for Chen Menger, yet they still dared provoke Chen Menger without fear.

“Its us who feel that no man is worthy of you since youre so good.”

As soon as Xu Lele finished speaking, Qiu Jing could not help but ask again, “But, Menger, which man is so powerful that he can make you fall in love with him”

When Xu Lele heard this, she nodded her head vigorously at the side.

She was also extremely curious about who made Chen Menger fall in love with them.

If she had not been busy coaxing Chen Menger just now, she would have asked Qiu Jing earlier.

“I dont know if you two know each him.” Chen Menger had a good relationship with Xu Lele and Qiu Jing.

However, she recalled that when Xu Lele and Qiu Jing came to look for her, they did not meet Yuwen Jing.

Chen Menger had forgotten.

After she became good friends with Xu Lele and Qiu Jing, she had been angry with Yuwen Jing.

“Tell us.

If you dont tell us, how will we know if we dont know each other” Qiu Jing and Xu Lele sat upright with interest on their faces.

“Yuwen Jing.” Chen Menger had something on her mind, and it was time to find someone to talk to.

Therefore, Qiu Jing and Xu Lele were very lucky to appear at this time.

Otherwise, with Chen Mengers temper, if it were any other time, even if Xu Lele and Qiu Jing forced Chen Menger, Chen Menger probably wouldnt say a word.


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