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“Who” Chen Menger didnt know which of her good friends would come to look for her at this time.

“One is called Qiu Jing, and the other is called Xu Lele.” Not everyone could be a guard of the Green Gang.

One had to have good eyesight and be efficient in doing things.

Before reporting to Chen Menger, he had already asked everything he wanted to know.

“Let them in.” Chen Menger did not expect Qiu Jing and Xu Lele to come looking for her at this time.


* * *

“Menger, Menger, why havent you been coming to school recently” From afar, Chen Menger heard Qiu Jings voice.

“Qiu Jing, what youre asking is unnecessary.

Menger is usually very busy.

Moreover, based on the knowledge taught in school, she has long learned it.” Xu Lele admired Chen Menger very much.

Ever since Sun Miaomiaos birthday party, Xu Lele had run to the Green Gang whenever she had nothing to do.

Because of this, she had even become good friends with Qiu Jing.

“I know that, but I havent seen Menger for many days.

I miss her.” Whenever Qiu Jing and Xu Lele met each other, the two of them would chatter endlessly.

Normally, they were quite noisy, but today, Chen Menger listened to them and it was pleasing to the ear.

“Heh, dont think that I dont know your little thoughts.

You said you miss Menger, but in fact, you miss Mengers second brother, right” Xu Lele very bluntly exposed Qiu Jings thoughts.

“Lele, did I hear wrong just now Are you saying that Qiu Jing likes my second brother” This was the first time Chen Menger heard this information.

“Ah, Menger, dont listen to Xu Leles blabbering.

Its not true.” Qiu Jing did not have time to cover Xu Leles mouth.

At this moment, she anxiously waved her hand at Chen Menger and denied it.

“Hmph, Qiu Jing, dont you usually look brave Why are you so petty If you like him, you like him.

Whats there to deny” Xu Lele looked at Qiu Jing with disdain.

“Xu Lele, dont talk like you dont like him.

Dont think I dont know that you like Chen Haoguo.” No one knew where Qiu Jing got the news from.

Qiu Jing was defeated by Xu Lele, but she soon felt relieved.

Anyway, no one here knew Chen Haoguo.

She straightened her neck and said, “Yes, so what I like him.

Unlike someone who doesnt dare admit it.”

Chen Menger was drinking water.

She was shocked by Qiu Jing and Xu Leles words and choked on the water.

“Ahem, ahem.”

“Menger, whats wrong”

“Why are you so careless when drinking water” With Chen Menger coughing, Qiu Jing and Xu Lele didnt have time to argue.

The two of them came over and handed Chen Menger a tissue and patted her back.

After Chen Menger calmed down, she asked, “Um, were you joking just now”

“What” Qiu Jing and Xu Lele didnt have time to react.

“I mean, you said that Qiu Jing likes my second brother, Chen Haoxuan, and Lele, you like Chen Haoguo.” Chen Menger raised her head and looked at the two of them seriously.

Qiu Jing and Xu Lele were playing around and talking about the topic of who they liked.

They didnt think much of it.

Now, Chen Menger suddenly asked them so seriously, it made the two of them shy.

“Ah, Menger, dont look at us so seriously and ask us such a question.” Qiu Jing became shy.

“This is a very serious question to begin with.” This was related to her brother.

“Oh right, Lele, do you think the Chen Haoguo you like is a cadet in the military academy”

“How do you know” Xu Lele originally acted as if it was none of her business, because she thought that Chen Menger would be more concerned about Qiu Jings matters, because Qiu Jing liked Chen Mengers second brother.

However, she did not expect that Chen Menger would turn her attention to her in the next second.

Xu Lele widened her eyes and looked at Chen Menger in surprise.

“That should be it.” Chen Menger did not even need Xu Lele to answer.

As long as she saw Xu Leles expression, she knew that this Chen Haoguo should be her eldest brother, Chen Haoguo.

Chen Menger didnt expect that after going around in circles, her friends and her family had intertwined fates.

“What is going on” Qiu Jing asked.

“The Chen Haoguo that Lele likes, if Im not wrong, should be my big brother, Chen Haoguo,” Chen Menger said with a serious face.

“Huh No way.

What a coincidence,” Xu Lele said in surprise.

“No wonder.

I thought Chen Haoguo and Chen Haoxuan were so similar.

I wanted to say that Lele and I are fated to be together.

The boys we like all have the same surnames,” Qiu Jing said, then she realized what she had just said.

She immediately covered her mouth.

She wished she could bite her tongue now.

However, it was too late.

Every word she said entered Chen Mengers ears.

“You and Lele are fated to be together.

Actually, all three of us are destined to be friends forever.

I didnt expect that my two friends would actually like my brothers.

Fortunately, the two of you didnt like the same one.” At this time, Chen Menger was actually in the mood to joke.

“Ah, Menger, youve become a meanie.

You actually made fun of us,” Qiu Jing said as she pretended to come over to tickle Chen Menger.

Ever since Qiu Jing accidentally bumped into Chen Menger once and found that Chen Menger was especially afraid of tickling, every time she couldnt win against Chen Menger, she would use this method to deal with Chen Menger.

But every time, Qiu Jing couldnt even touch Chen Mengers body.

Chen Menger was in a much better mood after playing around with Qiu Jing and Xu Lele.

“Menger, you mustnt tell your brothers and the others.” Xu Lele was still in the stage having a secret crush.

“Okay,” Chen Menger agreed.

“Hey, by the way, Menger, do you have someone you like” Qiu Jing, who was in love for the first time, couldnt help but want to find out about her good friends secret after she shared her own secret with her good friend.

“I think so.”


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