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Chen Menger took the medicine and came out of the space in a flash.

After coming out of the space, Chen Menger first went to take a look at Yuwen Jings condition.

The medicine that Chen Menger had given him had already taken effect.

His fever had already slowly subsided.

Yuwen Jing was still unconscious at this moment.

Yuwen Jings brows were tightly furrowed.

It was unknown whether it was because of the pain from his wound and the discomfort from the fever that caused his brows to be tightly furrowed or for some other reason.

However, Chen Menger quickly understood the reason why Yuwen Jings brows were tightly furrowed.

When Chen Mengers hand touched Yuwen Jings forehead, Yuwen Jing suddenly reached out and grabbed Chen Mengers hand.

Yuwen Jings sudden action startled Chen Menger.

The Chinese medicine bag in her hand almost fell to the ground.

Chen Menger thought that Yuwen Jing had woken up.

However, when she focused her eyes, Yuwen Jing did not wake up.

His eyes were still tightly shut.

However, it was unknown what he was muttering.

Chen Menger placed her ear next to Yuwen Jings lips and only then did she hear clearly what he was saying.

“Menger, dont leave me.

I was wrong.

I was really wrong.

I will never use another woman to test you because of my own selfishness.

I was really wrong.

Please dont leave me.

I dont know what my life would be like without you.

I think I will really die.”

If Chen Menger wasnt certain that Yuwen Jing was unconscious, she would have thought that Yuwen Jing was faking it to get her sympathy.

However, it was precisely because Chen Menger knew that Yuwen Jing was really unconscious that Yuwen Jings words made Chen Mengers heart sour.

She had never been sure of her position in Yuwen Jings heart.

Although Chen Menger was usually a very astute and observant person, when it came to feelings, she was slower than the average person.

Take Yuwen Jings feelings for her, she had never been sure until now.

This was also the reason why Chen Menger had been hesitating until now and didnt dare open her heart to Yuwen Jing again.

“Yuwen Jing, what should I do I didnt know until today that I really love you.

I still love you.

I thought I could very rationally withdraw all my feelings for you.

However, only when I met you again did I realize that I couldnt do it at all.” Chen Menger whispered into Yuwen Jings ear, “I cant do it.”

Chen Menger didnt know if Yuwen Jing could hear what she said now, but at this time, when she heard what Yuwen Jing said while he was unconscious, she really wanted to say what was in her heart.

After Yuwen Jing fell unconscious, he felt like he was in a white fog.

All around him was white fog.

No matter which direction he walked in, no matter how long he walked, the scenery around him did not change.

He did not know how long he walked.

He only felt that he was finally tired and could not walk anymore.

Just when Yuwen Jing was exhausted and no longer had any strength to struggle, he stood up and walked out of the white fog.

He suddenly smelled a very familiar fragrance.

“This is Mengers scent.” Yuwen Jing immediately smelled it.

This was the unique fragrance of Chen Mengers body.

“Menger, Menger, is that you” Yuwen Jing wanted to shout at the top of his lungs, but his throat was dry and hoarse.

He couldnt even make a sound.

At this moment, Yuwen Jing actually saw a figure appear at the end of the white fog.

He recognized that figure at a glance.

It was Chen Menger.

Yuwen Jing struggled to stand up.

He wanted to chase after that figure.

However, he used all the strength in his body, but he could not stand up.


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