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“Im not suitable Then who is Is the illegitimate child of the Wharton family suitable Or do you have a better choice” Yuwen Jing heard Chen Mengers last sentence and the thread of sanity in his brain snapped with a bang.

All of his rationality was gone.

He only knew that Chen Menger had abandoned him for another man.

Chen Menger had never seen Yuwen Jing lose his composure like this.

She was a little flustered, “Yuwen Jing, can you calm down Im just having a conversation.

Dont involve others, okay The matters between us have nothing to do with others.” There was a trace of anger on Chen Mengers face.

“I dont need to calm down now.

How am I supposed to calm down How am I supposed to calm down when the girl I love wants to abandon me and settle down with another man” Yuwen Jing was like a lion trapped in a cage, he was extremely irritable.

It was the first time Chen Menger faced Yuwen Jing, and she felt a headache coming on.

She waved at Yuwen Jing.

“Alright, alright.

Lets continue talking after you calm down.

We cant communicate with your current emotions at all.”

Yuwen Jing only regained some of his rationality when he saw the deep helplessness on Chen Mengers face towards him.

He forced himself to calm down.

He forced himself not to do anything drastic.

In the study room, Chen Menger and Yuwen Jing sat opposite each other.

Chen Menger was focused on reading her medical textbook and did not even give Yuwen Jing a glance.

On the other hand, Yuwen Jing was trying to calm himself down.

He knew that if he were to talk to Chen Menger about his current situation, the result would probably be worse and worse.

Outside the study room, a group of people led by Elder Liu was scratching their ears and leaning against the door of Chen Mengers study room.

They were trying their best to hear the movements in the room.

However, it was obvious that they couldnt hear anything.

“Sir, lets go.

If the little miss finds out, she will definitely be angry.

Moreover, we cant hear anything.” Zhuge Yu looked at the group of people who were too curious and advised them with a headache.

“Zhuge, dont talk.

Its because you talk too much that the little miss found out.” Fatty didnt appreciate it at all.

Instead, he beat up Zhuge Yu.

Zhuge Yu was so angry that he wanted to beat him up fiercely.

“Hey, tell me, why is there no movement inside Didnt Menger say that she wanted to talk to Yuwen Jing It cant be that Yuwen Jing is bullying my girl, right” Elder Liu acted as if he didnt hear what Zhuge Yu said at all.

“Sir, theres no need to worry.

The little miss is very skilled.

Even if Fatty and I join forces, we might not be a match for the little miss,” Ah Biao said.

Although they had not fought with Chen Menger before, they still had some confidence in how skilled Chen Menger was.

“Of course.

Why dont you take a look at whose disciple she is” Elder Liu was getting cocky again.

Chen Menger was reading the medical textbook in her hand when the voices outside the study entered her ears.

Chen Menger sighed helplessly.

They were all a bunch of troublesome fellows.

“Menger.” Just as Chen Menger was thinking about how to break the stiff atmosphere between her and Yuwen Jing, Yuwen Jing opened his mouth and spoke.

“Hm” Chen Menger raised her head and looked at Yuwen Jing, waiting for Yuwen Jing to continue.

“I know that what happened before was my fault.

I didnt handle it well.

Yes, I admit that I always knew that Wendy liked me.

After I found out, I didnt transfer her away from my side.

Instead, I let her wander around by my side.

This is my fault.

But, Menger, you also have to listen to my explanation.

I didnt do this to satisfy my vanity.

In fact, I did this because Im not confident.

Im not confident in my position in your heart.

In fact, I wanted to use Wendy to make you jealous and let me know how important my position in your heart is,” Yuwen Jing said the truest words in his heart.


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