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“Its best if you really think so.” How could Chen Menger not know Elder Lius temper.

“However, the Green Gangs fighting arena isnt empty today, so we cant lend it to them.

So, Grandpa, your wish is destined to be unfulfilled toda,” Chen Menger shrugged and said to Elder Liu.

In the end, Chen Ming and Yuwen Jings fight didnt succeed.

Thats right.

If it was someone else who tried to persuade them, they probably wouldnt be able to persuade them at all.

However, if it was Chen Menger who came to mediate the fight, then it would be a different story.

“Both of you can go back.

I have to go back to work.” Chen Menger also stabilized her matters and planned to pat her clothes and leave.

However, Yuwen Jing and Chen Ming shouted at Chen Menger at the same time.

“Menger, lets talk.”

“Menger, I brought you the cake that you like to eat.”

After Yuwen Jing and Chen Ming finished speaking, the two of them glared at each other.

However, after Chen Ming said that, he remembered that the cake he brought just now flew to the ground because of Yuwen Jings punch.

At this moment, the cake box was lying quietly on the ground.

At this moment, the white wolf that came with Chen Menger was sniffing the wolfs nose and using its claws to pull at the box of cake.

The white wolfs temper was quite similar to Chen Mengers.

Now, even the taste of its food was not much different.

The cake that Chen Menger liked was also the white wolfs favorite.


Of course, compared to the cake that Chen Menger made herself, this cake would definitely be placed in the back row.

Everyones eyes were on the box of cakes.

The white wolf felt everyones eyes on it.

It lazily raised its head and first threw a coquettish cry at Chen Menger, after getting Chen Mengers nod, it bared its teeth and gave a warning to everyone in the room except for Elder Liu.

Only then did it lower its head again and enjoy its delicious food.

Chen Ming scratched his hair in embarrassment, he said to Chen Menger, “Ill go buy it again.”

“Its okay, Im not hungry now.

Dudu is hungry, Ill make him some afternoon tea.” Chen Menger comforted Chen Ming.

“Then Ill buy it next time.” After receiving Chen Mengers comfort, Chen Mings mood was like the sun shining through the dark clouds.

Meanwhile, Yuwen Jings face was completely dark.

He couldnt bear to see Chen Menger chatting and laughing with other men.

However, he didnt have the right to stand out and do something.

He could only choose to interrupt Chen Ming and Chen Menger.

“Menger, dont we need to have a good chat You said on the phone that you wanted to have a good chat with me.”

Chen Menger also knew that it was not a good idea to drag things out between her and Yuwen Jing.

It was time to make things clear.

Therefore, when Elder Liu opened his mouth to speak, he was stopped by Chen Menger.

“Its time for us to have a good chat.”

When he heard that Chen Menger agreed to let them chat, Yuwen Jing did not feel happy at all.

On the contrary, his heart was very uneasy.

Chen Menger brought Yuwen Jing to her study.

“Sit, what would you like to drink Tea or coffee” Chen Mengers attitude was not the usual intimacy.

Instead, there was a sense of unfamiliarity.

It was as if she was just entertaining a guest.

“Its still the same.

Lets have tea.” Yuwen Jing only drank tea when he was with Chen Menger.

He usually drank coffee.

But Chen Mengers simple question just now was like a needle stabbing into Yuwen Jings heart, causing him great pain.

“Menger, can we not be so distant Can you not treat me like this” Yuwen Jing asked pleadingly.

“Yuwen Jing, Im only treating you with my usual attitude.

Moreover, Ill always treat you with this attitude in the future.” Chen Menger turned her head and calmly looked at Yuwen Jing.

Chen Mengers calmness made Yuwen Jing feel afraid.

He hurriedly stood up and walked over.

He stretched out his hand to pull Chen Menger into his embrace.

Now, he could only hold Chen Menger in his embrace to make him feel at ease.

However, Chen Menger wasnt an ordinary girl.

How could she allow Yuwen Jing to hold her in his embrace Chen Menger dodged and avoided Yuwen Jings steps.

However, it was Chen Mengers actions that made Yuwen Jings face turn deathly pale.

“Yuwen Jing, if you touch me again, we wont need to say anything.

Dont ever appear in front of me again,” said Chen Menger with a sullen face.


“Menger, are you really so cruel Do you want to draw the line with me” Yuwen Jing said with a pained heart.

“Its not that Im cruel, but I feel that Ive done wrong from the beginning.

The two of us have always been just friends.

Friends should act like friends.”

Chen Mengers words were not wrong at all.

The people around them all felt that the two of them were together.

Even the people of the Buyano family called her the future mistress.

However, in reality, the two of them had never been in a relationship.

They only said that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Therefore, outsiders thought that Yuwen Jing was single, but Wendy actually thought something else so in her heart.

She knew that Yuwen Jing and Chen Mengers relationship was different.

She knew that Yuwen Jing liked Chen Menger, but she had never heard from Yuwen Jing that he had a girlfriend, or that Chen Menger was his girlfriend.

So, Wendy still had some fantasies in her heart.

“Friend Are we just friends” Yuwen Jing wondered if there was something wrong with his heart.

From just now, it had been throbbing in pain.

“Arent we You asked me if I wanted to be your girlfriend.

Did I agree to be your girlfriend” Chen Menger looked at Yuwen Jings pale face.

She resisted it and turned her face away.

She didnt want her heart to soften.

“I thought that this was the truth that both of us had tacitly agreed to.” After a long while, Yuwen Jing finally said this.

“Tacitly agreed Yeah, I used to think so too, but it was obvious that I was wrong.

I thought wrong.

Some things cant be agreed to by default.” Chen Menger laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Yuwen Jing, I want to tell you today that the two of us should start as ordinary friends.

I feel that our current situation is not suitable for us to be a couple.”


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