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Yuwen Jing held the so-called list of Chen Mengers future partners.

He stared at the names on it, as if he wanted to tear a hole in the paper.

“Tell me, how did you get this list” Yuwen Jing asked coldly.

Baro, who had always wanted to reduce his presence, was helpless when Yuwen Jing called him out, he could only step forward and answer, “It was those noblewomen in the upper-class circle who talked about whose child was worthy of the mistress.

After a few people argued about it, they finally got this list.” After saying that, Baro thought for a while and added, “However, in my opinion, this list is all fake.”

Baro wanted to flatter his master, but it was obvious that he did not flatter him well.

His master did not listen to him at all.

Yuwen Jing waved his hand and motioned for Baro to leave.

He wanted to be quiet.

After Baro left, he was the only one left in the room.

He leaned his body back hard against the office chair.

Yuwen Jing had always thought that Chen Menger was his, and he was Chen Mengers best choice.

He had always believed that Chen Menger would not abandon him and choose someone else.

It had to be said that the matter of the Hilton familys eldest daughter and Wendy, was watched by others.

The two of them were in love with him, and it had nothing to do with him.

In the end, most of the responsibility for their drastic actions was also on them.

However, only Yuwen Jing himself knew the actual situation.

Yuwen Jing did not give any hint to the Hilton familys eldest daughter that he would like her, or even fall in love with her.

It was all because of his own charm.

However, he had long noticed that before these two women fell in love with him, he did not stop them.

Instead, he allowed their feelings to develop.

The Hilton familys eldest daughter was easy to deal with.

As for Wendy, not only did he not remove her from his side, but he also placed her by his side to help him do things.

Wendy could see him from time to time.

This way, Wendys feelings for him simply grew.

Yes, Yuwen Jing did not give Wendy any response, and the reason he did so was very simple.

He only wanted to let Chen Menger know that he was not out of the market, and that he was also liked by many women.

He wanted to make Chen Menger feel a sense of crisis, and he wanted Chen Menger to pay more attention to him.


However, the development of the matter had completely exceeded his expectations.

He did not expect Wendy to be so bold to actually dare attack Chen Menger and Chen Mengers family.

She had even incited the Hilton familys eldest daughter to attack them.

To be honest, Yuwen Jing was very regretful after the matter had happened.

What made him even more regretful was that the change in Chen Mengers attitude towards him later was also at that time.

Only then did Yuwen Jing realize that Chen Menger was not an ordinary girl.

This time, he had really made things worse.

Yuwen Jing was unable to speak of the bitterness he was feeling now.

“Menger, Menger, come out quickly and see who this is.” Chen Menger had already applied for leave from school for a few days and had not gone to school.

It was rare for her to have the free time to exercise in the courtyard, she heard the voice of her second brother, Chen Haoxuan, from afar.

Chen Menger heard her second brother, Chen Haoxuans voice.

She raised her wrist and looked at her watch.

Only then did she realize that it was already time to end school.

“Haoxuan, who is it Why are you so excited” Chen Haoxuan was agitated.

He had forgotten that this was the Green Gang.

The voice that responded to him was not his sister, Chen Menger, but Elder Liu.

He immediately quieted down.


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