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In any case, the news that the young lady of the Green Gang was the missing child of the Qu family had covered up the news of the downfall of the Lu family.

Recently, the people of the Qu family had been rather busy wherever they went.

They would all be caught and asked a few questions about the young lady of the Green Gang, Chen Menger.

Moreover, if it wasnt for the fact that they really didnt have the guts to go, they would have charged straight into the Green Gang to find out what Chen Menger looked like.

However, these few days, Chen Menger could be considered to have become the topic of discussion among the upper class circles in the capital.

As Chen Menger stayed in the Green Gang and didnt go out, she heard Zhou Yunjie, Zhuge Yu, and the others bring back all sorts of topics to talk about her.

Moreover, to Chen Mengers surprise, the hottest topic recently was Chen Mengers future marriage partner.

What kind of person would she find Their family background and character should be worthy of Chen Menger.

Some noblewomen probably even helped to make a list.


Just two days ago, Elder Qu was in a bad mood.

Now, he was holding the list in high spirits and arguing with Elder Liu.

“Qiu Kaifeng from the Qiu family is not bad.

He is also a good-looking person.

I heard that he was sent into the army by Elder Qiu recently.

He should be able to match my Menger when he comes out of the army.

The most important thing is that the Qiu family are good people.

There are no dirty matters in the family.

This kid from the Su family is not bad.

However, the Su family is too messy.

If Menger enters the Su family, her days will be too tiring.

Of course, the people from the Su family dont have the guts to bully my Menger.” Elder Qu actually began to analyze each and every one of them.


Qiu Kaifeng and Su Jinming, who were called out by him, sneezed countless times.

“I dont think much.

I see that these people dont exercise much.

I reckon Menger can beat them to the ground with just her little finger.” Elder Liu said with a look of disdain.

On the other side, Fatty, Skinny, Zhuge Yu, and Ah Biao were holding a piece of paper and talking excitedly.

“This wont do.

With his looks, he doesnt match our little miss at all.”

“What about him”

“Hes alright.

But, no matter how I look at it, hes not as good as our Yunjie.”

Chen Menger was in Elder Qus presence, and Elder Liu was getting tired of listening.

He turned his head and heard Fatty and the others talking about Chen Menger.

Now, for the first time, she realized that it wasnt just the noblewomen in the capital who were gossiping.

In fact, the members of the Green Gang were also gossiping.

“Everyone, speaking of which, how old am I Dont you think its a little too early to be talking about this Moreover, in the future, the other half will have to be chosen by me no matter what.” Chen Menger saw that if she didnt speak up to stop them, the more they talked, the more outrageous the crowd became.

They couldnt help but speak up.


Once Chen Menger spoke, everyone stopped and looked up at Chen Menger.

Just as Chen Menger heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that the topic was over, Fattys loud voice was heard.

“Little Miss, are you still thinking about that kid, Yuwen Jing”

“Dont tell me that Yuwen Jings name isnt on the list that theyve drawn up.” Ah Biao also stepped forward.

Fatty and Ah Biao had just finished talking, but Chen Menger didnt have any reaction.

Zhuge Yu and Skinny both slapped Fatty and Ah Biao hard.

“You two are really bringing up the pot that doesnt boil.

Go sit somewhere else.” Obviously, although Skinny and Zhuge Yu talked about Fatty and Ah Biao, they had the same thoughts as Fatty and Ah Biao.

Their little miss was still thinking about Yuwen Jing in her heart.

Even Elder Qu and Elder Liu were looking at Chen Menger with worried eyes.

Chen Menger didnt know whether to laugh or cry when everyone looked at her.

“What kind of eyes are those Ive never said that before.

I just feel that Im still young and its a little too early to talk about this.

Its not that Ive already decided on a certain person in my heart.” This was Chen Mengers true words.

It was a thought that she had come up with after a few days of careful consideration.

She felt that the current her might not be suitable to talk about love.

It wasnt that she was young, but she realized that her feelings for Yuwen Jing were affected by too many factors from her previous life.

Before she could figure out whether she really liked the current Yuwen Jing, or if she only liked Yuwen Jing because she had too deep of an impression of him from her previous life, she didnt want to settle down with her other half too early.

In fact, Chen Menger did not realize that in her heart, there was still a place for Yuwen Jing.

After Elder Qu, Elder Liu, Zhuge Yu, and the others heard Chen Mengers words, their hearts that had been worried all this time could be considered to be at ease.

These few days, they had been worried that Chen Menger would hurt Yuwen Jings heart by doing something.

But now, after listening to Chen Mengers words, they could be at ease.

Elder Qu and the others could be at ease, but Yuwen Jing had not been having an easy time during this period of time.

His grandfather, Yuwen Hou, called him every few days to ask about his current situation with Chen Menger, followed by a long lecture.

This caused Yuwen Jing, who was already feeling frustrated because Chen Menger ignored him, to feel even worse.

As a result, the air pressure in the Buyano familys office in the capital had been very low during this period of time.

The employees inside were careful every day and didnt dare even breathe loudly.

As for those women who were infatuated with Yuwen Jing, they would stay as far away from him as possible.

Right now, they didnt dare think about Yuwen Jing at all.

Baro looked at Yuwen Jing, who was sitting in front of the office desk and emitting a cold aura.

He really wanted to find an excuse to quickly slip away.

He didnt want his master to vent his anger on him later.

When Baro received the ranking list given to his mistress by the noblewomen of the capital, he cursed in his heart more than once.

Why didnt they go shopping and drink afternoon tea Why did they make such a list

Also, if they say they want to make a ranking list, then they could go ahead.

Why did they just leave out his masters name His master is a perfect match for his mistress!


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