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If they were in the Green Gang, Allen would have been chased away by these two elders as soon as he arrived at the gate.

“Mistress.” As soon as Allen saw Chen Menger, he revealed an ingratiating smile.

“Allen, dont call me that.

Im not your mistress.” Chen Menger immediately denied it the moment she came up.

“Hehe, other than you, who else has the right to be the mistress of the Buyano family My master has already decided on you, Mistress.” Allen had made up his mind to speak up for his master, before Allen came, he had thought that his master was good at other things, but in this aspect of coaxing women, he really didnt have any talent at all.

He estimated that his master had never said any sweet words to his mistress.

“Is that so I didnt see it.

However, I think that there are many people who want to be the mistress of your family, so I wont come and join in the fun,” Chen Menger said coldly.

When Allen heard Chen Mengers words, he instantly became anxious.

Chen Menger wasnt going to be the mistress of their family How could this be allowed If she were to strike, then how would their lives be like in the future.

Allen didnt even dare think about how he would live his life in the future if he were to face his masters cold face every day.

“Mistress, even if there are many women outside who want to be the mistress of the Buyano family, my master will only acknowledge you.

The people of the Buyano family will only acknowledge you.

Other than you, we wont acknowledge anyone else.

Moreover, my masters love for you can be seen by the sun and the moon.

Other than you, no other woman will be able to enter his eyes.” Allens words were as sincere as they could be, he was just short of swearing directly to the heavens.

“Alright, you dont have to speak well of your master here.” Once Allens words came out, Chen Menger understood that Allen was not sent here by Yuwen Jing, but had come of his own accord.

Thinking of this, Chen Mengers thoughts suddenly faded.

“Im also tired today.

Lets call it a day for our conversation.

When you go back, you should also persuade your master to be more open-minded.

Tell him not to always treat you coldly just because of these small matters.

Its more useful for you to persuade him than to come and persuade me.” Chen Menger put on a look.

She did not want to see him off.

Allen was escorted out of the Green Gang by Chen Menger.

He did not understand why Chen Mengers expression changed so quickly.

“Wasnt she fine just now Why did she change her expression so quickly” Allen scratched his head, looking confused.

After Chen Menger escorted Allen out of the Green Gang, she thought for a moment and decided to call Yuwen Jing.

When Yuwen Jing heard Baro tell him that Chen Menger was calling him, he hurriedly put down the pen in his hand and strode over to pick up Chen Mengers call.

“Menger,” Yuwen Jing picked up the phone and said very gently.

A rare smile appeared on Yuwen Jings face.

“Yuwen Jing, Im calling today because I want to tell you that in the future, dont ask your subordinates to come over to my place for no reason and ask to work together with me.

Its fine as long as the two of us know whats going on between us.” Chen Menger did not care how gentle Yuwen Jings tone was.

Her current mood was not very beautiful.

Yuwen Jing originally thought that Chen Mengers anger had subsided and was prepared to listen to his explanation.

However, when he heard Chen Mengers tone, he knew that he had completely misunderstood.

He put away the smile on his face and frowned deeply.

“I know about this matter.

I will handle it well.

However, Menger, you still have to listen to my explanation about the matter between us.

You cant ignore my explanation and ignore me just like that.”

“Okay, Ill listen to your explanation.

However, itll take some time.” Chen Menger had almost thought about it.

The problem between her and Yuwen Jing still had to be resolved.

She still had to have a face-to-face conversation with Yuwen Jing.

“Ill have to wait for some time.

Ill contact you again.” After saying that, Chen Menger hung up the phone.

Yuwen Jing listened to the beep of the call being ended.

His expression suddenly turned from sunny to dark, and then dark clouds covered his face.

It was like the calm before the storm.

Baro did not know what Chen Menger had said to his master on the phone, but when he saw his masters expression, he was very sure that it was definitely not something good.

Otherwise, his masters expression would not have been so ugly.

He stammered, but in the end, he did not say anything.

He did not speak, but Yuwen Jing did.

“Baro, wheres Allen”

Baro didnt know why his master was suddenly looking for Allen, but now that his master was asking about Allens whereabouts, Baro realized that Allen had been acting strangely.

“I dont know either.

I havent seen him since this morning.”

Yuwen Jing had originally guessed that Chen Menger was talking about Allen, but after hearing Baro say that he hadnt seen Allen, he was even more certain that Allen had acted on his own initiative and had gone to look for Chen Menger.

“You go look for Allen, find him, and tell him to come find me.”


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