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Actually, the incidents with the Sun family, the miss of the Hilton family, and Wendy, made it very difficult for Chen Menger to be happy.

However, in order to not let Elder Liu and the others worry, she suppressed her sad feelings.


“From the moment I was reborn and met Yuwen Jing, I had already decided on him in the bottom of my heart.

I had also decided that he would be my partner for the rest of my life.

I thought that his feelings were the same as mine.

I also thought that he was the same type of person as me.

However, I seem to have made a mistake.

He seems to be different from me.

Dudu, every time I think about the other women in his heart besides me, my heart aches terribly.

Dudu, do you think Im sick Dudu, tell me, what should I do” Chen Menger knew that Dudu was a wolf and would not answer any of her questions, but she could not help but say what she was thinking.

She asked Dudu some of her questions.

Although Dudu could not answer Chen Mengers questions, he was very comforting to Chen Menger.

Dudu let out a series of cries and then opened his eyes and looked at Chen Menger with a worried gaze.

Chen Menger saw the worried expression in Dudus eyes that could not be hidden no matter how hard he tried.

She could not help but reach out and hug Dudus head.

She said, “Dudu, dont worry about me.

Im just unhappy and Im complaining to you.

After I told you, my mood has improved a lot.”

Qu Yaobing and the rest woke up early the next day.

Firstly, it was because of their biological clock.

Secondly, they were all worried and it was impossible for them to have a good sleep in peace.

Of course, Chen Menger also knew about it, so she did not force them to sleep.

While Qu Yaobing was resting, Chen Menger brought Zhou Yunjie and the rest to search Liu Yi and Zhang Das hideout and locked up all of their people.

Chen Mengers search actually yielded quite a lot.

Not to mention Zhang Das collection of guns and ammunition, even the gold and silver jewelry that they treasured was theirs now.

In Chen Mengers eyes, these things were directly linked to money.

Chen Menger was very impolite and asked the people from the Windwalk Group to help pack up the jewelry.

Of course, Chen Menger wasnt a stingy person.

Everyone in the Windwalk Group received a share.

As for the other drugs, Chen Menger did not have any interest in them at all.

She was very generous and when she saw Qu Yaobing, she said to Qu Yaobing, “Dad, take all these drugs and bring them back to report to the police.”

Qu Yaobing and his comrades heard Chen Mengers words and looked at Chen Mengers magnanimous expression.

They almost had frown lines on their foreheads.

Speaking of which, the people in the headquarters were so proactive this time.

They wanted to capture Liu Yi and Zhang Da in one go.

The main reason was because they knew that Zhang Da had received a big deal recently and had a large amount of firearms in his hands.

These firearms were much more attractive than Liu Yi and Zhang Da.

But now, the things that the headquarters wanted were unceremoniously taken by Chen Menger.

They could foresee how the old fellows in the headquarters would gnash their teeth in hatred after seeing this pile of things and hearing the whole story.


But, having it was better than not having it.

Qu Yaobing nodded his head in resignation.

Actually, Qu Yaobing and the rest were thinking too much.

This time, the bunch of old men in the headquarters did not have the time to think about this batch of munitions.

Their internal matters were already enough for them to be busy with.

Chen Menger had just distributed the items for Qu Yaobing and the rest to bring back to report to them.

Hence, the headquarters had a connection with them.

However, it was not with Qu Yaobing but with Chen Menger.

Yesterday, when Chen Menger set off, she had asked everyone in the Windwalk Group to close the connection with the headquarters.

Of course, that included her.

And she had just opened the communication device with the headquarters.

Hence, not long after she opened it, the other party could not wait to contact her.

And the moment Chen Menger connected, a flustered and exasperated voice came from the other side, “Hey, hey, calling the Green Gang, calling the Green Gang.”

“Yes, please speak.” Chen Menger shrugged at Qu Yaobing and the rest.

“Why was the communication device always out of range”

“I turned it off.” Chen Menger replied nonchalantly.

Chen Mengers reply caused the person on the other side to remain silent for a long time.

Of course, from his rapid breathing, he was so angry that he could not speak.

“The mission has been completed.

The person has been rescued.”

Chen Menger did not wait for the other party to reprimand her and spoke first.

After she finished speaking, she did not wait for the other party to speak and once again turned off the communication device.

Seeing Chen Mengers bold actions, the special force soldiers were somewhat dumbfounded.

They did not expect that their bosss daughter, who looked delicate, to be so powerful.

Chen Menger didnt know what these special force soldiers were thinking, and these special force soldiers didnt have time to think about anything else, because the communication devices on their bodies also rang!


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