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Everyone had been tormented for a whole day.

For example, Qu Yaobing and the rest had been tormented for quite a few days.

At this moment, everyone was holding their favorite weapons, their faces filled with joy and exhaustion.


“Dad, bring them to rest.

in that building, theres a place to rest,” Chen Menger said to Qu Yaobing.

“If theyre resting, are they alright” Qu Yaobing was still a little worried.

This wasnt their army and it wasnt their home.

This was the lair of the drug lord, Liu Yi, and the arms dealer, Zhang Da.

Was It really alright to sleep here No matter what Qu Yaobing thought, why did he feel that his heart was worried and he couldnt let go

“Its alright.

My men are watching over them.

You guys can rest assured.

Moreover, its not long before daybreak.

Liu Yi and Zhang Das men have been controlled by us and they wont be able to do anything.” Chen Menger really felt sorry for her father, the dark circles under Qu Yaobings eyes were comparable to that of a panda.

“Menger, its better for you to rest.

We usually go out on missions and dont sleep for a few days and nights, we are already used to it.” Qu Yaobing still couldnt bear to see his daughter suffer.

It was likely that all fathers who loved their daughters had the same heart, they would rather suffer more than let their daughters enjoy more.

If it was any other time, Chen Menger would not have argued with her father.

However, Qu Yaobing and the rest were not only physically exhausted, they were also mentally exhausted.

Chen Menger knew that they needed to rest even more at this moment, they needed to calm down even more.

“Its alright, you guys should go and rest.

You guys still have things to face tomorrow.

Moreover, I brought the people from the Windwalk Group out this time to gain experience.

Now is such a good opportunity, how can I let them miss it” As she said that, Chen Menger playfully winked at Qu Yaobing.

How could Qu Yaobing not know his precious daughters intentions He looked at Chen Menger with a gaze full of affection and said, “You brat.

You are really becoming more and more eccentric.”

Qu Yaobing brought the rest of the special force soldiers and dragged their extremely tired bodies to rest.

Chen Menger gathered the members of the Windwalk Group, who were holding onto their new weapons and were so happy that they could not even touch them, and began to distribute the next tasks.

“From now on, everyone will be divided into four groups.

The groups will take turns to rest.”

“Yes.” The people from the Windwalk Group obeyed Chen Mengers orders unconditionally.

After arranging for the people to go to the Windwalk Group, Chen Menger, who was in high spirits, brought the snow-white wolf and climbed up the wall.

This time, they were not here to scout the enemy.

They were leisurely enjoying the scenery.

They were chatting.

Of course, Chen Menger was the only one who was talking.

It was rare to find someone to confide in, and she didnt have to worry about it leaking out.

This made Chen Menger have the urge to spit it out.

“Dudu, do you think that the two of us were fated to be with each other in our previous lives Otherwise, why do I feel a sense of familiarity when I see you” Chen Menger touched Dudu, who was lying beside her, and asked.

Dudu seemed to understand what Chen Menger said.

He raised his head, which was leaning against Chen Mengers side, and intimately leaned over.

He rubbed Chen Mengers arm as if he was responding to Chen Mengers words.

“So you agree with what I said.

Dudu, do you believe in reincarnation I didnt believe in it in the past, but now, I have no choice but to believe in it.

Because, Ive actually been reborn.” Chen Menger looked into the distance and said softly, “This is my secret, a secret that I was planning to take to the grave.

I dont know how to tell others, and I dont dare tell others.

Im afraid of being treated like a monster.” Chen Mengers face showed a rare expression of confusion.

She was at a loss.

“Dudu, do you know Ive been in a very bad mood recently, very bad.

But I dont dare show it.

I dont want everyone to worry.”



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