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The people from the Windwalk Group brought Zhang Da and Liu Yi and left.

Only Zhang Da, Liu Yis injured subordinates, Chen Menger, Qu Yaobing, and the rest of the special forces were left downstairs.

As Chen Menger did not ask them to kill them, Zhang Da and Liu Yis subordinates were only injured.

They looked rather bloody but their lives were actually not in danger.

However, it was impossible for them to move freely.

“Menger, what do you plan to do next” Qu Yaobing was the leader of the special forces, but in front of Chen Menger, he could only lower his head and submit.

“Nothing much.

My mission this time is done.

Next, its your own business.” Chen Menger spread her hands, indicating that the next thing was not her business.

After saying that, Chen Menger thought of something.

“Oh, theres one more thing.

I almost forgot.

I will help your headquarters find the mole.”

Chen Mengers words caused Qu Yaobing and the rest to change their expressions.

“Lass, are you saying that theres a mole above us”

“Thats not entirely true,” Chen Menger pursed her lips and said.

“What do you mean”

“Ive told Zhang Da and Liu Yi before that theres always someone behind them giving them advice.

Otherwise, how do you think Zhang Da and Liu Yi could escape from your pursuit time and time again, and even develop their careers so well With their IQ, its completely impossible.” Chen Menger looked as if she had dealt with Zhang Da and Liu Yi so many times.

“Ahem, although we were ordered to chase after Zhang Da and Liu Yi, we only met them three times in a row.

Moreover, they could escape easily every time.

Hence, we always thought that these two were very cunning.” Qu Yaobing rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

It was really embarrassing to be told that by his own daughter.

However, it was also true that his skills were inferior to hers, so he had nothing to say about it.

“So you guys have contributed to the rumors outside.

Its all because of the rumors outside that made me spend so much effort.

If I had known earlier, I would have brought my men and barged in directly.

Oh, right, let me tell you guys again.

Everything in here belongs to me now.

Of course, except for Zhang Da, Liu Yi and their subordinates.”

Chen Mengers words made Qu Yaobing and the rest look at Chen Menger with their eyes wide open.

“Dont look at me like that.

This is what the higher-ups promised me.” After Chen Menger finished speaking, Zhou Yunjie and the rest finished settling the matters outside and returned.

When Chen Menger saw Zhou Yunjie and the rest, she did not have the time to look at Qu Yaobing and the rest.

“Is everything settled”

“Everything is settled,” Zhou Yunjie replied.

“Okay, thats good.

I think its almost dawn outside, everyone should find a place to rest.

As for the rest of the matters, well talk about it later.” After Chen Menger finished speaking to Zhou Yunjie and the rest, she turned to Qu Yaobing and the rest and said, “Dad, you guys should go and rest too.

I think that if we want to contact your headquarters, well have to wait until dawn.”

Following this night, the name of the worlds famous drug lord, Liu Yi, and the arms dealer, Zhang Da, disappeared.

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However, Chen Menger was very interested in Zhang Das pile of undelivered arms.

She generously waved her hand and said to the people present, “Hey, Im not a stingy person.

Everyone who sees it will have a share.

Now, everyone can go in and choose the weapons that you like.

Of course, there will be no waiting.”

Because of Chen Mengers words, the people from the Windwalk Group cheered.

Everyone cheered and impolitely walked in to choose the weapons that they liked.

As for the special force soldiers, they all hesitated.

They were envious of the most advanced weapons in the room, but in their minds, these should be handed over to the country and could not be used privately.

The special force soldiers all looked at Qu Yaobing.

They wanted Qu Yaobing to come out and persuade Chen Menger.

Qu Yaobing was sandwiched in the middle and it was a headache.

How could he not know his daughters temper If his words were effective, the sun would rise from the west.

In the end, Qu Yaobing could only pinch the space between his brows and say to his subordinates, “Alright, dont be so coy.

Since my Menger has spoken, dont stand on ceremony.”

“But.” Some of them were still hesitating but it was obvious that some of them were wavering.

“No buts.

Since my lass has said that the higher-ups have promised her that everything here will belong to her, then it will really belong to her.

Dont stand on ceremony.” The special force soldiers saw that their boss had said so, then what were they still hesitating for They looked at each other one by one.

After exchanging glances with each other, they ran off to pick out the weapons that they liked.

Chen Menger saw that everyone had gone in to pick out the weapons.


“Hmmm Whats wrong Oh right, for this matter, Daddy wants to thank you.” Qu Yaobing said as he couldnt help but reach out to rub his daughters hair.

He had wanted to do this for a long time.

In the past, before he found his daughter, every time he saw other fathers touching the top of their daughters heads, his eyes couldnt help but turn red.

“Dad, why are you being so polite with me If I was captured, would you sit still and not come” Chen Menger asked in return.

“Of course not, if anyone dares kidnap you, I will definitely not let them off.” Qu Yaobings agitated look was as if Chen Menger was really kidnapped.

“Isnt that enough”


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