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Qiu Jing was usually well-informed, but this was her first time witnessing such a big scene.

She couldnt help but feel a little scared.

“Youre already here, why are you going back Besides, this place isnt good enough for you either.

Lets go down together.” Chen Menger patted Qiu Jings hand to comfort her.

Qiu Jing didnt know if Chen Mengers comforting words were effective, but she took a deep breath and calmed down a lot.

Although she was still nervous, she didnt seem to have lost her composure.

On the other hand, Chen Menger was somewhat impressed by her second brothers reaction.

She also felt that her second brother would not be used to such things.

However, when she sneaked a glance at her second brother just now, she actually found that he was behaving as usual.

What Chen Menger did not know was that the reason Chen Haoxuan was so calm was because of Yuwen Jing.

Qiu Jing held Chen Mengers hand tightly and walked in front.

Chen Haoxuan was one step behind them.

From afar, Chen Menger saw Sun Miaomiao in a pink gown standing at the door with her parents as she greeted the guests with a smile.

When Sun Miaomiao saw Chen Menger and the others, her eyes lit up.

She turned her head and said something to her parents beside her.

Her parents turned their heads and looked at Chen Menger and the others.

Then, Sun Miaomiaos family came up to greet them.

“Chen Menger, Chen Haoxuan, Qiu Jing, youre here.” Sun Miaomiao greeted Chen Menger with genuine joy in her eyes.

Chen Menger could see clearly that Sun Miaomiaos eyes had been fixed on her second brother.

On the other hand, Sun Miaomiaos parents, especially her father, were smiling when they met Chen Menger.

“Welcome, Welcome to my daughters birthday party.

You must eat well and have fun today.” Her father was forthright.

If Mr.

Suns business rivals saw his current appearance, they would definitely curl their lips and say, “What an old fox.

He will do anything for the business.”

“Thank you, Uncle.

We will.

By the way, Sun Miaomiao, these are the birthday gifts from the three of us.” Chen Menger handed the three beautifully wrapped gifts to Sun Miaomiao.

“Thank you.” Sun Miaomiao was stunned.

She did not expect that Chen Haoxuan and Qiu Jings birthday gifts to also be given by Chen Menger.

To be honest, Sun Miaomiao was a little disappointed.

She wanted to personally take the gifts from Chen Haoxuan.

As Chen Menger was speaking, suddenly, Mr.

Suns eyes lit up again.

Then, he took a few quick steps behind Chen Menger and the others and directly welcomed them.

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Chen Menger didnt notice and was about to pull Qiu Jing into the house to sit for a while.

However, Chen Haoxuans words made Chen Menger stop in her tracks.

“Yuwen Jing, youve arrived.

I thought you were already here.”

Chen Menger knew that none of the people they knew had the same name as Yuwen Jing.

She did not expect Yuwen Jing to appear at Sun Miaomiaos birthday party.

Moreover, if she had not misheard, her second brother seemed to have known that Yuwen Jing was coming, but she had not heard any news at all.

Chen Menger stopped in her tracks and turned around.

She happened to see Mr.

Sun calling his daughter excitedly.

“Miaomiao, come here.

Daddy will introduce someone to you.” After saying that, Mr.

Sun turned to Yuwen Jing and said, “Young Master Yuwen, thank you for coming to my daughters birthday party today.

Thats right, this is my daughter, Sun Miaomiao.

Miaomiao, this is Young Master Yuwen.

You can accompany Young Master Yuwen in a while.

Dont neglect Young Master Yuwen.”

Sun Miaomiao was called over by her father.

Looking at the handsome Yuwen Jing, she couldnt help but sigh in her heart.

Yuwen Jing was really good looking.

However, she already had someone else in her heart.

Other than sighing, she didnt have any other thoughts towards Yuwen Jing.

And how could she not know her fathers plans

Yesterday, her father had repeatedly exhorted her to treat Yuwen Jing well today.

It was best if she could improve her relationship with Yuwen Jing.

Sun Miaomiao wasnt happy in her heart, but she couldnt open her mouth to refute.

She knew that her father usually doted on her, but when it was related to the interests of the family, she had to be placed in the back seat.

Sun Miaomiao was full of displeasure, but it was inappropriate for her to speak.

However, Yuwen Jing came to her rescue and said, “Theres no need to trouble your daughter.”

“Its no trouble at all,” Mr.

Sun hurriedly said.

How could this be trouble He couldnt wait for Yuwen Jing and his daughter to stick together all the time.


Sun, theres really no need for your daughter to accompany me.

Ill just follow Menger and the others.” Yuwen Jing didnt come to attend this birthday party on account of anyone in the Sun family.

He only found out after he accidentally heard Chen Haoxuans complaint that Chen Menger was going to attend the birthday party of Sun Miaomiao, the daughter of the Sun family.

Coincidentally, he had just received an invitation from the Sun family,

His trip this time was completely aimed at hanging out with Chen Menger.

As Yuwen Jing said this, he walked towards Chen Menger before Mr.

Sun could react.

When Chen Menger saw Mr.

Suns attentive manner towards Yuwen Jing and the scheme that could not be concealed no matter how hard he tried, she understood.


Sun had his eyes on Yuwen Jing.

He was plotting to marry his only daughter, Sun Miaomiao, to Yuwen Jing.

Chen Menger could not help but sneer in her heart.


Sun really had a good plan.

If their family was accompanied by a big shot like Yuwen Jing, then their family would be able to stand tall in the capital.

However, Chen Menger felt very uncomfortable when her own man was being used like this by others.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at Mr.

Suns eyes.

Danger was everywhere.


Sun only felt a chill on his back and a bad premonition arose in his heart.

However, this bad premonition was immediately thrown to the back of his mind.

Right now, his mind was filled with how to take advantage of his daughters birthday party today to build a good relationship with the young lady of the Green Gang and the head of the Buyano family, to obtain the greatest benefit for their own family.


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