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After Chen Menger and Qiu Jing changed into their gowns and got their hair done, Chen Haoxuan, who had just changed into the formal attire that Chen Menger had prepared for them, came to look for them.

“Menger, are you guys done yet Grandpa Liu asked me to tell you that if you guys are done, you can set off now.”

“Alright, we can set off now.” Chen Menger did not expect that changing clothes and getting her hair done would actually take so much time.

She felt that all these partys were a waste of time.

“Qiu Jing, lets go.”

As Chen Menger spoke, she heard no movement behind her.

She turned her head and was immediately amused.

Was this still the Qiu Jing that she knew Qiu Jings face was red and she was bashful.

She did not look as fierce as before.

“Qiu Jing, are you shy because of my second brother”

“Who Who is shy Im not shy at all.

Besides, what does it have to do with your second brother” Qiu Jing was stubborn, but her face was even redder than before.

“Still saying its useless Then why are you blushing” The smile on Chen Mengers face grew wider.

Chen Menger looked at Qiu Jing, who was so shy that she was like an ostrich that had buried its head in the ground.

She did not want to joke with her anymore.

If she were to joke with Qiu Jing again, Chen Menger reckoned that Qiu Jing would not go out with her in a while.

“Alright, I wont joke with you anymore.

Lets go out.

We cant be late.”

Chen Menger had always believed in the good habit of not being late and not arriving early.

When Chen Menger and Qiu Jing walked out of the bedroom door, Chen Haoxuan, who was dressed in a formal suit, saw Chen Menger, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Then, he said with satisfaction, “Yes, my sister is still the most beautiful.”

“How about Qiu Jing” Chen Menger deliberately pulled Qiu Jing in front of her.

Chen Haoxuan had only noticed his sister just now.

Now that he heard his sister mention it, he noticed the beautiful girl standing next to his sister.

Qiu Jing noticed that Chen Haoxuan was looking at her, and her face turned beet red.

Chen Haoxuan, who was completely unaware that he had already ffected the young girls heart, actually said with a serious expression, “Qiu Jing has changed her clothes.

Shes really different.

I didnt recognize her at all.”

Qiu Jing was delighted because of Chen Haoxuans words.

She shyly lowered her eyes and did not dare to look at Chen Haoxuan.

Chen Menger watched from the side and was delighted.

Her second brother was actually a hothead when it came to love.

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Chen Haoxuan, on the other hand, was puzzled by Chen Mengers laughter.

He didnt know why his sisters laughter made him so awkward today.

Chen Menger was just watching for fun.

She did not intend to get involved in the relationships her brothers would have.

“Its getting late.

Lets go.

If we get late, it wont be good.”

The Sun family residence was in the west of the city, while the Green Gang was in the east.

The distance was not close.

Fortunately, there were not as many cars as there were in the future, so there was no traffic jam.

Chen Menger and the other two sat in the car.

When they reached the Sun family residence, there were already many cars parked in front of the Sun family residence.

It was Qiu Jings first time attending such a party, so she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

She held Chen Mengers hand and nervously pursed her lips.

“Menger, I dont think I should go.

I dont think this place is suitable for me.”


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