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As soon as Qiu Jing finished speaking, the spoon in Chen Mengers hand had already unceremoniously dropped towards the very exquisite cake.

“Menger, how could you do this” Qiu Jing was on the verge of tears.

“This is originally meant for people to eat.

You wont be full just by looking at it like this.”

After shopping for a whole day, Chen Menger was really hungry.

Although the food in this coffee shop was much worse than what she made, in general, it was passable and could be eaten.

Therefore, Chen Menger finished her cake quickly.

Qiu Jing struggled for a while on the side, but she still felt that Chen Menger was right.

She endured the pain and took the first spoonful, then she couldnt stop.

Chen Menger heard Qiu Jing say from time to time, “Mmm, its really delicious.

No wonder its so expensive.”

Chen Menger waited until Qiu Jing was almost done eating before she drank her coffee and said slowly, “Qiu Jing, if you dont have anything to do tomorrow, come to my house earlier.”

“Hmm” Qiu Jing was still eating the cake, so it was inconvenient for her to speak.

She raised her head and looked at Chen Menger with a puzzled face.

“Its not like you dont know the situation of Sun Miaomiaos family.

Their family is holding a birthday party, so we definitely have to dress a little more formally.

Today, I looked around, and there arent any gowns suitable for the two of us to wear here.

But I do have a few pieces at home, so come to my house early tomorrow to change clothes,” Chen Menger explained.

“Ah, look at me, I forgot about this.” Finally swallowing the cake in her mouth, Qiu Jing, who could speak, patted her forehead and said, “Menger is still the best.

If not for you, I would definitely make a fool of myself tomorrow.”

“Hurry up and eat.

You are not allowed to leave until you finish these cakes.”

“Yes! These are small things.

Even if you give me three more pieces, I can still eat them.”

“Alright, even if you can eat them, I wont let you eat them.

If you eat three more pieces, you will get a stomach ache.” Chen Menger rolled her eyes at Qiu Jing.

The next day, Chen Menger called Qiu Jing in the afternoon.

After asking where she was, she asked Uncle Zhao to pick her up.

When Qiu Jing followed Uncle Zhao into the Green Gang and saw Chen Menger, the surprised expression on Qiu Jings face didnt fade away.

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“Menger, you, you are actually the young lady of the Green Gang.” Although Qiu Jing was not born into an aristocratic family, she was well-informed.

She had often heard of the young lady of the Green Gang.

However, there were not many people in the capital who had seen the true appearance of the young lady of the Green Gang.

This also gave the young lady of the Green Gang a mysterious veil in the upper-class society of the capital.


“Oh my God, Menger, you are actually the young lady of the Green Gang.

Do you know that youre my idol” Qiu Jing walked over and said to Chen Menger.

“I really dont know about that.

But, Qiu Jing, I think we should get down to business first.” Chen Menger saw Qiu Jing staring at her as if she was staring at the cakes from yesterday, and frown lines appeared on her forehead.

She quickly changed the topic.

However, it was obvious that Chen Menger had underestimated Qiu Jings gossipy heart.

Even a gorgeous dress could not attract her attention.

When Chen Menger pushed her in to try on the clothes, she kept asking, “Menger, are those rumors true Tell me about your experience later.

Im very curious.”

“Qiu Jing, shut your mouth for the time being.

Otherwise, I dont mind doing it myself.

Since youve heard about me from others, you must know that my acupuncture has been perfected.” Chen Mengers head was hurting from Qiu Jings thoughts, she had to use her trump card to threaten her.

Chen Mengers danger was really effective.

Qiu Jing suddenly quieted down.

This gave Chen Menger time to catch her breath.

The gowns that Chen Menger had prepared for her and Qiu Jing were simple in style, but the effect on the upper body was excellent.

It was also true that Chen Mengers products were only of high quality.

When Qiu Jing walked out of the fitting room wearing the gowns that Chen Menger had prepared for her, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She could not believe that the person in front of her was herself.

“Menger, is… is this really me”

“If its not you, is it me” Chen Menger asked rudely.

After saying that, Chen Menger went up and looked Qiu Jing up and down.

Then, she said with satisfaction, “Yes, not bad.

This dress suits you very well.

You can just curl your hair up later.” As for makeup, that was not within Chen Mengers considerations.

The makeup she bought was a complete scam.

However, Chen Menger had an idea in her heart.

When she was free, she would enter the space and develop some maintenance products and cosmetics.

She was more at ease with the things that came from her own hands.

When Chen Menger changed into her gown and walked out, Qiu Jing looked at Chen Menger, her eyes were filled with amazement.

“Oh my God.

Menger, I always knew you were beautiful, but I didnt expect you to turn out like this.

You appearing at Sun Miaomiaos birthday party like this will cause Sun Miaomiaos intestines to probably turn green with regret.

She will regret that she invited you, a guest who stole all of her limelight.” Qiu Jing was there, covering her mouth and snickering.


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