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They found a rather romantic coffee shop near the mall.

Qiu Jing, who was carrying bags in one hand and holding Chen Mengers arm with the other hand, felt her eyes widen when she walked into this exotic coffee shop, she curiously looked at the small things in the coffee shop while leaning close to Chen Mengers ear, she whispered, “Menger, are we really going to drink here I heard that this place is run by foreigners, and its very expensive.

Ive passed by this place several times before, but I didnt dare to come in.”

“It looks good.

Come in and have a taste.” After saying that, Chen Menger took a step ahead of Qiu Jing and walked in.

The owner of this small shop really put in a lot of effort.

Chen Menger could tell at a glance that many of the small ornaments in this shop came from different countries.

Moreover, they all looked quite exquisite.

Chen Menger found a seat by the window and sat down.

Qiu Jing also sat down opposite Chen Menger.

Qiu Jings mental state adjusted very quickly.

When she sat down opposite Chen Menger, her face was already full of enjoyment.

The nervousness and worry from before had long disappeared.

However, when she picked up the menu placed on the table by the waiter, she grimaced and said to Chen Menger, “Menger, the rumors outside are really true.

This place is really expensive.

The coffee in this place is almost equivalent to my monthly allowance.” Qiu Jing put down the menu in her hand.

“I really cant afford it.”

“You dont have to look at the price.

Its my treat today anyway.” Chen Menger looked at the menu with a calm expression.

She didnt have much of an impression of the price on it.

She could still accept this price.

“No, even if you treat me, I cant do it.” Qiu Jing said as she pushed the menu towards Chen Menger.

“Menger, I think we should go somewhere else to eat.”

“Lets do it now.

Im tired of walking and cant be bothered to leave.

Besides, I think the food here is pretty good.

Qiu Jing, dont worry about the price.

Let me tell you the truth.

Before I went out, my old man said that if I dont use up all the money I brought with me, Im not allowed to enter the house today.

So, please help me out then.” Chen Menger gestured to the waiter and spoke to Qiu Jing at the same time.

“Ah, theres such a thing” Qiu Jing looked at Chen Menger in surprise.

“Thats right.

Its not like you dont know that I usually dont go out shopping.

My old man got so excited when he heard that I was going out shopping with a friend.

He asked my uncle to take the money and give it to me, saying that I wasnt allowed to enter the house until I finished spending it.

So, you dont have to worry about it anymore.

Hurry up and see if theres anything you want to eat.

Order it.”

Chen Mengers words were really effective.

Qiu Jing was a little conflicted and said, “Then I wont stand on ceremony.”


Its better if you dont stand on ceremony.”

Qiu Jing didnt stand on ceremony at all.

She waited for Chen Menger to finish ordering a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Then, Qiu Jing started to order as well.

She ordered one cup of coffee and three pieces of cake.

After ordering, Qiu Jing finally realized what was going on.

She smiled at Chen Menger with a face full of embarrassment.

“Hehe, that looks too tempting.

I accidentally ordered too much.”

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“Its okay.

As long as you like it, its fine.”

The service in this small shop was pretty good.

Soon, the coffee and cakes that they ordered were served.

Needless to say, the coffee and cakes made in this small shop were quite exquisite.

In any case, when the coffee and cake were served, Qiu Jing couldnt remain calm.

She bit the spoon and looked at the coffee and cake on the table with sparkling eyes.

Then, she looked at Chen Menger with a conflicted expression and said, “Menger, Im a little reluctant to eat them.

Theyre too beautiful.”


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