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“About that, would you believe me if I said that I made it myself” Chen Menger was suddenly mischievous.

However, Qiu Jings reaction was completely out of her expectations.

After Qiu Jing heard Chen Mengers words, she was stunned for a moment, she actually nodded with a serious expression and said, “I believe you.

In my opinion, there is nothing in this world that a girl like you cant do.” After Qiu Jing finished speaking, her expression changed drastically, and she acted coquettishly and shook Chen Mengers arm, saying, “Menger, then you can make something for me too.

Just one piece.

Ive been pestering my mother for a long time, but I cant find any clothes of a similar style to yours.”

Chen Mengers mothers clothing companys clothes were mostly designed by Chen Menger.

However, in order not to be too forward-looking, Chen Menger held back a little every time she designed.

Therefore, the style of the clothes produced by Liu Juans company was really quite different from what Chen Menger was wearing.


When Im free, Ill help you make something.” Qiu Jing thought that she would have to torture Chen Menger for a long time before she would let go.

However, she didnt expect that Chen Menger would agree without even saying the words she was prepared to say.

This made her unable to react in time.

“Eh, Menger, dont you want to think about it” Qiu Jing blurted out subconsciously.

However, after saying that, she regretted it.

“Ah, look at my mouth.

Menger, you promised me.

You cant go back on your word.”

“Okay, Im a woman of my word.

Can we go now We still have a mission today,” said Chen Menger with a smile.

“Look at me, Ive forgotten about the official business.

Lets go.” Qiu Jing held Chen Mengers hand and walked toward the shopping mall.

The shopping mall now couldnt be compared to ten or twenty years later.

In any case, in Chen Mengers eyes, it looked old-fashioned no matter how she looked at it.

On the other hand, Qiu Jing was all kinds of excited when she pulled Chen Menger into the shopping mall.

If Chen Menger hadnt pulled her along, Qiu Jing would have been like a wild horse that had lost its reins.

She would have run over there whenever she saw something.

It was Chen Menger who was pulling her along.

The way Qiu Jings eyes lit up was enough to give Chen Menger a headache.

At this moment, Qiu Jing saw a silver necklace and asked Chen Menger, “Menger, how about this Can I give it to Sun Miaomiao as a birthday present”

Chen Menger glanced at it and denied silently.

At this moment, Chen Menger remembered that although Qiu Jings family was well-off, there was still a gap between them and Sun Miaomiaos family.

If this was the present that Qiu Jing wanted to give to Sun Miaomiao, how should she put it If she gave it to her, Sun Miaomiao might not say anything on the surface, but in her heart, she might not know what to say about Qiu Jing.

“This, its not good.

Qiu Jing, I think we should look at the things we want to buy first.

I have already prepared Sun Miaomiaos birthday present.

I will buy one for you later.” Chen Menger decided that Sun Miaomiaos birthday present should be arranged by her alone.

“Ah, thats not good.”

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“Whats not good about it I have to prepare a birthday present for Sun Miaomiao anyway.

Plus, its yours and my second brothers.

Its perfect.” Chen Menger made a decision.

“Your second brothers birthday present is also prepared by you” Qiu Jings concern suddenly went off track.

“Thats right.

Hes a boy.

How would he know what birthday present to give a girl Rather than letting him talk nonsense, its better for me to help prepare it.

Well, when I came out in the morning, my second brother had already asked me for help,” said Chen Menger.

Qiu Jings gossipy heart was suddenly ignited.

She had long put the matter of preparing a gift for Sun Miaomiao to the back of her mind.

“Your second brother is preparing to go to Sun Miaomiaos birthday party Menger, tell me honestly.

Does your second brother also have feelings for Sun Miaomiao”

Chen Menger wanted to ignore it, but she couldnt.

Qiu Jings eyes were filled with the flames of gossip.

“Qiu Jing, what are you thinking about My second brother is still not enlightened about the love between men and women.

However, why are you so interested Dont tell me you also have feelings for my second brother.” Chen Menger rubbed her chin, sized up Qiu Jing and said, “Yes, but if it were you, I would not be reluctant.

I can help you put in a few good words in front of my second brother.”

Qiu Jing did not expect that she would be checkmated by Chen Menger.

Her face immediately turned red.

“How could I Menger, youre talking nonsense.”

“Im not talking nonsense.

You know very well.

Alright, lets go.

Take me shopping.

Im not familiar with this place.”

Chen Menger and Qiu Jing strolled around the mall for a day.

Although Chen Menger was not interested in shopping and Qiu Jing was, in the end, the one who begged for mercy was Qiu Jing.

“Ah, Menger, lets stop shopping.

If we continue shopping, my legs will break.” As she said that, Qiu Jing looked at Chen Menger, who was still relaxed and did not feel tired at all.

“Hey, Menger, why arent you tired”

Shopping was nothing to Chen Menger.

Her daily training was really life-threatening.

“This might be related to my daily martial arts practice.”

“Ah, you still practice martial arts With your thin arms and legs, you can still practice martial arts” Qiu Jing looked at Chen Menger in disbelief.

“Yes, its to strengthen your body.” Chen Menger did not want to say more.

“Thats more like it.” Qiu Jing said, looking at the bags in their hands.

“God, why did the two of us buy so many things today” Qiu Jing realized later that the money she brought today, didnt seem to be able to cover so many things.

After all, most of the bags in her and Chen Mengers hands were her things.

“Its alright.

Have you bought everything you wanted” Chen Menger felt that it was alright.

“Ive bought everything, and Ive overbought as well.

Menger, theres a lot of money in here that you gave me.

Ill give you the money later.” Qiu Jing didnt have any intention of taking advantage of Chen Menger.

“No need.

This is my gift to you.

Just take it.

It can be considered as a thank you for accompanying me to go shopping today.” Chen Menger wasnt wrong, she was quite familiar with the mall in her past life, but now, she was completely clueless.

“Oh right, lets find a place to sit down to drink tea and eat something.

Im a little hungry.” Chen Menger changed the topic.


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