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“Little Miss Do you want me to pull her away” The driver asked Chen Menger.

“No need.

Ill handle it myself.” Chen Menger wanted to see what Snow Hill was up to.

What exactly was she trying to do Chen Menger got out of the car.

The moment Chen Menger got out, the few guards of the Buyano family ran over.

“Miss Menger, Im really sorry.

Its our fault.

Well take her away now.” After saying that, he dragged the two guards together with Snow Hill.

“No need.

Ill deal with her.” Chen Menger asked the two guards to stop.

Snow Hills face turned ferocious as she glared at Chen Menger fiercely, saying, “Its all because of you, you vixen.

You seduced my Xibo.

If not for you, My Xibo wouldnt abandon me.”

“Snow Hill, watch your mouth.

I had nothing to do with you to begin with.” Yuwen Jing rushed over after receiving the news.

He just happened to hear Snow Hill scolding Chen Menger.

Chen Menger was the person at the top of his heart.

He usually couldnt bear to see her suffer even a little.

Snow Hill was really bold.

She actually scolded his baby.

Yuwen Jing ran over with a dark face and pulled Chen Menger behind him, looking like a protector.

It made Chen Menger not know whether to laugh or cry.

And Yuwen Jings actions hurt Snow Hills heart.

Her hand that was pointing at Yuwen Jing was trembling badly.

Snow Hill took a long time to calm down her feelings.

She finally found her voice and remembered why she came to look for Yuwen Jing today.

“Xibo, I came here today to ask you to help my grandfather.”

Yuwen Jing interrupted Snow Hill and said, “I cant help you with this.

No one can help your grandfather with what he did this time.” With that, Yuwen Jing took Chen Mengers hand and walked to the car without looking back.

Snow Hill shouted and cursed behind him.

“Shut her mouth.

I dont want to hear from her again,” Yuwen Jing said to Baro.

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“Master, I understand.” Baro, who came out with Yuwen Jing, knew what his master meant.

Snow Hills scolding of Miss Menger angered his master.


Use this.

Other things are too bloody.” Chen Menger took out a small porcelain bottle from her bag and handed it to Baro.

Baro looked at the small porcelain bottle in Chen Mengers hand, his face full of doubt.

He raised his head to look at his master, asking for his masters opinion.

After receiving Baros gaze, Yuwen Jing nodded at him.

“Take this.

This is the medicinal powder that Menger developed herself.” As he spoke, Yuwen Jing turned his head to ask Chen Menger, “Menger, does the medicinal powder in here have the effect of making people unable to speak”

“Yes, as long as she eats this, she wont be able to speak in the future.

Theres no way to save her for the time being,” said Chen Menger.

Chen Menger was still in the stage of researching poisons and wasnt at the stage of researching antidotes yet.

“If Im in a good mood one day when Im researching antidotes, I might give her the antidote.”

After saying this, Yuwen Jing held Chen Mengers hand and walked towards the car that Chen Menger was sitting in just now, leaving Baro in a mess in the wind.

It seemed that he had always underestimated Miss Menger.

Yuwen Jing held Chen Mengers hand and arrived at the pavilion in the Buyano familys garden.


Butler had already prepared the snacks that Chen Menger liked to eat.

Chen Menger did not stand on ceremony.

She reached out and took a piece and put it into her mouth.

“Little greedy cat.” Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Mengers satisfied expression after eating a small piece of the biscuit.

His eyes were filled with indulgence.

As long as he looked at Chen Menger like this, he would feel extremely satisfied.

“What greedy cat Its these snacks that are too delicious.” Chen Menger protested.

“If its delicious, then stay and accompany me.” Now, whenever Yuwen Jing thought of Chen Menger returning to her country and that he would not be able to see her for a long period of time, he felt very reluctant to part with her.

“I cant.

I still have to go back to school.

My parents called yesterday to urge me to come back.” Chen Menger took another biscuit and put it into her mouth.

“What a heartless girl.” Yuwen Jing suppressed the reluctance in his heart and said.

“Master, weve found out.

Snow Hill will come to look for you today.

George has put in quite a lot of effort.” Allen was very tactless.

He appeared when Yuwen Jing was alone with Chen Menger.

Allen got Yuwen Jing to roll his eyes.

“It seems that the gift I gave George yesterday was a little small.

Lets continue with the next plan.” A dangerous look flashed in Yuwen Jings eyes.

“Okay, master,” Allen said excitedly.

He could deal with people again.

He urgently needed to find someone to vent.

However, George did not know that this crisis was approaching him.

George was still feeling pleased.

He could not take care of Yuwen Jing now, but he could still find some trouble for Yuwen Jing.

It would give him some time to prepare for the battle.

However, George was not happy for long when his subordinate rushed over.

“Master, youre in trouble.

Something big has happened.”

“What happened” Georges body, which had just sat down, suddenly bounced up.

“The Quality Supervision Bureau came over just now.

The project we had before was found to have quality problems, and now its all sealed up.

Also, the bank just came over to urge us to repay this months loan.

I think the bank managers tone is that hes not going to lend the money to our company anymore.” The subordinate panted heavily, he reported.

“What Where are the people from the Quality Supervision Bureau now” George said as he lifted his foot and walked out of the door.

“They just left.” The subordinate wiped his sweat and said.

“B*stard, why did you let them leave” George turned around and swept the things on the desk away.

“Wont you stop them If the reporters find out about this, our company will really be finished.”

In fact, even if George stopped the people from the Quality Supervision Bureau, it would be of no use.

Allen had already reported this news to the newspaper office.

And for this, Allen had received a small payment.


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