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In one night, the Hill family had turned from a hundred-year-old family into a pile of dust.

The families that had followed the Hill family before were all in danger.

Moreover their extended family had cut all ties with them.

In the end, Snow had no choice but to look for George.

George, who was already on fire, looked at Snow, who sat opposite him and kept wiping her tears.

Hill did not feel any pity in his heart.

Instead, he was filled with annoyance.

“Miss Hill, why did you come to see me today”


Kronbo, I was too impulsive earlier and said those embarrassing words to you.

I came here today to apologize to you.

I also want you to help me get my grandfather and the others out of the police station,” Snow Hill looked at George with tears in her eyes.

“Miss Hill, I accept your apology.

But regarding your grandfather and the others, forgive me for not having the ability to do anything,” George said with a frown.


Kronbo, our two families are still in a cooperative relationship after all.

Now that our family is in trouble, you cant just stand by and watch them die,” Snow Hills tone was urgent.

“Miss Hill, you still dont know why your grandfather and the others were captured, right” George asked but his tone was firm.

“Miss Hill, dont waste your time on me.

Ill tell you the truth.

I cant protect myself right now, and I dont have the ability to help the Hill family.

If you really want to save your grandfather, I suggest you find the head of the Buyano family.

Right now, only he has the ability to do anything.” George was trying to divert the trouble.

George was trying to get Snow Hill to delay Yuwen Jing for a period of time so that he would have time to prepare for Yuwen Jings revenge.

“Really” When Snow Hill heard Georges words, her eyes lit up.

It had been a long time since she had seen Xibo.

She missed him so much.

“Of course.” What George didnt say was that the matters of your clan were planned by Xibo Buyano.

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After leaving Georges place, Snow Hill went straight for the Buyano clan.

However, she was stopped by the guards at the gate of the Buyano residence.

“Are you blind Dont you know that Im the eldest daughter of the Hill clan Im going in to see Xibo right now.

If you dare stop me, when I see Xibo later, Ill ask him to fire all of you.” Snow Hill had her hands on her waist, and her saliva was flying everywhere.

She looked like a shrew who was cursing.

Chen Menger was sitting in the car, and this was the scene she saw.

The guards looked at Snow Hills finger that was about to poke their faces.

They muttered in their hearts, “Why is the eldest daughter of the Hill family so uneducated Shes really far from Miss Menger.

No wonder the head of the family doesnt like her.”

The few guards muttered and looked up to see the familiar car.

“Quick, Miss Menger has arrived.

You guys carry her away.

Ill go open the door for Miss Menger,” said the leading guard.

“Okay.” The other two guards were about to come and pull Snow Hill to the side.

Snow Hills gaze suddenly seemed to spit poison as it shot towards the car that was driving.

Then, when the two guards pulled her, she rushed towards the car that Chen Menger was sitting in.

Then she stood in the middle of the road.

The car in which Chen Menger was sitting had to brake suddenly.


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