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Chen Menger believed that if Marquis Yuwen or Yuwen Jing were here, her grandfather would definitely go up and fight with them.

After Zhuge Yu heard his employers words, he really wanted to open his mouth and remind his employer that if their Little Miss were to marry over, she would not marry into their Yuwen family, but into the Buyano family.

However… Zhuge Yu only dared to say it in his heart.

Even if he was given liquid courage, he would not dare to remind his teacher at this time.

Because he did not want to give himself a beating.

Zhuge Yu was clear-headed, but Fatty did not have a brain.

Thus, when Zhuge Yu only dared to mutter in his heart, Fatty quickly said, “Sir, you are wrong.

If the Little Miss were to marry Yuwen Jing, she would not marry into the Yuwen family, but into the Buyano family.”

“Fatty, you really have nothing to do, huh This week, your training will be tripled,” Elder Liu said with a dark face.

“Ah, no, Sir!” After Fatty heard his masters words, he wailed.

Zhuge Yu and the others looked at Fatty and couldnt help but shake their heads.

This Fatty really didnt have a good memory.

He always challenged their masters bottom line.

Yuwen Jing was in the study.

He looked at the contents of the newspaper.

His eyes flashed coldly.

Allen, who was on the same level as the Fatty, squinted his eyes and looked at the newspaper in Yuwen Jings hand.

He said, “Master, this young lady of the Hill family is really delusional.

She actually wants to become your wife.”

Baro looked at Allen, who did not notice his masters expression and wanted to continue speaking.

He used his arm to touch Allen, wanting to remind him not to say anymore.

However, Allen was used to being heartless in front of his own people.

He even said to Baro, “Ah, Baro, why did you push me”

Well, as soon as Allen said this, Yuwen Jings gaze was like a sharp knife, shooting at Baro.

After Baro received his masters warning gaze, he really wanted to beat Allen up.

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“Allen, have you finished all the work I gave you” Yuwen Jing said coldly.

Allen, who wanted to continue the topic, suddenly became listless when he heard Yuwen Jings words.

“No, not yet, Master.

How can one finish so much work in such a short time”

“Then why are you still standing here Hurry up and go.” Yuwen Jing raised her eyes to look at Allen and said.

Allen was caught by Yuwen Jings glance.

He didnt even have time to escape.

“Yes, Master.

Ill go now.”

At the Hill family residence, when Elder Hill received the evening newspaper, he saw the headlines and clear photos on the newspaper.

He did not even need to look at the contents of the newspaper.

His blood pressure was rising.

He threw the newspaper directly to Snow, who was standing in front of him with her head lowered.

The Hill mother and daughter looked at each other.

“B*stard, look at what youve done.

Youve made the Hill family lose face.”

“Grandpa, I just dont want to marry George,” Snow Hill still wanted to defend himself.

“Shut up.

You dont want to marry him.

Humph, he doesnt want to marry you.

Who do you think you are Ill tell you, Snow Hill, without the Hill family, youre nothing,” Elder Hill pointed at Snow Hill said fiercely.

In the past few days, so many things had happened one after another.

Elder Hills body couldnt take it anymore.

He stood there, and his body couldnt help but sway back and forth.

Elder Hill calmed himself down.

As soon as he sat down, a group of uniformed policemen barged in before he could warm up the sofa.

The housekeeper of the Hill family couldnt stop them even if he wanted to.

“Elder Hill, Im sorry.

Please come with us,” the leading policeman took out an arrest warrant and said to Elder Hill.

“What are you doing Do you know where we are Who I am” Elder Hill slammed the table and shouted at the leading policeman.

“Elder Hill, we all know who you are, but even so, you still have to come with me.” Elder Hill was also unlucky to run into the leading policeman who was very disgusted with these so-called rich families.

He gestured to the people behind him.

The policemen went forward, ignoring the struggle of Elder Hill and his sons, and dragged them out.

The reporters who had received the news long ago were already waiting outside the Hill familys door.

When they saw Elder Hill and his sons being dragged out by the police officers, they hurriedly clicked the camera in their hands.

For a moment, the cameras flashed everywhere, the flashes made Elder Hill unable to open his eyes.

The news of the Hill family being brought into the police station quickly spread throughout the UK.

The Hill familys shares were falling faster than the Buyano familys shares before.

And because the Hill family was involved in a bigger matter this time, it looked like it would be difficult for them to turn the tables.

Therefore, Chen Menger and Yuwen Jing did not make a move.

They only looked at those who wanted to take advantage of the situation and bought a large number of the Hill familys shares.

“Damn it, if I knew earlier, I wouldnt have joined hands with the Hill family.” After learning that the Hill familys elder was brought into the police station, George locked himself in the study.

He knew in his heart that this was Xibo Buyano beginning to take action.

And there was a problem at his companys construction site today.

He knew that it was related to Xibo Buyano.

George knew that he would be next.

“No, I have to think of a way,” George said to himself as he pulled his hair.


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