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Chapter 291 Chapter 291

Elder Liu saw his little granddaughters trembling body and felt a little heartache.

“Lets go.

Lets talk inside.

Its warm inside.” City S was the south, so there was no heating like there was in the north.

Although Elder Liu had always lived in the north and was used to living with heating in the winter, when they came to the south, they were all grown men.

They were all very well adapted to the winter without heating, therefore, they did not ask anyone to repair the heater.

However, ever since Elder Liu knew that Chen Menger was especially afraid of the cold, he had hired people from the north to repair the heater at home for the sake of his little granddaughter.

Now that Elder Liu knew that Chen Menger was coming, he asked the servants at home to switch the heater on a little.

He could not let his precious granddaughter freeze to death.

As soon as Elder Liu finished speaking, Chen Menger wrapped herself in a thick coat and ran to the front hall.

As she ran, she shouted, “Grandpa, Uncle Zhuge, hurry up.”

After entering the front hall, Chen Menger felt the hot air coming at her.

She let out a sigh of relief.

She felt as if she had come back to life.

Chen Mengers comfortable deep breathing made Elder Liu and the others who followed her in smile.

“Menger, why dont you stay at Grandpas place during the winter vacation”

“Mm, well talk about this later.

Grandpa, I have to talk to you about serious business first.” Chen Menger wrapped herself in thick clothes, she was still in her own seat, so she couldnt bear to take off her thick coat.

“What serious business Tell me.” Elder Liu was also curious.

He was curious about why his precious granddaughter came to him so urgently after the exam.

Elder Liu wasnt the only one who was curious.

Even Zhuge Yu and the others were curious.

It must be known that in winter, their Little Miss was like the hibernating animal.

She liked to spend the winter in bed, but this time, she was so abnormal, this made everyone curious.

What was so important that their Little Miss gave up the time she spent in bed and came to the city.

“Oh right, Grandpa, you havent answered me yet.

When did you invite a clothing expert back” Chen Menger hadnt forgotten this topic.

“Oh, about that, sir has already asked someone overseas to help find this clothing expert.

This clothing expert has always been overseas.

Little Miss, the clothes youve been wearing all these years were all made by him.

However, this clothing expert had always been overseas.

In these few years, Sir saw that you were getting more and more afraid of the cold.

So, he let this clothing expert return to the country.

He wanted him to design a few clothes according to your figure.

They would keep you warm and wear good-looking clothes.” Fatty was quick with his words, before everyone else, he started blabbering about all the things he knew.

He told Chen Menger everything he knew.

“Fatty has a big mouth.” Skinny was helpless.

Fatty was like this.

When he spoke, he sometimes did not think through his words.

“Oh, is that so” Chen Menger heard Fattys words and felt warm in her heart.

She had always known that her grandfather had given a lot.

For her.

And these few years.

Chen Menger had also been doing her best to repay her grandfathers kindness to her.

In these few years, Chen Menger had developed a lot of good pills in the space for her grandfather, Elder Liu, to nourish his body.

Elder Lius hair, which was already a little gray, had a tendency to turn black these two years.

This phenomenon made Zhuge Yu and the others extremely happy.

“What Girl, are you interested in making clothes If thats the case, Ill get Zhuge to bring her over and let you meet her” Elder Liu and Chen Menger had interacted with each other for so many years, and it was not for nothing.

And Chen Menger would not hide what she was thinking in front of Elder Liu, so at a glance.

Elder Liu knew that his precious granddaughter was interested in this clothing expert.

“Okay, thank you, Grandpa.

Ill talk to you all later.

Now I have something more important to tell you.” Chen Mengers words successfully aroused everyones curiosity.

“Go ahead.” Elder Liu gestured for Chen Menger to say.

And Zhuge Yu and the others all widened their eyes, waiting for Chen Menger to speak.

Chen Menger looked at everyone present and slowly said, “Grandfather, uncles, do you still remember the matter of me lending you money”

“I remember.

Why” Skinny asked in puzzlement.

Elder Liu treated Chen Menger as if she was his own granddaughter.

Zhuge Yu, Fatty, and Skinny, who were not married, treated Chen Menger as if she were their own daughter.

Therefore, when they said that they lent Chen Menger money… in fact, they were the ones who had given the money to Chen Menger.

They had never thought of asking Chen Menger to return the money.

Therefore… When they heard Chen Menger mention this matter, they were quite surprised.

“Little Miss, what does this matter have to do with the money” Even someone as smart as Zhuge Yu could not react in time at first.

However, Elder Liu had a thought that flashed through his mind.

Elder Liu said slowly, “I think Menger wants to tell us about how she used the money to buy stocks, right” If Chen Menger didnt mention the money, Elder Liu would have really forgotten about it.

“Oh right, theres this matter.

Ive forgotten about it.

Ah, after all these years, is it a loss or a gain” Fatty patted his head and asked.

“About this matter, its up to Menger to explain it to us.

Little girl, tell us.” Elder Liu looked at Chen Menger with a smile and waited for her to speak.

“Grandpas reaction is still fast.

I just wanted to tell everyone about this matter.

However, Grandpa, uncles, your hearts are really big.

I took so much of your money to buy stocks, and you guys usually dont care about it.

If you lose, you guys will lose everything.” Chen Menger pouted her small mouth.

She teased.

“Hehe, we really thought of losing everything.” The moment Fatty said that, he was hit on the head by Skinny.

Zhuge Yu and Elder Liu stared at Fatty with a look of disappointment.

Fatty also realized that he spoke too quickly and said the wrong thing.

He looked at Chen Menger, Elder Liu, and the others with a flattering smile.

Then, he looked like he was going to shut up and not speak.


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