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Chapter 290 Chapter 290

Chen Menger had so many layers on that she looked like a ball.

She expressed her helplessness.

Speaking of which, in her previous life, she had never been so afraid of the cold.

At that time, as a strong woman, she often went to various parties in the winter, she wore thin gowns to attend various banquets.

She also often wore thin nightwear in the middle of the night in the cold wind to deal with those who tried to attack her.

With Chen Mengers cold-resistant physique, Elder Liu did not stop taking Chen Mengers pulse except for when she wore the clothes that could keep her warm and cozy.

Elder Liu felt that there must be something wrong with Chen Mengers body for her to be so afraid of the cold.

However, Elder Liu took Chen Mengers pulse several times.

Chen Mengers body was very healthy.

In fact, Chen Menger also tried to take her own pulse after she learned Chinese medicine.

However, she also wanted to find the reason why she was so afraid of the cold in this life.

Unfortunately, even Chen Mengers mutated brain could not find out the reason why Chen Menger was so afraid of the cold.

Fortunately, other than being afraid of the cold and unwilling to move in winter, there were no other problems with Chen Mengers body.

Elder Liu, Chen Ping, and the others felt a little more at ease.

They did not go through any trouble and asked Chen Menger to go to the hospital for a full body check-up.

When it came to a full body check-up, Chen Menger was really a little afraid.

The machines in her hospital were a little repulsive.

She was afraid that those machines would accidentally find something that could not be found when she was given a body check-up.

Chen Menger was really afraid that she would not know how to end things.

So, when her parents and Elder Liu suggested that they go to the hospital to give her a full body check-up, Chen Menger rejected them without even thinking.

Elder Liu looked at his little granddaughters constantly changing expression.

He thought that his words had touched his little granddaughters sore spot.

He pretended to cough, he said, “Its nothing.

Arent you just afraid of getting a little cold I found an expert in making ready-made clothes from abroad.

Later, I will get someone to tell him to make the clothes warm and not look too bloated.”

Elder Liu had completely misunderstood Chen Menger.

At that time, Chen Menger was reminiscing about the past.

However, this was a mistake.

Elder Lius words made Chen Menger think of something that had been buried in her heart for so many years.

“Grandpa, when did you find an expert in making clothes from abroad Why didnt I hear any of it before” Chen Menger regained her senses and felt the cold wind that was drilling into her clothes.

She couldnt help but shiver.

This made Chen Menger miss her warm bed and the spring-like space all year round.

When winter came, Chen Mengers favorite place to stay was not her quilt, but her precious space.

The spring-like temperature in the space was Chen Mengers favorite.

However, because she was young, Chen Menger didnt have many opportunities to enter the space.

Chen Menger wanted to ask her parents to expand their small courtyard several times.

However, Chen Menger also thought about it in her heart every time, and then she vetoed it.

Originally, many people in the village were jealous of their family.

With her grandfather, Elder Liu, a rich relative, the villagers often gossiped about their family behind their backs.

Her fathers uncle, whom she used to be on good terms with, would also say sourly to his father, “Hey, you have a good daughter.

You found such a rich god-grandfather.

Your family will also be blessed.”

At that time, Chen Menger could clearly see the hurt and displeasure in her fathers eyes.

Although such an expression flashed past, Chen Menger still saw it.

If their family built a house at this time, Chen Menger didnt even need to think about it.

She knew that when the time came, the village wouldnt know how to gossip.

Chen Menger was waiting.

She was waiting for a good opportunity to make her parents stand up straight in front of everyone in the village.


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