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Chapter 206: Beginning (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Girl, your culinary skills are not bad.

Not only does this medicinal cuisine taste good, but its medicinal effects are also very good.

As soon as I ate it, I felt my body heat up, and the fatigue from before also decreased by more than half.

Haha, at the end of the day, its still better to have a granddaughter.”

Elder Lius depressed mood these few days… also dissipated because of the medicinal cuisine that his granddaughter personally prepared for him.

“But little girl, Ill wait for you to be a little bigger before making this medicinal meal for grandfather.

Youre so young now.

If you get scalded, grandfather will

feel very bad.” Elder Liu still felt sorry for his precious granddaughter in the end.

“Grandfather, dont worry.

I just need to prepare the ingredients and the Chinese medicine, and then Ill be fine from the side.

Id like to personally go to the kitchen, but my small body cant even reach the stove of others.” Speaking of this… Chen Menger was depressed.

Today, she followed the hotel

manager to the kitchen.

She wanted to do it herself, but when she arrived at the kitchen and saw the stove that was even taller than her, her thoughts of doing it herself stopped.

‘When she came over, the hotel manager still had eyes.

When he saw Chen Mengers expression, he immediately suggested that he find a chef to help her operate it,

“Haha, its fine, its fine.

Youre still young, Your height will grow in the future.

When you go back, Grandpa will order more milk for you.

Only by drinking more milk can you grow taller.” Elder Liu would never admit it, he was amused by his granddaughters dislike of her height.

Chen Menger looked at her grandfathers smiling face and was very puzzled.

This height was her biggest headache right now.

Although she knew that she was only three years old and this height was very normal, but… Chen Menger was just not used to it.

How could she get used to it In her previous life,

Chen Menger had maintained a height of 170 for more than ten years, but now she was less than one meter tall.

With such a gap, how could Chen Menger get used to it in the past two to three years.

If it wasnt because her grandfather, Elder Liu, was in a bad mood and extremely tired, she wouldnt have used her height to make Elder Liu happy.

Chen Menger waited until her grandfather was done laughing and felt much better before she said to her grandfather, “Grandpa, let me discuss something with you.”

“What is it Speak.

Seeing that you have been so diligent in preparing medicinal meals for me today, I will definitely agree to it.” Elder Liu put down the spoon in his hand and said.

“Its not a big deal.

Its just grandpa.

I want Aunty Minzhus brother, Jin Minhua, to bring me to the stock exchange.” Chen Menger said her suggestion.

Chen Menger would have such a suggestion.

In the next few days, Jin Minzhu and Jin Minhua would run to them whenever they had nothing to do.


Minzhus goal was very clear.

It was Ah Biao, and Jin Minhuas goal was Elder Liu.

However, the two peoples target had been so busy these two days that there was no one at all.

Thus, Jin Minzhu and Jin Minhua, the brother and sister, took a step back and placed their target on Chen Menger.

And once, unintentionally, Chen Menger heard Jin Minhua talking on the phone with his

subordinates about stocks.

At that time, Chen Menger remembered it in her heart.

After that, Chen Menger thought about it in her heart for a while.

She wanted to make a lot of money in the Japanese stock market, and this stock market was not something that could be done overnight, and she could not stay in Japan all the time,

so she had to find someone who could help her deal with stock trading.

And obviously, this Jin Minhua was a good candidate.

He knew stocks, and his character could be trusted.

If Jin Minhuas character was not good, Elder Liu would not allow him to come over to Chen Mengers side.

The more Chen Menger thought about it, the more she felt that Jin Minhua was a suitable person.

Chen Menger had thought about looking for Ah Biao and thinking about the people in the Green Gang.

Their character could definitely be trusted.

However, Ah Biao and the others did not know much about

stock trading.

Moreover, their usual work was not on this, they had to deliberately allocate a portion of their energy to this matter.


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