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Chapter 205: Medicinal Cuisine (2)

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At that time, he could hear the sound of his heart breaking.

“Ah Biao, why are you so close to your Little Miss Is your skin itching again recently” Before Chen Menger could attack Ah Biao, Elder Liu attacked first.

As soon as Elder Liu said this, Ah Biao was so scared that he quickly took a few steps back and stayed away from his Little Miss.

If his master was to teach him a lesson, he would not be able to get out of bed for a few days.

“Hehe, sir, am I not talking to the young mistress Sir, she personally cooked this

for you.

Its very fragrant, have a taste.” Ah Biao rolled his eyes, he quickly changed the topic and wanted to put this matter behind him.

“Oh Really Menger personally cooked it for me” Elder Liu was really distracted by Ah Biaos words.

He looked at the small clay pot in Ah Biaos hand with interest, then looked at Chen Menger, whose eyes were full of smiles.

“Of course.

Even if I, Ah Biao, lie to others, I wouldnt dare lie to you, sir.

Come, sir, try it while its hot.

It wont taste good if its cold.” Ah Biao was now being very attentive, right now, all he could think about was that his master didnt want to think about what happened before.

Chen Menger smiled as she looked at Ah Biaos attentive manner.

Ah Biao was very clear about the little calculations in his heart.

It wasnt just her, even her grandfather, Elder Liu, was very clear about it.

“Alright, Uncle Ah Biao, youd better hurry and eat your portion too.

If Its cold, not only will the taste be greatly reduced, but the medicinal effects will also be greatly reduced.” Chen Menger saw that Ah Biao was almost done teasing him and said.

“Ah, Little Miss, did I hear wrongly just now I also had a portion” Ah Biao could not believe what he had heard.

“What Could it be that in Uncle Biaos eyes, am such a person who discriminates and favors one person over another” Chen Mengéers voice became gentler and gentler, however, Ah Biao, who had been together for a few days, knew that the gentler his Little Miss spoke, the more dangerous the other

party was.

“Hehe, how could that be How could I think that way Then sir, Young Miss, you guys take your time to eat.

Im going out first.

Its not good if the food gets cold,” said Ah Biao.

Ah Biao dashed out of the room.

“You just like to play with your uncles for no reason.” Elder Liu opened the lid of the small casserole pot and spoke about Chen Menger.

However, the tone of his words did not have the slightest trace of reproach, instead, it was doting.

“Aiya, Grandpa, I also see that the uncles have to deal with so much time every day.

Their faces are all tense.

If I dont help them move their facial expressions for a long time, perhaps after a long time, their faces will be paralyzed.

“Grandpa, if I let you face four paralyzed faces in the future, are you

willing” Chen Menger said coquettishly to Elder Liu.

“You, you, are full of nonsense.” Elder Liu stretched out his hand and pointed at Chen Mengers forehead.

“Grandpa, quickly try it.

How does it taste I personally went to the kitchen to prepare it for you.” Chen Menger looked at her grandfather Elder Liu with anticipation.

She waited for her grandfather Elder Liu to taste the medicinal cuisine she made.

Elder Liu sniffed and took a deep breath of the fragrance.

“Hm Its very fragrant.

He didnt expect the girl to be so talented in making medicinal cuisine.

The smell of the medicine was almost covered by the fragrance of the ingredients.

However, I remember that I havent given you the opportunity to

make the medicinal cuisine yet.” Elder Liu gestured for Chen Menger to quickly tell him the truth.

After Elder Liu gestured to Chen Menger, he actually elegantly picked up a spoon, scooped up a spoon, and put it into his mouth to taste.

Then he said with a face of enjoyment, “Girl, your cooking skills are really not bad.

It doesnt seem like youve just come into contact with the medicinal cuisine.

If you

didnt carefully taste the medicinal smell inside, you wouldnt be able to taste it at all.

Not only was the medicinal smell well hidden, but the medicinal effect of the medicinal cuisine wasnt also boiled with other things, and it was greatly reduced.” Elder Liu said, his originally closed eyes suddenly

widened, and he looked at Chen Menger in surprise.

Chen Menger did not expect that her grandfather not only had a sharp eye, but his sense of taste was also so good.

Chen Menger could only smile obsequiously at her grandfather under her grandfathers bright gaze that made people not dare to look directly at her, she told him honestly, “Hehe, I didnt

expect grandfathers sense of taste to be so good, to actually be able to taste the medicinal ingredients inside.” As she said this, Chen Menger ran over and lowered her shoulders for Elder Liu.

“Thats right.

Back then, someone hired your grandpa to be a chef with a huge sum of money.” Elder Liu had just been complacent for a while when he woke up.

“You little girl, dont give me the bewitching soup.

Hurry up and tell me the truth.”

“How would I dare to give you the bewitching soup Ill come with you one by one.” Chen Menger didnt expect that her grandfather and the others would be so busy that her body couldnt take it.

She went to the study room in the space to find an ancient medical book that introduced the medicinal cuisine.

Then, with the current condition of her grandfather and the others, she made a custom-made medicinal cuisine for each of them.

This time, Chen Menger put in a lot of money.

There were a lot of Chinese medicine that couldnt be sold in Japanese pharmacies.

Even in China, they might not be able to buy it.

Chen Menger, who was concerned about Elder Liu and the othersbodies, took out the Chinese medicine in her space on the last


Chen Menger originally thought that if she put it in this medicinal cuisine, no one would be able to tell what was in it with the cover of other ingredients.

However, she never thought that her grandfather, Elder Liu, was a deviant.

His taste buds were so good that it was beyond her expectations.

“Okay, Im all ears.” Elder Liu could not stop after tasting the medicinal cuisine made by his precious granddaughter.

He scooped the medicinal meal into his mouth one spoonful after another as he gestured for Chen Menger to continue.

“Didnt I give grandfather an ancient medical book last time Actually, I have more than one ancient medical book here.” Chen Menger had just said this.

Elder Liu choked.


“Grandfather, slow down.

Even if its delicious, you should eat it slowly.

If you like it, Ill make it for you in a different way every day.” Chen Menger said this on purpose.

However, Elder Liu didnt care about what Chen Menger said.

What he cared about now was the ancient medical book.

“You said you have more than one ancient medical book”


Grandpa, do you want me to show you the ancient medical book of medicinal cuisine” Chen Menger said and was about to go back to her room to get something for Elder Liu.

“No, no, you just take it.

You dont have to give it to me now.” Elder Liu didnt know when this ancient medical book had become so widespread.

At least, it was hard to get a copy of it in other peoples eyes.

How did it come to his granddaughter…

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