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"Are we going to challenge a rare boss I'm itching to test my skills"

"Hnn, looking forward to"

This was the reply I got when I informed Rika and Lana, after we eventually settled on using the flute to fight a rare boss.

Seeing both of them so thoroughly attached to the dungeon, I was so happy.

"So, what's  rare boss version, Zephyr Is it stronger than "

"Now that you say, both of you have experienced the battle with , right"

At that time, it was Hannah in our party instead of Sierra.

Hmm, it's just a few days ago matter, however it feels nostalgic remembering about it now.

Though, that means it's not their first time fighting a rare boss.

Already experienced means they wouldn't be surprised at the power up condition.

Since, the recommended level for rare bosses and normal bosses changes by nearly 10.

"The rare boss of this dungeon is .

In appearance, it's like an emerald-colored cowboy () riding the emerald cactus horse, err, think of it as a Slactuar which can move.

It's also specialised in long-range attacks but that emerald cactus horse can do charge attack.

And the most dangerous attack is rope throw"

Imagine a cowboy that appears in the western movies, but cactus edition this time.

(What even is a cactus edition!)

I can't put forth a better description but seeing no one has any question, I continued with my explanation.

"Not only will you be unable to escape if captured by its rope throw attack, you wouldn't even be able to guard yourself and will fall into predicament at once.

Since it's also possible for a tank to fall, be sure to thwart the rope using guard skills and solely focus on avoiding.

You absolutely can't let yourself be catch by it"

"How should I deal if captured"

"If you are captured by chance, act as much violently as you can first of all"

It's the so-called mechanism of smashing the D-pad blindly.

Also known as lever gacha.

Anyway, you can break out by smashing the D-pad, so you will have to wait for the escape while following everyone just like in down condition.

However Rika was making a strange face even after explaining how to deal with it.

Not only her, Lana and Sierra have the same expression on their faces.

I could vaguely read [There's no way ladies like them can act so disgracefully] written on their face.

I tried to imagine the appearance of Lana going all wild when captured.

But the resistance turns out to be futile, and she's slowly dragged under the cowboy.

Though the opponent is a cactus.

Quite a problematic scene, it is.

The targeted age range of the  will have to be increased then!

※The targeted audience of  game is B (Suitable for only or above age 12).

"W-Well, that's right.

I recall a certain celebrity once said, .

That's why, just avoid it with all your might if it throw the rope"

"I will!"

"I will absolutely not let myself pull!"

"With all my due respect, I reject it!"

I received intense replies when I tried to console () them.

I feel like I have aroused thier bloodlust more than the motivation.

Might just be my imagination......

Incidentally, Only Karua was looking puzzled as if she didn't get the meaning.

Our start looked pretty good when we entered the boss room after blowing the flute and saw the rare boss appearing.

The deepest part of the desolate boss room was shining, it was the effect of the rare boss pop-up!

What appeared from the effect was a horse shaped cactus, which is about the same size as a normal horse, and riding it was a human shaped cactus dressed in cowboy style, one you could see on western movies.

It properly comes with two hollow eyes and a mouth.

However the horse cactus face looks awfully surreal.

This is the rare boss of , .

Quite hard-working it looks.

"I am going to pull the aggro. 


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