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Tuesday, also the last day of April.

News is frequently flashing the final struggle of freshmen from the very morning.

Their eyes are tinged with the color of desperation.

The students are running around here and there in search of other factors because they didn't see the high rank job even after defeating the monsters and are being bombarded with the intrinsic information from the bulletin boards or news.

And while the training area or practice area is engulfed in the fervent, tempestuous aura, we have gathered in the guild room as usual, free from any worldly problem.

"Great, everyone’s present today too."

"It's pretty nice to see the participants ratio has increased!"

 has a total of 12 members.

One thing led to another and not everyone was able to gather until recently, but we’re finally gathering together.

As I was looking around impressed, Lana also chimed in after me.

The training will proceed more smoothly with this at the very least.

The training process is another attractive aspect of .

"Let's begin our morning meeting."


Here’s a report of yesterday’s events."

Sierra began to share each party's result from yesterday among every guild member, holding her usual adorable diary in one hand.

It's very important to share whom, at what level, has progressed how much, in their exploration.

"Beginning with Zephyr's party, Pamela and Shizu has reached Lv15 and they have finished conquering all beginner-lower grade dungeons."

"Woah! Amazing! But the Lulu team is overtaken!"

"Conquering all lower grade dungeons in one day! How in the world is it possible to do so physically I really want to see how."

Hearing Sierra's report, Lulu, who cleared 


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