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"Well done, everyone!"



"I'm hungry...


"Hey, hey, are you guys all right"

We were on our way back in the evening of the day after our expedition to the battle wolf dungeon.

The day has subsided a bit but we managed to achieve the result of completing it 15 times.

As expected, the result is a bit lacking when you dive in from afternoon.

Let's dive in from the morning next time.

The goal - breaking the highest record! (73 times)

I renewed my determination to hunt down battle wolves.

Though, I felt like I just saw the illusion of a battle wolf shivering for some reason, must be my imagination.

However, there was the figure of Rika and Karua slumped down on the spot and looking tired in contrast to me who was burning with determination.

"What's the matter"

"It was much harder than I thought.

I never thought the vanguard team has gone through such harsh training, it's indeed hard for us to chase after...


"I'm hungry...


Seems like the first time boss grind has considerably exhausted them.

I suppose that's to be expected when they have never tried it before.

The first thing that's absolutely necessary when grinding for a boss is overwhelming attack power, but both the speed type, Karua and balance type, Rika lack the necessary firepower.

Or rather, isn't a job which has only unlocked its 2nd order tree that matches these prerequisites rare

Thankfully, I blew them out with a brave slash.

But I feel like the effort was worth it when I recall the gobsmacked faces of those two who were so nonchalantly getting ready to return back after I easily handled the battle with the battle wolf, smashed open the gate and showed them how I re-pop the boss.

Karua's ear and tail stood upright in attention as she looked in amazement while Rika, too, let down her guard as she stood in daze.

Their expressions were just so priceless.

Both of them looked like they couldn't believe what was happening before their eyes.

"Zephyr, please don't repeat something like this ever before discussing with us next time."

"But without the suspense, how would I be able to see everyone's shocking face"


I never expected for Zephyr to have such side"

Rika looked stunned at my unexpected side.

"He has this kind of personality from the start.

Even the rumors about  took on a life of its own."


But, Zephyr is usually a careful and kind guy.

And he's also cool."


I agree with that.

He's cool"

And so are the comments of Sierra, Hannah and Karua after mine.


well I'm not that much, just kidding.

That happens because Rika and Karua were both a little neglected after they joined Eden.

Especially Rika, she was so confused by the rumors that she glorified me too much.

I guess I should communicate with them a bit more to remove any strange speculation about me.

"Anyway, did you guys find the battle with  fun"


I am not actively thinking about these things much but I do feel like I am having more fun these days.

The battle this time was a fun too"

"Hnn… Dungeon.


"Hoho, you guys are finally awakened.

That's right, dungeons are interesting.

They aren't just a place for struggle but also a blessed land to enjoy and a perfect place to become stronger.

That's why, first try to enjoy it.

I will say it once again, dungeons are fun"


I wonder about that.

My impression of dungeons are a lot different from yours.

However, this also sounds strangely nice"


"Well yeah.

Somehow it's strangely persuasive when you say it."

"I know.

Zephyr-kun is unusually serious when it comes to dungeon"

Oops, I just wanted to encourage them a bit but it instead became a full blown speech.

That might be so, I just want them to understand  is the greatest ever world.

It's a slander to say dungeons aren't fun.

Since they have entered Eden, it's my duty to bring them to the light and show them what they think pain is nothing but a mere illusion.

"Ahh, it's Lulu-chan and others!"

I turned to look at Hannah's sudden shout and just right at that time, Lulu, Celestine and Cecilia were coming out from the gate of the beginner dungeon.

Hannah waved her lightly when the opposite also noticed us.

"Ah, Sierra! Hannah! And also Zephyr onii-sama!"

"Thank you for your hard work.

Did you guys also just finish"

"Aye! I have raised  to Lv 10 Sierra!"

Lulu, with her overflowing spirit that doesn't look like coming from someone who's just returning from the dungeon, dashed here and dived into Sierra's embrace.

Seems like she is too excited to be able to raise Lv to 10 as she rubbed her head against Sierra's stomach.

I'm so envious, I wonder if Sierra would mind exchanging our position for a bit.

Celia comes forward with her report as my mind wanders around those selfish thoughts.

"You're welcome.

Everyone have safely achieved Lv 10"

"Fantastic! Then let's dive in the beginner low grade dungeon as planned!"

I was wondering how it would go for them given the jam-packed condition the beginner dungeon is in (definitely not because of me) but everything seems to have gone smoothly for them.

I have to quickly arrange a schedule for the training from tomorrow onwards!


Just as I was thinking about it, I heard someone's stomach asking for attention.

"My energy......

Is dwindling"

Seems like it's coming from Karua.

Oops, it's already getting dark.

"It's rare for all of us to get together, so shall we have dinner together"


"Nice idea"

"Are you really all right if I join"

"Don't be so hesitant Celestine, you're also a proud member of Eden"

We all decided to have dinner together and head towards the restaurant side by side.

"Which one should we choose"

"I want to vote for curry"

Karua stares at me with sparkling eyes as she said unusually without any pause.

Never knew curry can change Karua to such an extent.

Seeing no one vetoing Karua's suggestion, we decided on the curry speciality store  where we met Karua.

I gave up last time with just three refills, I wonder how many I will be able to eat this time.

Let's challenge it!


And the result, I still couldn't go past the three bowls.

It makes me realise once again that curry isn't a drink.

By the way, Karua looks totally fine even after wolfing down 10 refills in no time.

The scene of Sierra and Hannah wondering how Karua was able to eat so much curry was quite an impactful one.



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