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"Sorry you have to wait for so long, but congratulations, Lulu, for acquiring your job."

"Thank you very much, Zephyr onii-sama."

After safely being able to acquire the  job, Lulu took a salute pose in front of the dragon statue in the appraisal room and flashed a smile as radiating as the sun.

One week from the time of interview.

Sierra and Hannah unceremoniously stopped me, but fortunately, it went smoothly this time.

Lulu's smile was like a beam of sunlight illuminating the darkest corners of the room.


She looks so cute."

"Indeed, she looks really adorable."

It wasn't only me who became her captive but two more people.

They are none other than Hannah and Celia.

"Does Celia also like cute stuff Ester is a big fan of them."

"Ehh, ah yes.

We both often used to visit dolls or other fancy shops.

There are also times we both contribute jointly and share the stuffed toys between us."


Now that's an unexpected revelation.

I couldn't help but imagine the appearance of tall Ester and Cecilia hugging and cherishing a stuffed toy.

Quite fascinating.

"Our family lineage mainly serves our lord and their descendants and hence, we are strictly raised being expected to do so too.

Maybe it's the backlash of it, we now find ourselves yearning for cute things."

As expected of the Elf, Celia spoked through her unique self-analysis.

Rather,  is almost becoming the gathering of cute stuff lovers.

"Next is Celia's turn.

Shift the place, Lulu."

"Aye-aye! Hey Sierra, Lulu finally became a !"

"Good for you, Lulu."

With that said, Lulu ran tottering and dived at Sierra.

She seemed happy as she was constantly rubbing her head on Sierra's stomach.

This scene looks awfully soothing.

Even in Celia's eyes, who should have been moving to take her turn, seemed to have been attracted by this spectacle as she stopped on her tracks.

After the warm and fluffy scene, Celia also acquired the job of her desire, .

Now all of the guild members are now equipped with jobs.

Finally, I can step up our plans.

"Celia too, congratulations for acquiring your job.

Be prepared though, I'm going to train all of you thoroughly."

"Thank you very much.

And by all means, I wouldn't shy away from it."

Celia's goal is to be strongest in all .

My best training plan is to go out.

As the things stood, we would have to give it our all to tread in the intermediate dungeon with our current members and even then, we might not be able to break through.

Hence, there's urgency to raise more capable members.

In other words, I am now going to train all the new members including Karua and Rika.

It also helps that Celia is motivated to become the strongest .

As long as they are motivated, there wouldn't be any problem for them to accompany me in several rounds of boss grind.

Just thinking about the development from here on really makes my heart race.

"Zephyr onii-sama, what are we going to do next"

Lulu, who should have been together with Sierra, unknowingly came beside me, and looked up at me with upturned eyes.

Gah! My heart just took a trillion points of moe damage from her upturned look and her calling me ‘onii-sama’!

I hurriedly tried to make a solemn hero-like expression and stop my face from slacking with my steel-like self control.

Though, it still didn't make me less anxious, so I looked at Sierra who just let out a sigh.

Seems like I once again failed in making a solemn hero face.


Before we move, we are going back to start the Slipo marathon again.

Once you all have reached Lv6, we will be going around the beginner dungeon starting this afternoon.

Let's return to the guild before I explain in detail."


With an energetic reply, Lulu saluted once again.

She's really a cutie with the saluting pose.

By the time we all returned to the guild, Celestine was already waiting for us.

"Welcome back, everyone."

"Oh, we are back.

How did it go"

"It went as Zephyr-sama had expected.

Each arena will be ready to take students in order starting this afternoon so the beginner dungeon will return to its former state.

Philis-sensei also has some free time so she has asked to receive the classes and beginner dungeons from 1:00 p.m."

"Yay! Then let's move according to our plan!"

Everything was just as Philis-sensei has explained.

That's really a relief.

Once Celia, Lulu and Celestine’s levels all reach Lv10, I'm bringing them to challenge the elementary low-grade dungeons.

The only problem that was blocking me from executing my plan was resolved, so I once again reorganized our schedule.

"Then, let's quickly begin the Slipo marathon.

I'm leaving it to you, Hannah."

"Yes, leave it to me!"

Hannah first begins with helping Celia to raise her level.

In the meantime, I give Lulu and Celestine a short lecture about their jobs.

Both of them have a basic understanding of their respective jobs but it's still far from using them as efficiently as breathing.

So my lesson for them is about this.

How to make the best out of the  and the  job.

Once all the three reached Lv6, we went to have lunch and from there, to the beginner dungeon.

"All three of you, do your best."

Although I didn't get into which part they have to do their best in a novice dungeon, I still encouraged them and sent them off.

TL Notes:

Hi everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the novel.

The daily update for two weeks will come to end tomorrow and then the update will follow the schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday from then onwards.

*Also I apologise for one mistranslation, I mistook Hannah's item which increased her RES as spell, I will fix this part in previous chapters before tomorrow's update.



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