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The only thing inside the wooden chest was a greatsword…….

We stored all the items in the item bag while Hannah pouted because she didn’t manage to land a single blow this time.

“Sorry I wasn’t very useful Zephyrus.”

“Don’t worry about it, the target was small and fast this time around so I was hard to hit.”

“But lady Rana hit though!”

True, although Rana was in the back like Hannah was she managed to hit.

But that wasn’t Ranas accomplishment alone.

“Sorry, that was partially my fault.

As tank I’m supposed to keep the enemy still for you to hit them.

The reason Rana was able to hit so often was because Ciara did a good job holding the enemy in place.”

Although she has a good sense of when to cast her magic as well.

“I’m still practicing how to stop more than one enemy at a time.

I’m not as skilled as Ciara is so, let’s work together to improve ourselves.”

Ciara also has several skills to help her defend against the opponents while all I have is my defense stat.

“Yeah, I’ll do my best too!”

Hannah seemed a little more energetic after I gave her some encouragement.

“Alright! Now, let’s play boss pop until night fall!”

We hunted until 6pm and collected a lot of fur.

It’s ok though it’s not like it will go bald or anything.

But it was getting late and the sun was going down so it was about time for us to head home.

I already have no idea how many times we’ve killed this boss.

“Good work everyone.

“Good work.”

“Lets head home everyone!”

“Yeah, I guess it is about that time since the sun is setting.”

I just realized that I don’t actually talk to Ester that often.

“Whats up”

“Nothing, we hunted a lot didn’t we But how many times did we actually do it I got caught up in the fun and didn’t count.”

“We defeated the boss 52 times.”


New record.”

Once everyone got used to it, each fight only took about 5 minutes.

“Are there any skills or anything that you don’t understand or want to consult me about”

“No, I’m fine.

Right now all there is left to do is practice.”

“Everyone’s so talented.”

“Not as much as you Zephyrus.”

Huh They think I’m talented But I just got my butt handed to me as a tank not long ago.

“Even if you became a hero, no one would be able to move as well as you do without intense training.

You’re very talented.”

But that’s just all thanks to the game Although I guess if I did have a talent it would have to do with Dun-life so I’m grateful for that.

“Thank you Ester.

That was a nice compliment.”

Everyone gathered around Ester.

“Welp, shall we finish up then”

“What, but I want to hunt a bit more.”

What was 8 hours not enough I mean, I get what Rana is saying though, I’m having fun too.

“We gathered a lot of materials huh.”

“We did! But we only got 13 of the fur we need so we’ll have to come back.”

“Yay! Let’s come back tomorrow!”

“I’m fine with that but what about everyone else Are you guys tired”

Since it’s real life if I push them too hard I could end up exhausting them.

“I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Me either, I intended to train either way.”

“I would like to practice as well.”

I was thinking that Hannah was pretty tough for her size but then I remembered she’s a slimepop addict….

May she just likes bullying poor monsters…..


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