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Regarding the house, Qin Lin had his own plans after buying the villa.

After all, the villa was 500 acres.

He could build a villa there according to his wishes.

However, this did not conflict with buying a house.

No one stipulated that a villa could not be built in the city, right

Besides, Zhao Moqing had already moved into his house and could no longer stay in the rented apartment.

Buying a house was also his promise to his mother-in-law.

Most importantly, it was inconvenient.

They had just moved in together and were at their most passionate.

However, they could not do anything because of their accommodation.

It was very torturous.

It took time to build a villa.

Therefore, he had to buy a house.

Seeing Qin Lin stop, Zhao Moqing asked curiously, “Whats wrong”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Moqing, lets go buy a house!”

“Buying a house Why did you suddenly think of this” Zhao Moqing was stunned.

Back then, she and Qin Lin had to secretly register their marriage because of a housing problem.

Qin Lin explained, “The countys support fund has arrived, and we have more funds here.

Since thats the case, we have to buy the house first.

Its not convenient for us to live here now.”

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The words “not inconvenient” clearly meant something.

Zhao Moqing understood what he meant from the corners of his lips.

Why was this guys mind so dirty

He knew it was inconvenient, but he still insisted on touching her every night.

Lin Fen also subconsciously stopped.

Excitement was obvious on her face when she heard her sons words.

Her familys house had been sold a long time ago.

What she wanted most now was for her son to buy another house.

No matter how much money he made now, the house was a sore point.

“When do we go” Zhao Moqing asked.

“Now!” Qin Lin didnt want to waste time.

Seeing that Qin Lin had decided, Zhao Moqing nodded and said to Lin Fen, “Mom, lets go look at houses together!”

“I still have to walk Wang Cai.

You and Xiao Lin can go.” Lin Fen shook her head.

She was happier than anyone else that her son wanted to buy a house, but she also knew that she had different tastes from the young people.

If they went together and she could not help but give her opinions, the young couple would be conflicted again.

She might as well let the couple go by themselves.

Anyway, she would be happy with whatever kind of house her son bought.

As she spoke, Lin Fen was already leading Wang Cai forward.

Now that the family was finally getting better, and her son and Mo Qing were getting along well, she didnt want to be like her parents in a television drama.

The housing prices in Youcheng County were very high, but at the same time, there was no lack of people buying houses.

Instead, they were very tight on sales.

It was a deformity, and a miracle created by the society that talked of marriage through housing.

Every parent had to raise money to save almost as soon as their children were born, just waiting to make a down payment on a house for their children when they got married.

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Many times, parents also became one of the conditions for whether their son could find a wife and keep his love.

Otherwise, how could the younger generation afford a house in a place with an average salary of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan

Therefore, there was no shortage of people buying houses in Youcheng County.

Even the exquisite hardcover renovation of the newly built Youcheng County First Class last year had reached 25,000 yuan per square foot.

Thats right.

In a small county with a per capita salary of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, a small district with a housing price of 25,000 yuan per square meter appeared.

There were rumors that property prices were going to drop, but what they saw in Youcheng County was still madness.

In a county with an average salary of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, most families gritted their teeth and took out more than 10,000 yuan.

A housing price of more than 20,000 yuan was something that most families could not afford even if they tightened their belts.

Thus, Youcheng County First Class became a truly high-end district in Youcheng County.

While the property was expensive, it also meant that the supporting functions were better.

There was an underground parking lot, a small park, a pool, a basketball court, and other facilities.

Qin Lin brought Zhao Moqing out of the villa and headed straight for Youcheng County First Class.

He planned to buy a house here.

One of the reasons was that it was more comfortable to live in a high-end neighborhood.

The other reason was that he had checked all the houses in Youcheng County before he got the game system.

Although he couldnt afford it, he could still have desires, right

The well-decorated boutique in Youcheng County was the Nordic minimalist style that Zhao Moqing liked.

As soon as Qin Lin brought Zhao Moqing to the sales hall of Youcheng County First Class, a salesperson in a professional suit came forward to welcome them.

“Welcome, Im Fang Xin, the salesperson.

Im very happy to serve you.

We have four new residential areas for sale.

May I know if you have any residential areas that you already like”

Qin Lin said directly, “Youcheng County First Class.

My wife likes simple Nordic decoration.”

When Fang Xin heard Qin Lins words, she immediately introduced, “There are still many unsold first-grade houses on the sixth floor of Youcheng County First Class.

Among them, there are 90 small, 120 medium, and 160 large houses…”

Qin Lin said directly, “Is there still a 160-square-meter double balcony with a big furnished house My wife likes to grow flowers.

She can grow flowers on the balcony.

With more space, we can also get her a special cloakroom.”

In the past, when Qin Lin looked at houses, his favorite was the first-grade exquisite house in Youcheng County First Class In the past, he could only rely on his imagination to buy it.

Now that he had the ability, he would definitely not hesitate.

Fang Xin only felt that she was on the receiving end of a wave of the couples public display of affection.

However, selling houses was a lucrative occupation, and there was never a shortage of a couples public display of affection.

It was rare for someone to look at a house so readily.

She wondered if it would be sold in the end.

A 160-square-meter boutique house was the hardest to sell.

After all, Youcheng County was a small place.

At 25,000 yuan per square meter, that was more than 4 million yuan.

A couple with a salary of 4,000 yuan would have to work for 42 years to save up.

30% of the down payment would have to be 1.2 million yuan for nearly 13 years.

And that was assuming they didnt eat or drink.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing followed Fang Xin to the exquisite room.

It was indeed pure Nordic simplicity.

After taking a look around, one could tell that the renovation was meticulous.

There was a reason why it was expensive.

Neither of the balconies was small.

Besides, they faced well, and the bright floor-to-ceiling windows illuminated the entire house.

The hall and room were also comfortably furnished.

“Qin Lin, the renovation is very good.” Zhao Moqing couldnt help but praise.

She was indeed interested in such a renovation-style house.

Qin Lin could also see the joy in her eyes.

She clearly liked this suite.

Buying a house was like that.

Those who didnt have money had to carefully choose their prices.

They often had to look at many properties and it was difficult to meet someone considerate.

When they didnt lack money, it was always easier to meet something they liked at a glance in a high-end neighborhood.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

Except for the unlucky ones who wanted you to pay an IQ tax.

Qin Lin immediately said, “Manager Fang, we want this house!”

“Ah… Sir, youre buying it” Fang Xin was instantly delighted.

She was still considering how to persuade him to set the deposit.

She did not expect him to buy it so decisively.

Qin Lin nodded and said, “My wife obviously likes it, so I naturally have to buy it.”

“…” Fang Xin felt like she had just eaten another round of their public display of affection.

It was very filling indeed!

Not long after.

The three of them returned to the sales center.

Fang Xin invited the two of them to sit down.

Just as she took out the contract and handed it to them, she heard a man and a woman arguing.

“Guo Zitan, what do you mean We agreed that you wouldnt need a betrothal gift after we registered our marriage.

If you bought a house, you would write my name on it.

Now that weve registered our marriage, you actually secretly signed the contract and only wrote your name”

“Lin Lan, listen to me.

My parents gave me this down payment.

My mother didnt agree.

She was the one who insisted on signing my name.”

“Guo Zitan, you bastard! Lets get a divorce!”

The two of them made Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing look at each other.

He could roughly guess what was going on from these simple words.

Fang Xin looked at the two of them worriedly.

“Whose name will be written on the house”

Shed been doing this for a long time, and this was the step she was most worried about.

A lot of couples who were already interested blew up because of whose name they wrote in the book.

Qin Lin said without hesitation, “Write her name.”

Honestly, he wasnt going to make the same mistake as the man next to him.

After all, it was common property to buy a house after registering their marriage.

There was really no need to dwell on this.

Zhao Moqing immediately said, “Write our names.

Our shared home is like a marriage certificate.

We have to have two names.”

“…” Fang Xin felt like she was a lightbulb again.

This time, it was not pleasant.

Was this couple buying a house or taking turns showing off their affection

However, the other party had decisively bought a 160-square-meter house.

No matter how bad this felt, she had to swallow it slowly.


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