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This was under the circumstances that there was still a limit of 1,500 customers.

Those who played in the Sea of Flowers in the morning might not be able to drift in the afternoon.

Those who drifted in the morning might not be able to play in the Sea of Flowers in the afternoon.

What if he had to continue playing He would have to stay overnight.

He would either have to consummate his marriage in 150 rooms in the villa or in the county.

And once they stayed overnight in the county, the county would definitely do their best to seduce these tourists and spend a lot of money.

This must have been the countys plan from the start.

As for how many visitors they could receive, it depended on how many people the popularity of the drifting project would attract.

Zhao Moqing pressed save on her computer.

When she saw Qin Lin, she said, “Ive made the relevant plans, but after the rafting and bridal chamber are opened, we still have to think of an event to increase our popularity as much as possible.”

“I have to think about it.” Qin Lin nodded and thought about it.

He immediately had an idea.

The event could still be a lottery.

The prize for this lucky draw was even more attractive than the two melon kings.

Last time, the melon king was for supreme enjoyment.

This time, they could draw the Supreme Set: Xiangshui Tribute Rice Quality 2 okra Quality 2 wild fish Quality 2 eel Quality 2 conch Quality 2 watermelon Quality 2 medicinal wine.

This combination was supreme, right

This set meal was something that even the rich could not afford.

Once any tourist won the prize, even rich people like Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen would be willing to spend a lot of money to buy this set meal.

It was a high-end meal.

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Naturally, such a reward would definitely attract attention.

There could not be too many of them.

When those rich people saw other things, even those who had never eaten Quality 2 would not care.

However, once the famous Xiangshui Tribute Rice was released, the rich people who saw it would definitely pay attention.

This was something they couldnt buy even if they wanted to.

Qin Lin immediately told Zhao Moqing about this idea.

“Qin Lin, youre so smart.

As expected of my husband.” Zhao Moqings eyes lit up when she heard Qin Lins words.

She had eaten all these things before, so she naturally knew how good they tasted.

Besides, she roughly knew the price.

A meal would cost 10,000 to 15,000 yuan, right

The key was that these things were not in value.

Qin Lin said that these things were rare, like Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

Most rich people could not buy them.

This was the most attractive thing.

Actually, she was a little impressed with her husband.

He could even get his hands on Xiangshui Tribute Rice often.

“Then Ill prepare for the promotional event” Zhao Moqing asked Qin Lin.

The hidden meaning was naturally that he couldnt screw up when the time came.

He had to prepare everything.

“Yes.” Qin Lin nodded.

Seeing that he was sure, Zhao Moqing started typing on the computer again.

Qin Lin smiled.

Zhao Moqing was undoubtedly a good wife.

She could help him a lot in both the villa and the food company.

Then, Qin Lin walked towards the backyard.

He wanted to take a look at the watermelons.

Quality 2 seedless watermelon seeds were taken out of the game and planted.

It was already a little longer than the expected one-month growth period.

It was time for the melon to mature.

Entering the courtyard, he reached the artificial water field once more.

There was still no movement from the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

It had obviously failed again.

He now wondered if his method was wrong, but his mother, an old farmer, didnt think there was anything wrong with the planting and cultivation process.

He could only continue to try and touch that probability.

Then, he looked at the watermelons at the side.

These watermelons were already very big, more than 10 kilograms.

They were about the size of the watermelons produced by the game.

He stepped forward and began to pat gently on those watermelons, listening to the sound it made.

Unripe watermelons were less hydrated and mature watermelons were more hydrated.

The sounds were different.

One was muffled and the other crisp.

The general idea was similar to the logic of knocking on walls to find a secret room in television dramas.

Unfortunately, after knocking a few times, the sounds were too muffled, indicating that they were not too mature.

Finally, as he struck the sixth watermelon, his eyes lit up.

The melon was ripe.

Qin Lin decisively plucked the melon.

Now, it was time to see what level of watermelon this Quality 2 seed could grow in reality.

Even if it degenerated and only became Quality 1, it would still be worth it.

Even if it was not even a Quality 1, it would only be an ordinary melon.

Then, its value would be greatly reduced if it was planted and grew quickly in winter.

Qin Lin came out with the watermelon.

Zhao Moqing looked up and saw it.

“The watermelon planted in the backyard is ripe”

Qin Lin nodded.

“Its a little immature.

It should be a few more days.

Let me pick a mature one and see how it tastes.”

“Me too.” Zhao Moqing closed her laptop and followed him in.

It wasnt as if she hadnt tried watermelons before, but she still wanted to try the ones that were ripe in winter and grown by herself.

This was purely out of curiosity.


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