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Deng Guang brought Qin Lin to a production line.

He took some of the sour and spicy ketchup and handed it to Qin Lin.

“President Qin, try it.

Ive gotten someone to try it.

Its better than the sour and spicy taste of the top 10 brands.

However, I still need you to decide.”

Qin Lin took it and tasted it.

He wasnt a person who likes spicy food, but after eating this ketchup, he felt that the taste was very good.

Even if he didnt pick up the game and look at the notification information, he knew that this must be Quality 1.

Just to be safe, he also said to Deng Guang, “Give me two bottles of the finished product.

Ill go back to the villa to study them and call you again.”

“Yes!” Deng Guang nodded.

Qin Lin left the factory with two bottles of sour and spicy ketchup.

He went to the warehouse first and entered the game with the two bottles.

He saw the note.

It was of Quality 1.

He was relieved.

He called Deng Guang so that he could start the production.

After leaving the warehouse, they headed for the villa.

This time, Qin Lin didnt drive on the same road as before.

Instead, he drove on a newly built road.

This road was specially built by the county to go to the villa.

As it led directly to the villa, they could not go anywhere else.

It was almost equivalent to this road being specially made for the villa.

Moreover, it was shorter than the original road.

Before long, they arrived at Qinglin Villa.

The exit of this road was a parking lot.

This parking lot was even larger than the previous one.

Moreover, it was specially built.

There were all kinds of signs, parking spots, and security booths.

It was also several times larger.

Qin Lin parked the car in a parking space.

As he walked in, he saw a very large building, more than five times larger than the previous hall.

This was the Drifting Project Hall, which would also be the service hall of the villa in the future.

Qin Lin walked into the hall.

The hall felt empty, smooth, and grand.

At this moment…

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In the hall, Gao Yaoyao was cleaning with a group of new waitresses.

“Sister Qing, move these potted plants over there with me.” Gao Yaoyao kept instructing a girl.

The waitress hurriedly said, “Okay, Supervisor Gao.”

Just like Qinglin Food Company, after the expansion of Qinglin Villa, there were naturally changes in the employees positions.

Gao Yaoyao was one of the first employees of the villa.

She had grown up with the villa step by step.

Previously, she had been promoted to a foreman and had always performed well.

Now that the villas expansion project was completed, she had also been promoted to a supervisor and was specialized in managing waiters.

Other than Gao Yaoyao, the first batch of waiters had also been promoted to foreman.

From now on, they would be in charge of the Drifting Project Hall, the restaurant, and the sales center…

In addition to the waiters, the number of security guards increased again.

Chen Dabei naturally became the head of security.

Many of the first batch of old employees had been promoted.

After the construction of the villa ranch and the comprehensive Sea of Flowers was completed, the basic scale would be completed.

At that time, they would have to refine the various departments and raise their positions.

Gao Yaoyao, Chen Dabei, and the others would still have a chance to be promoted to department manager.

“Boss!” Gao Yaoyao put down the potted plant in her hand and greeted Qin Lin with a smile.

Qin Lin nodded at her and did not forget to instruct, “Remember to reserve a spot in the infirmary.”

Gao Yaoyao smiled and said, “Dont worry, Boss.

I know.”

“Okay.” Qin Lin was still confident in Gao Yaoyao, so he walked out of the drifting hall and continued walking forward.

He could see that there were also cleaning ladies busy in the bridal rooms.

They laid out blankets, pillows, and daily necessities.

“Boss, are you here to inspect our work” An auntie saw Qin Lin and greeted him jokingly.

“Sister Hong, I dont have to worry about you,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

Sister Hong was originally the head cleaner of the guest room at the Jizhong Hotel.

Previously, she had been in charge of the dishes, but now, she had returned to her job.

Sister Hong smiled and walked over to one of the bridal rooms with her blanket.

She didnt actually know anything about being in charge.

She only knew how to take the lead.

If she wanted someone else to do something, she would do it first and then complete it with everyone else.

Qin Lin actually took a fancy to Sister Hong.

He didnt need a cleaner to do anything else.

He just needed them to work hard.

He checked a few of the decorated bridal rooms.

There were no problems with the cleaning.

There was also a testing device hanging on the walls of the bridal room.

It was to test if the harmful gas met the requirements.

Only when it met the requirements could the guests move in.

Due to the size, materials, and construction method, the harmful gas had already dissipated when it was built.

Now, it has already reached the standard.

Qin Lin then went to the dining room to take a look.

There were also people decorating.

The table he had ordered had been delivered and was being installed.

When he returned to the original hall, Qin Lin saw Zhao Moqing typing on his laptop.

Qin Lin walked behind Zhao Moqing and looked at the computer.

On the computer was a proposal.

The villa would expand, and the rafting, bridal chamber, and restaurant would be opened at the same time.

As long as the publicity was good, the number of tourists in the villa would definitely increase.

There would be no lack of business plans.

Otherwise, the operation would definitely be chaotic.

At that time, there would be a limit of 1,500 people in the Sea of Flowers.

With the bridal chamber and other projects as a neutralization, it would not be a problem for the rafting project to have a limit of 2,000 people.

Mountain Villa Day receives about 2,000 to 3,500 visitors.

150 drifting tickets, 50 Sea of Flowers tickets, and 400,000 tickets per day.

Naturally, many people might not be able to understand the numbers here.

Most people would subconsciously think that the people who visited the sea of flowers in the morning played drift in the afternoon, and the people who played drift in the morning played drift in the afternoon.

There were still 1,500 people.


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