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Qin Lin quickly left the county government.

He had to settle the shortcomings of applying for the 4A scenic spot first.

Actually, Chen Lis insufficient advice was not difficult.

It was just very cumbersome.

Among them, applying for a bus route was the easiest.

He needed to just write an application and the county would take care of it.

He had already entrusted Qin Rens studio with identifying and guiding information.

The salesperson training at the sales center was simple.

He just needed to spend some money.

It was more troublesome to set up an infirmary.

After all, it was not easy to find a reliable doctor.

As for the tomato planting matter, it was not something that could be settled in a short period of time.

After all, the county had to take the lead.

When the news of the support fund was released, there would definitely be a lot of people looking for it.

Just the review and inspection alone would require the county to be busy.


Fortunately, the tomatoes were planted in February.

There was still time.

When Qin Lin returned to the villa, he saw Yu Shui smiling as he led his gardeners to the entrance area to move the triangular plum potted plants.

When Yu Shui saw Qin Lin, he couldnt wait to report, “Boss, our triangular plum potted plants are very popular.

We sold 205 pots in one morning, 190 pots for 100 yuan, and 15 pots for 400 yuan.

We should be able to sell 400 to 500 pots today.”

As he spoke, Yu Shui was all smiles and was clearly very happy.

The triangular plum potted plants were selling well.

He and the potted garden were stable.

“Yes, well done.” Qin Lin was not stingy with his praise.

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He had limited the number of tourists to 1,500, but had still sold 400 to 500 pots.

This conversion rate showed that triangular plum potted plants were really popular.

Tourist and shopping conditions in 4A Scenic Area required at least one specialty shopping product to qualify.

This seven-colored triangular plum pot fall was unexpectedly in line with the requirements of the specialty shopping products.

After returning to the hall, Qin Lin found Zhao Moqing and discussed with her about applying for the 4A scenic area.

Moreover, in addition to the matter of scenic area 4A, they also needed to start setting up the rafting project, the bridal chamber project, and the restaurant.

The rafting kayaks, life jackets, hard hats, passenger transport vehicles, as well as the restaurants, daily necessities for the bridal chamber, and other items had to be purchased.

Then there was the matter of hiring more staff.

Whether it was waiters, cash registers, or cleaners, they had to double that.

In addition, there were employees in charge of rescue, driving, carrying kayaks, patrolling the river, taking photos, and so on.

Qin Lin found the daily customer numbers of a few famous drifting projects.

The Mulan Divine Ox Creek Valley was 7 kilometers long and had an average of 1,500 passengers per day.

Jiuyi Creek Valley was 13 kilometers long.

The highest number of visitors on holidays was 5,000.

Ligui Bamboo Sea Creak Valleys entire journey was 8 kilometers, with an average of 1,200 passengers per day.

In other words, with enough tourists, he had to be able to accommodate an average of 1,500 people per day and 5,000 people per holiday.

This required a lot of employees, at least 35 or more.

Next, he would be busier.

He would have to work with Zhao Moqing on some matters.

As time passed, everything in Qinglin Villa was progressing steadily.

At the same time, Qinglin Food Company was also developing steadily.

The sour-sweet production line was already full and could be produced in double shifts.

Moreover, Deng Guang had also informed him that the sour and spicy tomato sauce production line data had been adjusted.

In Youcheng Countys industrial area.

Qin Lin drove to a factory and stopped.

On the door of the factory were the words: Qinglin Food Co., Ltd., Factory 6.

The 42 production lines of Qinglin Food Company were placed in six different factories.

That was the limit of a small place like Youcheng County.

Therefore, Qinglin Food Companys plan this year was to pay off the money, then find a piece of land to build a factory, move all the production lines over, and manage them uniformly.

Naturally, in addition to the countys corporate guidance fund, there was also the initial investment from Qinglin Villa.

Although he was the boss, they were still two businesses.

The accounts had to be clear.

“President Qin.” Deng Guang was already waiting at the entrance of the factory with a few people.

When they saw him, they got out of the car and welcomed him.

Deng Guang had already addressed him as President Qin.

Because he was the general manager of Qinglin Food Company.

The development of Qinglin Food Company had always been personally handled by Deng Guang, so its ability was not bad.

Now that the factory had been expanded, there were already so many employees and many positions needed to be refined.

In order to better manage it, Deng Guangs position naturally had to be promoted.

Zhao Moqing and a few assistants were still in charge of the finances.

Even if the production matters were handed over to Deng Guang, he would still have to handle it himself.

“President Qin.”

“President Qin.”

The few people behind Deng Guang also greeted Qin Lin respectfully.

These people were the director of this factory, the production line leader.

The director was the production line leader of the original factory, and the few production line leaders were the original outstanding employees.

The greatest benefit of a fast-growing company to its employees was that they were willing to work, could endure hardships, had a certain level of ability, and stood out quickly.

After Deng Guang was promoted to the general manager, the factory manager was not reappointed.

It was impossible for six such small factories to appoint a factory director just for one factory.

They had only set up a directors position, which was equivalent to a workshop director.

Such a small factory was actually no different from a workshop in a large factory.

The seven production lines of the 6th factory were all used to produce hot and sour tomato sauce.

The hot and sour production line data had been debugged, so he naturally had to come over and take a look.


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