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Yu Shui also introduced it to Qin Lin.

“Boss, the triangular plum branches grow very quickly.

The Sea of Flowers basically needs to be trimmed once a week, but this transplant doesnt need dense branches or artistic styling.

If theres control, we can trim the branches from different parts and transplant them.

We can basically transplant some every day.”

“Those 50 2.5-meter mature plants can basically transplant 20 pots a day, or a total of 1,000 pots a day.

Those two 3.5-meter mature plants can also transplant 35 pots a day.

Two can transplant 70 pots a day.”

Qin Lin immediately calculated carefully.

The attributes of the potted plants that were transplanted at 30% were greatly reduced, but they were still at 2%.

Previously, the price was 400 yuan a pot, so 70 pots was 28,000 yuan.

The Quality 2 transplanted potted plant was already Quality 1 after its attributes decreased greatly.

The price was set at 100 yuan per potted plant, so 1,000 potted plants meant 100,000 yuan.

If these potted plants could be sold, they could bring in 128,000 yuan for the villa on that day.

This was an unexpected surprise.

With that in mind, Qin Lin called Gao Yaoyao and asked her to come over.

Since the first batch of potted plants could already be released from the garden, they had to make some arrangements.

As for the sales, Gao Yaoyao had to arrange for the service staff to cooperate.

Gao Yaoyao soon arrived at the triangular plum garden.

She had also guessed the reason.

As soon as she arrived, she asked, “Boss, are the triangular plum potted plants about to be released”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Tomorrow, arrange for two waiters to cooperate with Yu Shui and the others to take 100 potted plants to test the effect.”

Gao Yaoyao nodded.

“Okay, Ill arrange it.”

100 potted plants were quite a lot.

If they were placed side by side, they could occupy a lot of areas.

The next day, when Qin Lin brought the mature items from the game to the villa, Yu Shui had already brought 100 triangular plum potted plants to an empty space at the entrance of the villa.

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Five of the pots were transplanted with triangular plums.

One could tell the difference at a glance.

Compared to the other pots, they stood out.

Two waiters nearby were also muttering something:

“…This is a seven-colored triangular plum potted plant specially cultivated by our villa.

Only our Qinglin Villa has it in the country.

Moreover, as long as we take good care of our triangular plum potted plants, they can basically bloom all year round…”

Naturally, he was reciting the introduction in case the tourists asked him some questions he couldnt answer.

“Boss, youre here” Yu Shui hurriedly greeted Qin Lin.

“Continue with your work.” Qin Lin nodded at him and entered the hall to give Gao Yaoyao some instructions before leaving the villa to return to the county.

He had to go to that summary meeting in the county later.

He had to go back and take a shower and change his clothes.

Yu Shui watched Qin Lin leave, feeling a little nervous.

He was now in charge of the triangular plum pot plantation and had more than a dozen people under him.

If the sale of this potted plant today was not ideal, he would be embarrassed.

He would definitely not be able to raise his head in front of the others.

Even worse, the villa might not even need a potted garden anymore.


The villa welcomed the days tourists.

Several taxis pulled into the parking lot and a group of young people got out.

“Students, this is Qinglin Villa.” Chen Xue (Chapter 35) introduced her university classmates as soon as she alighted.

The last time she went home, she accidentally discovered a good place like Qinglin Villa.

She posted some videos of the Sea of Flowers in her dormitorys group of best friends.

When she returned to school, she was tortured by these three dormitory best friends.

They said that there was such a beautiful place in her hometown, but as their best friend, she didnt even bring them to play once in two years.

But she was really wronged.

She didnt even know there was such a villa two years ago.

She heard that this place was called Fuhai Villa in the past and did not have much business.

In any case, she really admired the boss of Qinglin Villa for making a villa with little business so popular.

Especially after Qinglin Villa became more and more popular, these three best friends of hers started nagging even more.

This was because Youcheng County had become very famous in their class.

Because Qinglin Villa was in Youcheng County.

Qinglin Villa had made her, a native, proud.

Naturally, after the students in the class found out that Qinglin Villa was in her hometown, many of them agreed to come to Qinglin Villa one day to play and let her be their guide.

Chen Xue brought her classmates into the villa.

The moment they entered, they saw the area where the triangular plum potted plants were placed.

Quality 2 seven-colored triangular plum potted plants had the attributes of gorgeous 2, ornamental 2, and entry 1.

The seven-colored triangular plum potted plant of Quality 1 also had a gorgeous 1 attribute enhancement.

Therefore, the group was inevitably attracted by these triangular plum potted plants.

“Chen Xue, this potted plant is so beautiful.

Why didnt you tell me that Qinglin Villa sold this seven-colored triangular plum potted plant” A girl in a short skirt and thick leggings jogged over.

Another girl also said, “Its true, its small and exquisite.

This pot looks prettier than the potted plants I raised in the past.

As someone who loves to grow flowers, Chen Xue, Ill settle the score with you when we get back.”

Chen Xue felt wronged.

When she came here previously, there were no such potted plants at all.

Moreover, these potted plants were indeed very beautiful.

She even wanted to buy one and put it in the dormitory.

At this moment, Yu Shui explained to Chen Xue, “Everyone, this is a seven-colored triangular plum potted plant specially cultivated by our villa.

It was only launched today and has not been sold before.”

The first girl who ran over immediately said, “Uncle, are these the only sales today Can I order a pot now”


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