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When he reappeared in the ranch, he found himself holding a Frisbee.


Wang Cais cry rang in his ears.

He saw the dog looking at the Frisbee in his hand and jumping around as if it wanted to play.

When Qin Lin saw this, he swung his hand and the Frisbee flew out.

The dog also rushed out to chase after the Frisbee.

The moment the Frisbee landed, the dog actually leaped up and bit it.

It was fast and accurate.

Then he ran toward him again and handed him the Frisbee in his mouth when he got close.

Qin Lin took the Frisbee and the dog jumped at him again.

It was obvious that it still wanted to play.

He swung the Frisbee out again.

He used more force this time.

The Frisbee flew farther and faster, but the dog also seemed to be faster than before.

It still caught up with the leap and caught the Frisbee accurately.

The dog popped the Frisbee into his hand again.

Next, Qin Lin tried various ways to throw the Frisbee.

It was either fast, slow, high, or low, but the dog could bite the Frisbee accurately every time.

The dog was a little awesome now.

Most importantly, it did not take the dog long to learn this skill.

It only took a few minutes.

If those dog trainers knew this, their jaws would probably drop.

After playing with the dog for a while more, he brought it out of the game and back to the warehouse, not caring that it wanted more.

Woof, woof!

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The dog clearly still wanted to play and whined at Qin Lin.

Qin Lin ignored the dog and walked straight to the car.

Seeing this, the dog could only immediately follow dejectedly.

Qin Lin started the car and soon returned to the villa.

However, just as he was about to get out of the car, he heard a click.

He turned around and saw in disbelief that Wang Cai had actually opened the car door and rushed out of the car with the Frisbee in its mouth.

“What” Qin Lin was stunned.

Did the dog open the door itself

In just a short while, Wang Cai had already entered the villa.

Qin Lin was a little shocked.

He was sure that Wang Cai did not have this ability in the past.

Had this dog really been affected by the increase in his gaming ability and become smarter

This was really possible.

After all, his physical fitness had increased after eating the fruit of the Tree of Strength.

Wang Cai had already rushed into the villa and arrived at Lin Fens feet.

He bit the Frisbee and called out to her.

Apparently, if the male owner didnt play with it, it would find another owner.

Why couldnt it play Frisbee without its male owner

Lin Fen saw the Frisbee in the dogs mouth and smiled.

“Did Xiao Lin buy this Frisbee for you”

She knew what the Frisbee was for.

She took it and tried to throw it gently.

The dog immediately jumped up and bit the Frisbee.

That surprised Lin Fen.

The dog had this skill


Wang Cai barked excitedly when it saw that Lin Fen was willing to play with it.

It seemed to know that it wasnt going to have much fun in the hall.

It ran straight for the unopened space in the backyard.

When it reached the door, it didnt forget to bark at Lin Fen, as if urging her to follow.

Miraculously, Lin Fen understood what the dog meant and ran toward the backyard with it.

She sensed that something was different about the dog.

There was something clever about him.

When Qin Lin returned to the villas hall, Yu Shui found him and reported, “Boss, theres already the first batch of triangular plum potted plants in the garden.”

The triangular plum pot plantation was naturally the area where Yu Shui was in charge of transplanting the potted plants.

Yu Shui was the person in charge of the potted garden and was in charge of more than a dozen landscapers.

After the past two weeks, the first batch of potted plants was finally transplanted successfully.

His initial idea of a triangular plum pot was not to make money, but to serve as a tourist souvenir for the scenic spot.

Tourist memorabilia had a special meaning for tourists, but it was also very important for scenic spots.

After tourists bought this triangular plum potted plant, flower friends would develop feelings for one potted plant every day.

Only people who had really raised potted plants could understand such feelings.

These people looked at the seven-colored triangular plum potted plants produced by Qinglin Villa every day.

When they were free, they would subconsciously think of Qinglin Villa.

If they wanted to go out and play, the first place they would think of was Qinglin Villa.

Which was another reason why so many tourist attractions were selling tourist souvenirs.

“Lets go and take a look!” When Qin Lin heard this news, he followed Yu Shui to the potted garden.

The potted garden was nothing like it had been at first.

Simulated wooden fences had been set up outside, and dense bougainvillea had climbed over the fence.

These were vine bougainvillea.

Unlike mature bougainvillea, vine bougainvillea were difficult to use for creating a sea of flowers.

However, they had the advantage of being able to climb vines and be used for decoration.

Now, the fence around the potted plant garden was covered with vines and triangular plums.

It was a little beautiful, but the remaining water made it look good.

After entering, he could see the 50 seven-colored triangular plums of Quality 2 and two seven-colored triangular plums of Quality 3 in the distance.

Unlike the dense leaves and carefully trimmed art of the triangular plums in the Sea of Flowers, these triangular plums were a little casual.

After all, they were only used to transplant the triangular plum potted plants.

In the middle area, a reservoir had been dug.

There was also an irrigation system laid by water pipes.

Beside these water pipes were pots of exquisite potted plums.

The flower pots all had a map of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea with the wordsQinglin Villa on them.

These words were also used by tourists who could subconsciously influence purchases.

Qin Lin asked Yu Shui, “Tell me about the potted plant transplant.”


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