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As soon as she saw Qin Lin, the girl asked, “Uncle Qin, wheres the melon king Is the money deducted from my lunch today enough to draw a prize”

“What prize Ill treat you to it!” Qin Lin understood why this young lady was sweating profusely.

She must have rushed over as soon as school ended to eat the Quality 3 watermelon, right

However, Chen Xiaoru shook her head firmly.

“No, I want to draw the lottery myself.

Only by winning it will it be meaningful.

Even if I dont win, its important to participate.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Alright, a program will pop up when you scan my QR code.

The supplements you ate for lunch are barely enough to draw a prize.”

As he spoke, he took out his phone and created a QR code for Chen Xiaoru to scan.

Actually, the money that Chen Li had given him was deducted at the cheapest ordinary price.

On the surface, the little girls daily supplements were really not enough for a lucky draw.

However, he did not dwell on this.

Even the small program that popped up when he scanned the little girls QR code would definitely win.

This was an internal use.

After all, if acquaintances like Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen came to try the melon king, he couldnt possibly ask them to cut the queue without drawing the lottery, right His impression of tourists was very unfriendly.

However, they might not necessarily win if he lets them go to the lucky draw.

Therefore, he directly let them sweep his phone, a small program that popped up in the QR code that guaranteed a win.

Nothing could ever be absolutely fair.

After all, people would be affected by their emotions and desires.

Chen Xiaoru had no idea that she would definitely win.

She looked at her phone and saw the only draw lot.

She very seriously placed her phone on the table, then clasped her hands together and muttered, ” Jade Emperor, Buddha bless me…”

Qin Lin smiled when he saw this.

He recalled the scene of many students burning incense and worshiping the Goddess of Studying before exams.

Although the Goddess of Studying seemed to fail every time, it made him smile when he recalled it.

Chen Xiaoru picked up her phone again and solemnly pressed the lucky draw button.

Then, she saw the lucky draw notification appear on her phone.

“I won, I won.

I obtained supreme enjoyment.

Uncle Qin, wheres my watermelon” Chen Xiaoru was so happy that she almost jumped up when she saw that she had won.

“The Jade Emperor and Buddha have finally come to life.”

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Qin Lin smiled and called Gao Yaoyao over.

He asked her to go in and find Chen Dabei to bring out a cup of Quality 3 watermelon for the little girl.

After Chen Xiaoru received the watermelon, she didnt eat it immediately.

Instead, she happily sat down at a table, picked up her phone, and started taking photos of the watermelon.

The online watermelon king was so popular.

If she went to class in the afternoon with these photos, she would be the center of attention.

In the afternoon.

Qin Lin went to the warehouse to enter the game and moved another 50 watermelons out.

When he arrived at the villa, a new round of popularity in the villa started.

Surprisingly, there were even more tourists in the afternoon than in the morning.

It was so crowded that even the intersection with the state highway outside the entrance was blocked.

Many of the people who won the prize took videos and praised it online.

The more they praised it, the more restless the people who followed this matter became, and the more tourists came to join in the fun.

Captain Hong was already maintaining traffic order with a couple of traffic cops.

Qin Lin brought the watermelons into the villa and quickly called Chen Dabei to bring the Quality 2 watermelons into the sales center.

In todays situation, the sales of this Quality 2 watermelon were especially fierce.

Time passed.

The second Quality 3 watermelon was also cut open in anticipation of visitors.

The person who won the prize in the afternoon immediately looked for Gao Yaoyao to verify the information and receive the watermelon.

Without exception, praise rose and fell again.

This time, the event at Qinglin Villa was a success, and it was well-received.

As for the tourists who won the prize this time, presumably for a long time they would habitually talk to those around them about the subject of the king of melons.

Then, with pride, they would say: I am one of the 600.

In the staff canteen of the villa.

Qin Lin also picked up a bowl of braised watermelon rind in disbelief and stuffed it into his mouth.

Because it was too delicious.

The fragrance and aftertaste were amazing.

He had not expected that the attribute of Quality 2 watermelon would not only be effective on the melon meat, but also on the melon skin.

Beside him, Zhao Moqing said in disbelief, “This watermelon rind is actually so delicious.

This is my first time eating the watermelon rind.”

Lin Fen smiled and said, “Watermelon rinds are edible to begin with, and theres even Chinese medicine using it.

In the past, there were people in the countryside who had a fever and a cough.

They would recover after eating some watermelon rind.”

At the tables beside them, Gao Yaoyao and the waitresses kept picking up the watermelon rind with their chopsticks.

The girls chatted non-stop.


Its the first time Ive found watermelon rind so delicious.

I feel like Ive missed out on more than twenty years.”

“Yeah, what a waste.

It feels like this watermelon rind is better than any watermelon Ive ever eaten.”

“You feel right.

I feel the same way.”

“Two big watermelons have lots of watermelon rinds.

They should still be edible tomorrow, right”

“Sister Yaoyao, ask the boss.

I want to eat the watermelon rind.”


Apparently the meal turned into a discussion of watermelon rinds.

At night, as the tourists gradually left, the employees of the villa heaved a sigh of relief.

There were too many people at the villa today because of the melon king event.

There was a limited number of tickets in the Sea of Flowers, and the sales center was not allowed to rest for even a moment.

Even the slippery grass had become the target of the tourists.

The slippery grass site was overwhelmed.

The project was stopped urgently at 2 p.m.


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