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Below the message was a lottery button.

“Lets try the lottery,” the woman urged her boyfriend, leaning closer.

The man nodded, looking forward to it.

After all, he had rushed over from the city with his girlfriend after watching the video last night.

The man pressed the lucky draw button.

There was one less lucky draw, and then a result appeared: Thank you for participating!

“Youre so unlucky.

Ill do the last one.” The beauty immediately took her boyfriends phone and pressed the lucky draw button.

Thank you for participating!

Seeing the same result again, the beauty was clearly vexed.

She said to her boyfriend, “Its all your fault.

Your bad luck has affected me.”

The man was instantly bitter.

Who could blame him

But he had no choice but to smile at the beauty and say, “Baby, its all my fault.

Lets look at the Sea of Flowers first.

When we come out later, we can spend the rest and draw a lottery.

Ill definitely let you eat that watermelon today.”

When the beauty heard this, she snorted and happily hugged his arm again as she walked towards the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.


She cherished her boyfriend, too.

She knew she was short-tempered and sometimes unreasonable.

No one indulged her like her boyfriend.

As time passed, there were obviously more tourists arriving at the villa today than before.

The most direct proof was at the Sea of Flowers ticket counter.

The 650 tickets that were limited in the morning had already been sold out.

There were still people asking about the tickets.

However, the number of people in the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea was fixed.

There were only 650 people in the morning, and they had to enter in batches.

They could not affect the tourists experience in the Sea of Flowers just because they were anxious for quick success.

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Todays situation naturally made many tourists complain.

“What do we do We cant buy tickets for the Sea of Flowers this morning.

What else is there to spend at the villa”

“Ive drawn the lottery eight times and I still havent won.

How many times have I played the slippery grass and jungle adventure”

“The tickets to the Sea of Flowers were sold out so quickly”

“Arent there any other consumer items in Qinglin Villa Ive already failed more than ten times.

I really cant eat fruits and food anymore.”


Naturally, there were many lucky ones.

At the sales center, a beautiful woman bought a large glass of medicinal honey water.

On the first draw, she exclaimed in surprise, “Hahaha, Xiao Di, Ive won a prize.

Congratulations on obtaining supreme enjoyment!”

Beside her, her best friend called Xiao Di complained, “Why didnt I win both times”

As soon as she finished speaking, the beautiful woman exclaimed again, “Haha, I got it again.

I killed two birds with one stone.

I get to enjoy it twice.”

“How could it be” Xiao Di was furious at her best friend.

The beautiful woman comforted her.

“Ive won twice, Xiao Di.

Ill take care of you today.”

This scene made many of the tourists around them envious.

What kind of bloody luck was that

“Why did she win it twice in a row”

“I didnt even get it after five draws.



A slightly burly bespectacled man walked up to a waiter and asked, “Beauty, whats the most expensive thing in the sales center”

The waiter made an enthusiastic introduction.

“Sir, we have special watermelons.

They cost 200 yuan a catty.”

“Can I take it with me” the man asked again.

He had eaten too much at the sales center to eat any more.

“Sure.” The waitress nodded.

Although everything in the special breed area was forbidden to be taken away and had to be consumed at the villa, the 200 yuan per catty of special watermelon was an exception.

The man did not hesitate when he heard this.

He went straight to carry a special variety of watermelon for the waiter to weigh.

“12.3 catties, sir.

Thatll be $2,460,” the waiter said to the man after weighing the watermelons.

The man scanned the code and paid.

The small program indicated that he had obtained 49 lucky draws.

The man decisively clicked the lucky draw button and clicked crazily.

Thank you for participating!

Thank you for participating!

Thank you for participating!

All thanks for participating.

When the man used the last lucky draw, it was still thank you for participating.

He was immediately annoyed.

“F*ck, I didnt win either.

I knew I would be unlucky if I drove into a crow today…”

The man cursed and walked over to pick up a special watermelon for the waiter to weigh.

He didnt lack money.

Go big or go home.

He couldnt think straight without drawing it once.

The waiter, on the other hand, stared in amazement at the somewhat unlucky tourist.

Actually, she felt that they were all watermelons.

This watermelon that cost more than 2,400 yuan was fine too.

There was no need to eat a portion of that watermelon, right

However, to the waiters surprise, another tourist went to move special watermelons.

The man seemed to have enlightened some people.

Instead of racking their brains to think of how to spend it, it was better to directly use this special watermelon.

It was hard to understand the fanaticism of these people without experiencing it firsthand.

In the lobby of the villa.

Qin Lin had long known that the limited tickets for the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea in the morning had been sold out.

Now, all the tourists who couldnt buy tickets had gathered at the sales center.

To Qin Lins surprise, more than 30 Quality 2 watermelons were sold out very quickly.

Each of them cost more than 2,000 yuan.

Usually, there were only 1,500 tourists, but they could only sell about 25 a day.

How long has it been now

It seemed that many people did not care about money today.

These people should be after the watermelon kings and wanted to eat one of the 600 portions.

After all, they could buy a Quality 2 watermelon many times.

He wondered what these people would think when they went back and found that the watermelon tasted the same as Quality 2.

He wondered if they would regret it

With this thought in mind, Qin Lin planned to ship out a batch of watermelons of Quality 2 from the game at noon.

Todays sales would probably break new highs.

However, before noon, Gao Yaoyao ran over to report.

“Boss, the tourists bought a lot of things at the sales center today.

There arent enough things in the sales center.

They might run out by noon.”

Qin Lin nodded and instructed, “Got it.

Go and calculate the number for me and see what needs to be added.

Ill get the supplier to send it over urgently at noon.”

A lot of things in the sales center were fruits and fresh food.

The goods prepared for such things were just in a day.

The villa would not store them.

This was the first time such an event had been held, and it was far more popular than expected.

The villa was inexperienced.

The next time there was such an event, they had to prepare in advance.

They could not rush to find someone to deliver the goods.

After Gao Yaoyao came over with the statistics, Qin Lin also called Lin Feng and the other suppliers.

Otherwise, it would be awkward if the sales center didnt have enough to sell in the afternoon.

Lin Fengs suppliers naturally made arrangements for Qinglin Villa as quickly as possible.

To them, Qinglin Villa was a stable channel.

No one dared to neglect it.


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