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Actually, the most important thing about this video was not that Dian Nan was trying to gain popularity, but that the other party had saidthe biggest watermelon in the world this year.

This had even forcefully raised the two watermelons in their villa to become the biggest watermelon in the world.

It was as if he wanted to say: Brother, let me steal some of the limelight.

Ill make you popular too.

Its a win-win situation for everyone.

Qin Lin had also learned such publicity methods in university, which saved him some effort.

That was, no one would ask him where he bought the watermelon, and there was no need for him to make it up.

He would just let the netizens misunderstand.

Qin Lin thought about it and ignored the video of Dian Nan trying to gain popularity.

In this situation, if the other party wanted to freeload, so be it.

Naturally, after Yinan posted the video, the netizens paid even more attention to the two watermelons in Qinglin Villa.

This was because it was already world-class.

There were more than seven billion people in the world this year, but only 600 people could eat it.

There were only 600 people out of more than 7 billion.

Moreover, any ordinary person had a chance to become one of these 600 people.

In the past, this thing had always been on the tables of big shots, right

The significance of being the only 600-member crowd in the world seemed to be even greater.

It felt like they could totally brag about it.

This made many people who were playful and eager to join in the fun even more eager.

Into the night.


Qin Lin received a call from Qin Ren, telling him that Hu Feis QR code lucky draw program had been completed.

He just had to send it to him and follow the instructions.

After accepting the program, Qin Lin installed it on the computer at the bar and connected the program to the villas collection system.

This way, when the tourists paid the bill, a lucky draw would be generated when the payment was full.

This was because the entrance fee for the Sea of Flowers was also set at 50 yuan.

And the lottery method was that when tourists paid the bill, a lottery program would pop up.

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This popped up after it was connected to the villas QR code.

After the event ended, the program would be shut down.

This small program would not appear again after scanning the villas QR code.

After the tourists drew the lottery, they just had to close the delete program.

There was no effect.

The number of times they could draw the lottery based on the consumption data would also be displayed on the lottery program.

Tourists could choose their own lottery through this small program.

Once they won, the cashier would use a scanner gun to scan the information of the small program, and the tourists could collect the watermelons.

Naturally, after the scan, the number of times he won the prize was eliminated.

He could not receive it a second time.

Moreover, the small program would also hint at the remaining number of winners.

This program could not only be used in this lucky draw, but it could also be used in future lucky draws.

“Set the number of awards”

Qin Lin started operating the program.

There was no distinction between first and second prize.

He chose one directly.

“Set the winning prompt name!”

Qin Lin thought for a moment and started typing on the keyboard.

“Congratulations on obtaining supreme world enjoyment!”

After setting up, Qin Lin pulled Zhao Moqing to experiment more than ten times.

He only felt relieved when everything was fine.

When Zhao Moqing saw the winning notification, he teased, “Supreme world enjoyment Qin Lin, this is too…”

She obviously wanted to complain, but she couldnt find the right words.

However, Qin Lin didnt care.

Now, everyone knows that these watermelons were the two largest in the world this year.

Out of the seven billion people who could eat them, only 600 people could eat them.

If they werent world supreme, what were they

Then, Qin Lin also called the Sea of Flowers conductor, the cashier, and the waiter of the villa together and explained the lucky draw procedure to them.

During the event, they had to take the initiative to guide the tourists.

Even if the tourists did not understand, they had to give them answers.

The night passed.

As expected, the villa was in full swing.

Many tourists arrived earlier than usual.

There were even tourists from yesterday who had not left and wanted to stay and see if they had a chance to win a prize today.

It had to be said that eating the melon king that only 600 people in the world could eat this year while traveling was also an achievement of special significance, right

When many tourists arrived at the villa, the first thing they did was head to the hall to understand the details of the lucky draw.

A huge watermelon was already on display in the middle of the hall.

Chen Dabei was surrounded by a few security guards, not allowing anyone to approach.

Seeing this scene, some tourists asked Gao Yaoyao and the other waiters.

“Sister, how do I draw today”

“When do we start the lottery”


Gao Yaoyao didnt expect these tourists to be so enthusiastic about two watermelons, but she also wanted to try this big watermelon.

Faced with the question, she replied with a smile, “Todays lucky draw will be divided into two rounds.

One at noon and one in the evening.

Every time a watermelon is opened, a lucky draw program will pop up when everyone scans the QR code to pay the bill.

As long as you spend 50 yuan, a lucky draw will be generated on the lucky draw program.

As long as you win, you can receive it based on the winning information…”

Tourists who understood the situation left the hall one after another and headed to the Sea of Flowers to buy tickets.

One Sea of Flowers ticket was enough for one lucky draw.

A long-legged beauty in a short skirt hugged her boyfriends arm and ran Sea of Flowers.”

The waiter handed out tickets with a smile.

“A total of 100 yuan.

You can scan the code and pay.

When the time comes, a small program will pop up and automatically generate two lucky draws.”

The man immediately took out his phone and paid for the QR code scan.

As expected, after paying, a small program message popped up on the phone.

There was a message on it: You have two lucky draws.


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