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After Chen Dabei and the security guards were surprised, they started moving the watermelons.

It was really difficult to move watermelons this big.

The few of them thought of a few ways and spent a lot of effort to move one down.

The key was that the watermelons were too big, and the transport cart could only carry one at a time.

After carrying a large watermelon into the car, the two security guards were responsible for pushing it.

They supported the watermelon while Chen Dabei kept reminding them to be careful.

As soon as the cart left the parking lot, it quickly attracted the attention of the tourists.

The watermelon was too big to miss.

“Theyre transporting watermelons”

“Looks like it!”

Those who saw it looked incredulous.

After transporting a watermelon to the lobby, there were more tourists inside.

When they saw the watermelons that the security guards had worked together to move in, they couldnt help but take out their phones and take photos.

They had never seen such a big watermelon in their lives.

It was too incredible.

“What a big watermelon!”

“Ive never seen a watermelon this big in my life.”


“I didnt know watermelons could grow so big.”


Chen Dabei carefully supervised the security guards at the side, afraid that they would touch or smash the watermelon.

Zhao Moqing walked out of the bar in surprise.

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For the first time, Lin Fens eyes were drawn.

She was also an old farmer.

This was the first time in her life she had seen such a big melon.

Gao Yaoyao had already taken out her phone and started taking photos like the tourists.

Such a big watermelon would definitely get a lot of likes.

Zhao Moqing went to Qin Lins side and asked, “Qin Lin, where did such a big watermelon come from”

Qin Lin repeated the reason he had made up again and said, “Ive contacted them to send us these special night melons.”

Zhao Moqing nodded.

“Its so big.

Is it the black water watermelon from Dian Nan”

“My wife is really smart.” Qin Lin reached out and wrapped his arm around Zhao Moqings waist.

His palm caressed her delicate waist twice without explaining or denying.

Zhao Moqing rolled his eyes at Qin Lin and asked, “How should we deal with this melon”

Qin Lin explained, “Were planning to use it to gain popularity.

The bridal chamber and rafting projects are about to be released.

At that time, we dont have to limit the flow of 1,500 people, so well first increase the popularity of the villa.”

Zhao Moqing nodded.

“Thats true.

The county has given us so much support, and we have to do our best.

But how are we going to organize an event for the watermelons Are we going to draw a lottery”

Qin Lin smiled.

“Moqing, as expected of our telepathy.

You and I have thought of the same thing.

Im planning to organize a lucky draw event.

They get a single draw for one ticket to the Sea of Flowers.

They can draw again when the other expenses hit 50 yuan.

Those who win will be given a cup of cubed watermelon for free.

When the time comes, with the slogan of the biggest watermelon this year, I believe many tourists want to be one of the winners.”

However, Zhao Moqing suggested, “Its too troublesome to cut the melon into cubes.

Lets use a fruit spoon.

Its more convenient.

When the time comes, we can cut the melon on the spot and dig on the spot.

The tourists will also feel more involved.”

“My wife is so thoughtful.” Qin Lin couldnt help but praise her.

“But how will the winner be drawn” Zhao Moqing asked again.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Lets do a QR code scan.

They can only draw if they follow our official account.”

There were many ways to draw the lottery, such as paper, balls, turntables, and so on.

The QR code lottery was the most convenient.

It was also an emerging way to draw.

Naturally, many people also doubted that the probability of the QR code lucky draw was controlled by the backstage of the business.

There was no doubt about this.

After all, the business activities naturally had to be controlled.

They could not let people take away all the prizes quickly.

Actually, it was not just a QR code sweep.

Any lucky draw seller would control it.

It was the same for paper scratch prizes and ball-type lucky draws.

In fact, these lucky draws would not even include the first prize and some grand prizes at the beginning.

It was all because the seller felt that they needed to release one.

Otherwise, they would not be able to draw any other time.

Moreover, as long as it was a business that could really release the award, it was already very conscientious.

As for whether it could be controlled or not, there was no need to ask for too much.

Dont be like a lottery winner who didnt even change out of his work uniform and even forcefully pressed his IQ to the ground.

After confirming it, Qin Lin also had two things to do.

The first was the container for the watermelon.

He called Zhang Shi from the packaging company directly.

In Youcheng Countys industrial area, Zhang Shi was checking the flower pots that had been produced on a production line.

One could see that the bottom of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea was on the flower pots, and the words “Qinglin Triangular Plum” also looked elegant.

This was the last batch of 10,000 flower pots that Qinglin Villa had ordered previously.

After another 500 were delivered, this order was considered completed.

He had personally watched over the previous 9,500, so he naturally could not let anything go wrong with the last 500.

As long as Qinglin Villa could give him an order as long as the milk tea cup, he felt that he would be able to get a good car soon.

When he received Qin Lins call, Zhang Shi answered and asked immediately, “President Qin, is there a problem with the flower pots from before”

Qin Lin said directly, “Theres no problem with the flower pot.

President Zhang, help me get another batch of disposable cups.

They can probably hold half a catty of water.

Also, get the logo of Qinglin Villa and use it tomorrow.”

When Zhang Shi heard that a new business was coming, he naturally promised with a smile, “Dont worry, President Qin.

Ill arrange it now.”

After Qin Lin called Zhang Shi, he drove to Qin Rens studio.

It was not difficult to get a QR code lucky draw.

There were specialized modules, but if he wanted to modify the program according to his requirements, he would have to find a professional.


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