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Chen Li explained, “The purpose of the countys Global Tourism Plan is to promote the development of other industries through tourism.

However, no matter how hard the county works, there are always some aspects that they cant take care of.

For example, there are still a lot of stagnant agricultural products.”

“Arent many places holding official live broadcasts to help farmers these days Even many small local county heads have personally appeared.”

“The county wanted to try it, too.

First came the task of offering 4,000 catties of honey.

Unfortunately, that task fell to me.”

“Isnt it just nice that your villas medicinal honey is famous I want you to help use the villas self-media official to promote it on Douyin.”

“Boss Qin, dont worry.

The honey is carefully cultivated.

Theres no problem with the quality.

I can guarantee that.”

“Alright, Ill go back and arrange it.” Qin Lin did not expect Chen Li to talk about this.

It was not uncommon for live streams to carry goods.

This industry also made a group of people rich.

It also made it easier for the common people to shop.

There was one more option.

However, the new student industry was also in chaos.

There were all kinds of fake goods and tricks, and there was no way to guarantee quality.

As for being able to buy real or fake goods, that could only depend on the conscience of the person carrying the goods.

But how much was conscience worth to many people Cold water could be sold as birds nest.

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But now, more and more officials were joining in to increase their credibility.

He believed that the industry would soon be reorganized.

Hadnt that Internet celebrity just been criticized by the officials

That was the clear signal.

Some people were going to start suffering.

Now that the county was going to carry out this aspect, he would naturally support it.

At the very least, there would definitely be no problem with the quality.

It was impossible for the county to roll over on this little matter and affect the grand plan of all-domain tourism .

Time passed.

When Qin Lin accompanied Chen Li back to the villa, he also received a message from Senior Brother Chu.

“Qin Lin, theres basically no problem with the terms of this contract.

Its just that on the additional terms, Youcheng County clearly wants to take your tourist dividend.

However, I suggest that you dont dwell on this matter.

This is also beneficial to you.

Sometimes, its not a bad thing to lose some benefits.”

Qin Lin was relieved to see the reply.

Therefore, when he returned to the hall, he said to Chen Li, “Chief Chen, theres no problem with the terms of the contract.”

Chen Li also made an invitation.

“Then lets go to the county to sign the contract together so that we can make a public announcement and start work quickly”

The approval of such a large support fund was not something that he could just sign with the villa.

Not only did he have to be supervised by the relevant departments, but he also had to leave a background for the government to make an official announcement.

Qin Lin also knew this and did not refuse.

He followed Chen Li back to the Tourism Bureau.

The process took another hour to sign the contract.

When they returned to the villa, Qin Lin also found Zhao Moqing and told him about the countys live broadcast.

Zhao Moqing nodded.

“I understand.

Ill send a video to the countys live broadcast room on time.”

Night came quickly.

In the Tourist Bureau.

Chen Li was already sitting nervously in front of the live broadcast phone that had been prepared.

This was his first time doing something like this.

For this, he had even invited an eloquent female reporter from Youcheng County TV Station to be the host.

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The live stream quickly opened.

Although the countys official channel had already done some publicity, there werent many people in the live stream at first.

There were less than 100 people, and most of them were from Youcheng County.

How could they sell 4,000 catties with so few people

For a moment, Chen Li felt that the task in the live stream was difficult.

He immediately glanced at Zhong Lei.

Zhong Lei understood and took out his phone to send a message to President Qin of Qinglin Villa.

In Qinglin Villa.

After Qin Lin received the news, he asked Zhao Moqing to send out the video she had prepared.

“I have good news for all of you.

The Youcheng County Official Tourism Bureau is assisting the bee farmers tonight.

They have carefully cultivated premium honey for all of you.

The quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Its cheap at 45 yuan a catty.”

There was also a link below the live stream.

The popularity of medicinal honey water was still high.

It had been refreshing the screen continuously today.

When they suddenly saw this announcement, everyone was attracted.

Honey was actually a very popular product.

Many people liked it, but the key was that there were too many fake goods.

No one dared to buy it online.

Therefore, many people who wanted to buy it were conflicted and could not sell it.

If it was an official sale, it would definitely be credible.

Moreover, the authenticity of the medicine in Qinglin Villa also increased this credibility.

“Just in time to buy honey.

Ill go and have a look!”

“I dont usually buy honey online.

Too many fakes.”

“Im sure theres nothing fake about Youcheng County Tourist Board bringing goods.”


The video became popular, and more and more people saw the additional link to enter Chen Lis live stream.

A moment later, Chen Lis live stream was filled with comments from the party.

There were more and more comments.

“Watch the tourist board bring the goods up close!”

“The anchor seems nervous!”


Chen Li could naturally see the rapidly increasing number of viewers.

Boss Qins help was indeed effective.

The female reporter who was acting as the host watched in surprise as the number of viewers increased.

Soon, there were more than a thousand people, and the number was still increasing.

She had done live broadcasts on television before and knew very well how difficult it was to increase the audience.

In addition to the fan base, there was also the official popularity.

Qinglin Villa was really popular.

How enviable.

However, she also knew her mission tonight.

She began to shout into the camera, “Hello, everyone.

This is the official farming operation of Youcheng County.

Today, the live broadcast room has prepared 4,000 catties of high-quality honey.

The quality is guaranteed by the officials of Youcheng County.

There are many uses for honey.

For example… lets link up first…”

Zhong Lei and his colleagues were already prepared.

After the female reporter said that she wanted to link up, they immediately posted the link to the honey backstage.

Almost at the same time, some viewers had already started to click on the link.

The official guaranteed quality of the cultivated honey was really not expensive at 45 yuan a catty.

While guaranteeing that it was the real thing, many people would definitely choose to buy it.

“Next, we would like to invite Chief Chen of our Youcheng County Tourism Bureau to introduce to you the cultivation technology and characteristics of our Youcheng County Honey,” the female reporter added before giving the camera to Chen Li.

“Hello, everyone.

Im…” For the first time, Chen Li spoke with trepidation.

He didnt want to screw up this mission, either.

The expectant looks from the bee farmers were still fresh in his mind.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, an exclamation interrupted him.

“Its sold out!”

“What sale…” Zhong Lei frowned and looked at his colleague beside him.

When he saw the backstage data, he was shocked.

“Its really sold out.”

“What” Chen Li was dumbfounded when he heard this.

What happened

He had not even introduced himself, but 4,000 catties were sold out

What happened to it being a difficult task

The female reporter beside him secretly glanced at the number of people in the live stream.

In that short period of time, the number of people in the live stream had reached an astonishing 15,000 .

Wasnt the popularity of Qinglin Villa too terrifying

At this moment…

The audience in the live stream also discovered that the honey on the link had been sold out.

Coupled with Zhong Leis voice entering the live stream, the entire live stream became lively and dense comments floated past.


It was only on the link and its gone.”

“Ive only just tapped the screen, and Ive already discovered that its sold out.

I dont feel the least bit involved.”

“Haha, Chief Chen is as stunned as I am.”

“4,000 catties.

The chief looks down on everyone.”


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