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Qin Lin controlled his game character to the Spring Mine.

He was unlucky today.

He smashed the rocks with his hammer and dug a large area.

Other than gold, silver, and copper, he did not obtain any jade ores.

After digging for a moment, he received a game notification.

The eels that had previously been cultivated were mature.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to return to the ranch and go to the Level 2 paddy field to harvest the loach that he had prepared for farming.

Then, he controlled his game character to buy some loach seedlings and placed them in the Level 2 paddy field for farming.

He had not forgotten what he had promised Chen Li.

The loach was very effective in replenishing blood.

With the game attribute enhancement, it should be even better.

When he was done, he found an empty spot and entered the game.

He went to the storage room and saw the message:

[Eel: Quality 1 (50 catties)]

[This is a delicious ingredient that Southerners like very much.

It is also the leader of Southern nutrition.

It is game-raised, parasite-free, and pollution-free.

Taste 1, chewiness 1, freshness 1, nourishment 1, spleen-nourishing 1, liver-nourishing 1, energy-nourishing 1, metabolism 1, blood sugar reduction 1.]

[Eel: Quality 2 (6 catties)]

[This is a delicious ingredient that Southerners like very much.

It is also the leader of Southern nutrition.

It is game-raised, parasite-free, and pollution-free.

Taste 2, chewiness 2, freshness 2, nourishment 2, healthy spleen and stomach 2, liver-nourishing and liver-protecting 2, energy-nourishing and qi-boosting 2, improved metabolism 2, reduced blood sugar regulation 2.]

Qin Lin looked at the note and finally understood why this eel was called the leader of nutrition.

This effect was really too much.


The key was that it was parasite-free and pollution-free.

It was reassuring to eat them.

Normal eels that weighed 0.5 catty were already very heavy, but this Quality 1 eel was one catty.

It looked like a snake.

A catty of this size was more than 50 yuan on the market, and with this Quality 1 effect, it could not even be bought for 100 yuan a catty.

Then he looked at the Quality 2 eel.

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There were only two of them, which meant that one was three catties.

Those who did not know would probably be surprised.

They would really think that it was a big snake.

Qin Lin immediately logged out of the game and pretended to drive out of the villa with two woven bags.

It was impossible to take out so many catties of eel directly in the villa.

It would easily arouse suspicion.

He simply drove to the warehouse and found an empty spot to enter the game.

Then he put all the eels into the two woven bags.

Because he had eaten a fruit of the Tree of Strength he could easily carry more than 50 catties of eel in his hand.

Only then did Qin Lin exit the game and drive back to the villa.

The afternoon was more leisurely.

There werent many customers in the lobby, either.

When Chen Dabei saw him carrying two bags in, he went forward and asked, “Boss, do you need help”

“Pour the eel in this bag into the fish pond.

Tell Gao Yaoyao that it was caught from an old field in the countryside.

The price is 200 yuan a catty.” Qin Lin also handed the 50 catties of eel to Chen Dabei.

When Chen Dabei saw how relaxed Qin Lin was, he didnt mind and reached out to lift it.

However, when he took it, he felt his hand sink and the bag fell to the ground.

If an ordinary person did not prepare to hold something weighing more than 50 catties, it would be difficult for them to catch it with one hand.

Chen Dabei was shocked.

So heavy

Just now, Boss Qin came in with one hand and looked relaxed.

How strong must Boss Qin be

This was something he hadnt really expected.

Chen Dabei lifted the bag and went to the fish pond.

He opened the woven bag and poured the eels into the fish pond.

He was obviously surprised to see the size of the eels.

Each of them was huge and slippery.

One of them had crawled out of the bag and flipped on the ground, darting around desperately.

“Snake…” A girls panicked shout sounded.

The eel crawled to her, and she mistook it for a snake.

The girls exclamation startled the other tourists in the hall.

They all looked over and stepped back in fear when they saw the big eels.

Chen Dabei hurriedly explained, “Dont worry, its not a snake.

Its an eel.

Its just a little big.

jaundice is a good tonic.

Besides, it was caught in the old field, so its even more nourishing.”

With that, Chen Dabei reached out and grabbed the eel.

However, it was too slippery and broke free.

Fortunately, he shook his hand and the eel fell into the fish pool.

The tourists were relieved to see this.

Then, they all gathered around curiously.

Everyone knew about eels and how nourishing they were.

“How much is this eel” the frightened female tourist asked first.

Chen Dabei explained, “This old fields big eel costs 200 yuan per catty.

Theres not many of it.

If everyone wants to eat it tonight, you have to buy it earlier.”

200 yuan a catty sounded a little expensive, but after so long, everyone knew that some things in Qinglin Villa were better than those outside, so they were eager to try.

This was the effect of reputation and word of mouth.

In the kitchen.

Master Lin also became idle in the afternoon.

Other than preparing meals and being busy in the kitchen, he was free as the head chef.

From a cabinet, he took out a bottle of Youcheng County rice wine.

It was dark red, not recognizable, but rather the color of Coke.

Many people would also tease Youcheng County rice wine as Youcheng County Coke at the wine table.

Therefore, when people asked you if you wanted to drink Coke during a joyous occasion and poured you a bowl, they might just want you to drink a bowl of rice wine.

Many foreigners who came to Youcheng County to drink often fell into the trap and were directly knocked out.

After all, when the wine reached the bowl, everyone hooted and had to drink.


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