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As Qin Lin thought about it, he looked at the screen in his mind and controlled his game character to go to the pet merchant to see if there was anything that could help train the little squirrel.

After finding the pet merchant, Qin Lin opened the list and found something that was helpful to him.

Squirrel House.

Little squirrels had actually long become one of the family pets.

Its adorable appearance was very popular.

Therefore, Squirrel House was also one of the most popular pet sellers.

However, most of them were in bamboo baskets in reality.

Only those squirrel ecological parks would build simulated squirrel homes for squirrels, which were made into the shape of trees.

However, only the squirrels raised in the ecological park would live in such a home.

Wild squirrels would not.

In the game, the Squirrel House sold by the pet merchants had the simulated tree shape of the Squirrel Ecological Garden.

This kind of Squirrel House could be installed by digging a pit and burying the lower part.

[Squirrel House: Quality 2]


[This is a pet item specially sold by pet merchants.

There is a food storage room specially prepared for small squirrels.

It is very liked by small squirrels and is easy for the owner to clean up.]

[The space can house five small squirrels.

The effect of living with small squirrels: Attraction 2, Safety 2, Pleasure 2, Cold Resistance 2, Infiltration 2.]

When Qin Lin saw the attributes of Attraction 2, Safety 2, Pleasure 2, and Cold Resistance 2, he felt that there was hope for those squirrels to truly become members of the scenic area.

After all, there was still Red Hair.

Merging into the environment should be the meaning of simulation.

Those ecological parks could make the Squirrel House extremely realistic.

Merging into the forest made it impossible to tell the authenticity without looking.

Moreover, the attributes of his game would definitely be stronger.

Qin Lin thought for a moment.

There were about a dozen squirrels around the three Quality 3 triangular plums, probably no more than 15.

A few of them had already been taken in as lackeys by Red Hair.

They were now civilized rats with clothes and bags.

The others might be relatively stupid.

He wondered if Red Hair could handle them too.

In that case, he would have to buy three more Squirrel Houses.

After Qin Lin bought the Squirrel House and sent it back to the ranch, he returned to his senses from the game.

Then, he headed to the parking lot and drove the truck to the warehouse.

When he arrived at the warehouse, the first thing he saw when he entered the game was the three simulated Squirrel Houses placed in front of the game house.

It was all withered branches, about 1.5 meters tall and half a meter wide.

Qin Lin went forward and touched one of the Squirrel Houses.

With a thought, he brought the Squirrel House out of the game and appeared in the truck.

After moving the three squirrel houses out of reality, he started the truck and drove to the villa.

At the same time, he called Chen Dabei and asked him to wait with the cart for unloading.

The truck could not drive into the villa, so it could only be moved in manually.

As soon as the truck stopped, Chen Dabei walked forward with a few security guards.

“Boss, what did you bring back this time”

“I bought a Squirrel House.

Ship it to the Sea of Flowers while there arent many tourists,” Qin Lin instructed Chen Dabei.

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“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei nodded and called for a few security guards to start working.

After Chen Dabei brought his men down from Squirrel House, Qin Lin followed them to the Sea of Flowers.

There were not many tourists in the Sea of Flowers, but the squirrels had already arrived.

Red Hair had already led a few of its underlings, who were wearing clothes, to run among the three triangular plum trees.

When it saw Chen Dabei installing the Squirrel Home, it immediately scurried down to Qin Lins shoulder.

It probably knew what this Squirrel Home was.

As soon as the first Squirrel House was installed, it scurried to it and crawled through a hole.

This sight caught the attention of the other squirrels.

A moment later, Red Hair emerged from another opening.

It squeaked as if to express its joy.

Finally, two squirrels in tiny clothes leaped tentatively down onto the Squirrel House.

Seeing Red Hair crawling around the Squirrel Home, the two of them finally crawled into a hole.

Then, the two squirrels also squeaked and followed Red Hair between the holes, as if they were playing.

This scene made Qin Lin smile.

As expected of a game product.

He supervised Chen Dabei and the others to place the Squirrel Home beside the three Quality 3 triangular plum trees.

They tried their best to cover the Squirrel House with the dense branches.

In that case, the three Squirrel Houses would not seem out of place.

Coupled with the fact that they had integrated into the environment and had the 2 attribute, the tourists should not pay too much attention to the Squirrel Houses under the attraction of the three Quality 3 triangular plum trees.

Qin Lin waited at the side.

Soon, two female tourists appeared and arrived at the central area.

The first thing they did was run towards the three Quality 3 triangular plum trees.

‘There really are little squirrels with clothes.

“Hurry up and give them the pine nuts.

See if they really know how to put them in a bag.”


Clearly, these two girls must have seen the video and specially came to film the squirrel.

It was also very likely that they were natives of Youcheng County who could come at this early hour.

Moreover, as Qin Lin had expected, the two girls were so happy filming the squirrels that they did not notice the additional Squirrel Houses under the triangular plum branches.

“Check on these squirrels tonight.” Qin Lin observed for a while and instructed Chen Dabei.

Previously, the squirrels would leave at night.

Now that he had these three Squirrel Houses, he wondered if the squirrels would stay.


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